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"If you want a ton of compliments and a haircut that is exactly what you asked for and then some, then this is the place. I never feel rushed or not taken care of and have no fear of the dreaded "um this is a lot shorter than we talked about" experience that can leave even the strongest of women in tears. Experience...check, personal attention...check, patience...double check. Like every relationship it comes down to trust. And did I mention he also happens to be a great person. In this town what more can you ask for, except wanting to keep him all to yourself." - Keri K.

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Miguel Mata Hair Studio

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Check me out playing Cyndi Lauper's dad opposite Julie Chen on CBS The Talk

Watch The Talk - Julie Chen Performs 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' as Cyndi Lauper by CBS on Dailymotion here

Find our reenactment of Girls Just Want to Have Fun music video at CBS The Talk YouTube channel. Enjoy

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Who else just wanna have fun? Check me out Lip Sync with Julie Chen as Cyndi Lauper featuring me as her Dad in reenactment of the famous music video. To watch click here

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In my dressing room after rehearsing with Ms. Julie Chen for The Talk's 3rd Annual Rocktober Lip Sync War.

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You are cordially invited to watch The Talk Halloween special where I had the pleasure to partner up with Ms. Julie Chen as Cyndi Lauper's Dad in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

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"If you don't have the life you want it's because you don't want better things enough to make them happen for you." - Eliza-Jane Jackson

About 45.8 million people today are living in slave-like conditions. That’s bigger than the population of California, Canada, or Argentina.

The Not For Sale community — made up of people who believe dignity is a human right — has supported more than 25,000 women, girls, and boys affected by human trafficking or exploitation.

Join us today at

Nonprofit Organization
'On March 2nd, Not For Sale's first monthly live-streamed benefit concert will debut -- featuring @[241100506423:274:Aloe Blacc] and @[307781999567912:274:Mt. Joy]! Want to be there in person? Your Shoes = Your Ticket! Visit our partner, @[1075015342585200:274:Z Shoes], to learn more:'
Not For Sale
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Energy Circle with Sacred Codes for increasing retail sales or business profits. 619 714 218 41 = Real cash flow, 819 419 714 = Economic independence, 318 612 518 714 = cash flow, 589 317 318614 = Income, 8 918 014915 6481 = Successful business. Say: "I activate these codes for increasing the income and increasing the success of my business."

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I'm out standing

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Listen to interview of President of Not For Sale, an organization dedicated to helping eradicate modern-day slavery.

"I am better equipped today to design strategic solutions to fight injustice and extreme poverty than at any other moment in my life, in part because I did not ...rigidly follow one path."

**Our president in an interview with the global Fortune 500 management consulting firm Impact International

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Where does your drive to contribute to the world come from?For some reason it is easier for religious people to talk about “a calling.”  A sense that you were put into the world to pursue a particular path.From the time I was in my teenage years, I knew that I had to dedicate myself to bringing just...

The new age movement teaches helplessness & strongly discourages any form of magic to ensure power stays in the hands of the few. However, new agers who are practicing white magic are also imbalanced. Ancient Egyptians were known to be adept magicians who mastered both white & black magic. Black magic is used & manipulated by those on top & the average person is both ignorant to this fact & helpless against it.

Because of our suppression of knowledge we as a race are operatin...g only at 1/5-1/10 of our potential which cuts our world off from other dimensions, blocking spiritual, mental, emotional, physical potential, and the purpose of this is to keep power in the hands of a few. All of this due to the use of white/black magic from the top levels which have been handed down for centuries. House of Ancient Knowledge (February 25, 2011)

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Tapping for unexpected money

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Diamond Feng Shui has changed my life. Check out the recordings before they are taken down.

As you balance your inner self your surroundings will also need to get in harmony with your new energies. This is why I recommend you study and apply the easy ...techniques of feng shui. Even if you are experiencing acute symptoms in your journey to ascension knowing how to rearrange your surroundings will be highly beneficial for your advancement. Check out these Feng Shui Fest for free before it's too late. This is the same course many have paid thousands of dollars for. Enjoy

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Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. - Steve Jobs