Tax season may be over for this year but if you still have questions @finessinfinance created a wonderful guide that might help

Are you a student or recent grad confused about how to file your taxes? Look no further than this hilarious, informative guide to tax time

Candida overgrowth, leaky gut, and bacterial imbalance — oh my 😳 The Barefoot Aya gives the low-down on probiotics and why we need them:…/how-to-find-the-best-quality-pro…/

If you haven’t been taking probiotics or eating fermented foods, you should definitely get on that – now.

With travel season around the corner Creative Travel Connections is here to help you plan your dream vacation without pulling out your hair

The most common travel setbacks can be avoided by keeping some key things in mind. Based on experience and research, our ever-growing catalog of creative travel tips will help you experience places and cultures. Budget Travel MALDIVES from SE Asia

New smartwatch technology is hitting the market, Harshith from TechHolicz helps navigate the options…/

As you know the smartwatches are not capturing the eyes as compared to smartphones user. But this doesn’t let doesn’t let down the technology and IT to stop innovating things..According…

Thanks Ms. Schwyter for sharing our work, we hope this proves to be a helpful resource for your clients. Happy house hunting! 🏘️

We read reviews and talked to service contract experts to find one service that beat the rest.

Keeping yourself safe on the internet can be tricky I9finite shares some prevention tips and tricks…/

Do you have a website? Are you a business owner? Then, chances are that your company might become a target for cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals attack business websites mainly, from normal product websites, design portfolios to software marketplaces and

From roasting the beans to pulling the shot, we love how Maygen breaks down the perfect homemade americano:…/tips-on-getting-the-p…

Coffee is always key in my day but being that I'm pregnant and limit my caffeine intake to a maximum of 100mg a day, a GOOD cup of coffee is crucial. I won't be wasting my caffeine allowance on just any old drip, thank-you very much. Lucky for me, my brother S.J. and my husband Tyler are even more i

Need a new appetizer or weeknight meal idea? @ShareFoodSingapore suggests Murgh Malai Chicken Tikka, Chef James' healthy spin on a classic favorite:…/murgh-malai-chicken-tikka-cheesy…/

One more dish to celebrate Deepavali! We have Chef James Satya’s Murgh (Chicken) Malai Tikka for everyone! To chef James, when it comes to creating new dishes, he’s always ready to face new challen…

Trying to up your budget game this summer? Consider starting with your auto insurance! Finance Plaza offers three great ways to save 🚗💰

One of the inevitabilities in life is an increase in car insurance rates. With new technologies available, insurers can better monitor drivers’ activity and assess their risk. There are also many more ways for drivers to be distracted behind the wheel, meaning more accidents and more risk to insur...

Canon vs. Nikon, how does a beginner choose the best DSLR? @clickandlearnphotography breaks it down here:…/best-dslr-camera…

Venturing into the world of DSLR cameras is a daunting step to take, with dozens of camera models on the market all promising superior quality. No need to worry though, we're here to guide you through the best entry-level DSLR cameras on the market today!

Pro tip from Citlali Hair: Use cling wrap with your next hair mask to maximize absorpotion of those nourishing ingredients!…/best-hair-dryers-for-y…/

Best hair dryers for all hair types. Best reviews and discussion of hair dryers.

Can hoverboards improve students’ writing skills? Check out this unique perspective from The Core Coaches…/hover-boards-paired-texts-to-i…/

Hoverboard Paired Texts To Improve On-Demand Writing Skills Do your students own (or wish they owned) a hoverboard? This familiar transportation trend is a very engaging topic for students in th…

Fitness and health are lifelong #goals, so understanding your fit equation is key! Indie Spirit Women's Health and Wellness blog can help you hack it 🏋️‍♀️

If you scan a gym, you’ll likely see a division. On one end, rows and rows of cardio machines: ellipticals, steppers, treadmills, stationary bikes, and the occasional rowing machine. Endlessly movi…

Is #financial success one of your goals this year? Dollar Sign University offers excellent resources to help you get on track:

Our Recommendations! As Dollar Sign University has grown, we have created connections with people, and companies we admire and trust!…

Looking for the low-down on oil pulling? This morning ritual may just help improve your oral health, and Koukla Wellness has the scoop:

What is oil pulling, you ask? It is an Ayurvedic practice which dates back thousands of years, unlike many health trends of today. It provides many health benefits and helps to naturally whiten your teeth.

It's no secret debt can be incredibly frustrating. Luckily CJ the Money Guru has some tips on how to tackle it head-on: #punchyourdebtintheface

If you ever wanted to punch your debt in the face, this article is for you. Most people that I know have some form of debt. Whether it be credit cards, student loans, mortgage, shark loans…You get the idea. At times your debt feels like it is suffocating you and you feel like you are drowning in i...