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Devond West Sr.
· October 15, 2014
Is there any stock options that are public?
Ball Elliott David
· September 19, 2014
Quality... I mine and I need chemicals to wash minerals and purify im glad i came across this

The Anton Paar 5K is back at Pittcon this year. The race benefits the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Register at:…

The Anton Paar 5k Walk/Run is a charity event co-hosted by Anton Paar in Orlando in conjunction with Pittcon 2018. A donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation will be made on behalf of every participant. Your fee includes entry to the run/walk and a t-shirt! February 28 7:00 a.m. EST Where: Orange....

We've encountered these problems ourselves on social media.…/the-cannabis-industry-is-still-fig…/

Ads are banned on many social networks, and accounts are closed without warning.

International Darwin Day: February 12th
Created in 1993 by molecular biologist Robert Stephens, Darwin Day is billed as a global celebration of science, humanity, and reason, and is held every year on or around February 12th — the birthday of evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin.

Darwin Day is an organization whose mission is to inspire people throughout the globe to reflect and act on the principles embodied in Charles Darwin.

The Cannabis industry knows that it's about personalization.…/3-lessons-brands-can-learn-from-th…/

The cannabis industry is moving a mile a minute.

Are you a hot tea drinker? Better read this.

Consuming hot tea is associated with an increased risk for esophageal cancer in those who also drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. The findings are based on long-term follow-up in more than 450,000 participants.

VeriSpec® Standards are NIST traceable where available and have the tightest specification tolerances ensuring low lot-to-lot variability. All products come with a Certificate of Analysis for convenient reference.

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I bet that bench is really unstable. #fridayfunny

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RICCA is ISO 9001:2015 certified. What does that mean?
• Certifies that a company has official written procedures and training documentation in the areas of customer service, product design, manufacturing, analysis, change management, certification, packaging, shipping, and purchasing.
• This standard is very customer service oriented. Every complaint is documented and corrective and preventive measures must be put into place.

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What are Certified Reference Materials?
CRMs are 'controls' used to check the quality and metrological traceability of products, to validate analytical measurement methods, or for the calibration of instruments.

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If you've heard talk about Microwaving Hard Boiled Eggs lately, here's the truth to it. #eggsactly…/this-is-why-you-shouldnt-micro…/

If you’ve been surfing the Internet today, you might have noticed that quite a few places are pointing out the dangers of microwaving eggs. Why? Well, it a

Verispec® Products are Manufactured and Tested at an ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 Accredited Facility. Want to find out more about these AA/ICP, Ion Chromatography and Organic Standards?

Ricca Chemical Company now provides AA, ICP, Ion Chromatography, and Organic Standards that meet ISO Guide 34 and ISO 17025 requirements with our line of VeriSpec® certified reference materials, guaranteeing our products are providing precise and accurate results for our customers. Standards are NI...

What is VeriSpec®?

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Chemical Blondes may have it all figured out with hydrogen peroxide:…/the-chemical-that-bleaches-you…/

It's time to pay more respect to hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The chemical mostly known for stripping hair of color and bad chemistry jokes has a number of fe
RICCA CHEMICAL COMPANY updated their cover photo.
January 17
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