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Our friend Eilish has 3 young kids and needs life saving cancer treatment

Whenever donates to this fund could win a gig in their house from me

Dm me your donation confirmation and u could be the winner 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇❤️❤️❤️

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Eilish Jennings's photo.
Why we need your help
I'm a mum of 3 wonderful young children, Elsie 4, twin boys Billy & Tom who have just turn...ed 2 and partner to Simon of 11 years. How my life has changed!

Just when you think your a normal family, going to work, doing the nursery runs.. the worst news struck us yet again!!

On 21st March, just last week, I had the twins 2nd birthday cake in the car, balloons were all over the house and we were on our way to get results from a recent biopsy.

My Oncologist invited me in to her room and proceeded to tell me that my cancer had returned, I was half hoping that she was going to tell me that the discomfort in my shoulder was a side effect from previous radiotherapy, but no!

I was told that Chemotherapy is the only plan of action the NHS have for me and its not a cure, but we are seeking more proactive treatment for the long term and that means going abroad for treatment.

How do you process the thoughts of not being here for your children, how do I comprehend not giving my children a kiss goodnight anymore? I have to be here for my children, partner, family and friends..i need to get the best treatment available for me and this is why i am pleading to you all to please help us!

Im not the type of person to ask for help, or certainly money but if you could help me and my young family in any way we would be so very grateful.

Me and my cancer
I'm Eilish Jennings, age 36 from Sheffield.

I was diagnosed with Beast Cancer (Triple Negative) in March of 2016, I was 34 weeks pregnant with the twins. Once little Billy and Tom arrived I immediately had to go through treatment, rather than return home. I had to go through Chemotherapy for the next 18 weeks, which I can confirm is as bad as you've heard. I also underwent a Double Mastectomy and reconstruction, to try and remove any cancer from my body. We then went through Radio Therapy for a further 6 weeks. In October of 2016 we were advised that the treatment had been successful.

Fast forward to Wednesday 21st March 2018, the twins 2nd birthday, I have just been told that the cancer has returned. They didn't catch this part of the cancer in the operation. It is not removable because of its location and any Chemotherapy will only slow its growth. This time the NHS can not cure my cancer.

What do we need and why
We have been recommended that the Hallwang Clinic (amongst others in Europe) is one of the best in the world offering the latest in cutting edge treatments that the NHS simply can not provide.

They are not promising the world, they are not selling impossible dreams. They have a record of extending and saving the lives of people with conditions just like mine.

I will eventually need to travel to Europe for an initial consultation. Following this my long-term medical plan will be drawn up:

Initial consultation, with all the travel and accomodation is estimated to cost £10,000.

Treatment plan for 2 - 3 weeks is estimated at £100,000.

Extended treatment plan for 1 year will be in the region of £300,000.
As you can see these are enormous amounts of money. Once your options at the NHS, or by anyone in the UK run out, you quickly realise that private medical care is extremely expensive.

This treatment could keep the cancer at bay, they have patients who continue to live long, good lives. But ultimately I just want more time, time with my beautiful children Elise, Billy and Tom and of course Simon.

Im not ready to leave my children without a mother and I ask from the bottom of my heart and for the future of my wonderful family, please, please please can everyone support, fundraise, donate and help me secure the treatment we so desperately need?

My target is to be able to receive as much treatment as funds will allow. Every penny will go towards securing this treatment where ever it may be and hopefully secure me more time making wonderful memories with my family.

Thank you
Me and Simon can not thank you enough. We will keep this page up to date as often as possible as I know you will all want to know whats happening, my progress and how you are helping me.

Eilish, Simon, Elise, Billy and Tom
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£112,979 GBP raised of £300,000 GBP
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