Some chaos in the (concrete) park from Saturday. I’m not sure which is more dangerous on the weekends..... the ramps or the kids 🤯 @ronnybuffington1 Ps. Finally got a little new footie @gozer.the.destructor and of course the carnage only started once I got out the slam cam lol
It's no secret that I'M NOT A big FAN OF CARBOHYDARATES. Primarily because they cause insulin to be secreted in our body which puts it into storage (i.e. FAT storage) mode, and the burning of CARBS creates more "dirty" byproducts (free radicals) as opposed to fat. In fact, one of the foremost experts on nutrition and lifespan extension, Dr. Ron Rosedale says that the length of our lives will be in direct proportion to the amount of time we spend burning CARBS vs burning FAT. In other words, the more time we spend burning fat as our fuel source, the longer our lifespan should be. But when I say I hate CARBS, I should distinguish and say that its primarily breads, pastas, and other starches that I have such a disdain for, and not fruits. But not all fruits are created equal, and its mainly BERRIES that I LOVE. (Citrus fruit is cool too since it's really low on the glycemic index, just not quite as high in nutrients as berries are). You could say they're "Nature's Candy" lol, only sans the sugar. I like raspberries and blackberries the most because A) They are very high in nutrients...... ESPECIALLY ANTIOXIDANTS!!! B) They are chocked full of fiber (in a sweet and tart way.... not chalky :) C) They contain a lot of water which is also wonderful for filling your stomach, keeping the sugar content down, and keeping us hydrated. D) THEY TASTE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL, which, as disciplines as I am, is very important to me too! Because of all of these wonderful traits they are consequently low on the glycemic index so they won't cause your blood sugar and energy levels to crash later on. So next time you're grocery shopping or in need of a healthy snack or breakfast idea, don't be afraid to make your snack a berry good one hahaha. For more help with putting together your best, most effective meal plan possible (and grocery list too!), along with cutting edge exercise routines, please message me directly I would love to be of service to you! Message me directly at 702-513-5159 Intelligent Training, Extraordinary Results 👊🏼💪🏼🤘🏼
WTF is TRX Part 5. ......The Big Finale!!!! I think this may be one of my longest running posts yet, there should be some sort of award for that 🏆🎖, or maybe not. Anyhow, just goes to show TRX straps are very beneficial and should be a part of your workouts, if they aren't already. Like all tools though, they are not the end all be all, they merely are one more addition to the confusing puzzle known as fitness 😖 Anyhow.... onto some more of the fantastic bells and whistles of TRX!!! 8. Manipulation of the strength/torque curve - this just means it takes a traditional exercise, like a push-up or curl (albeit using your bodyweight on the TRX) and changes the ooont at which the tension on the muscle is highest. The point of highest tension differed from exercise to exercise based on either machine design or gravity, and doing new moves on these straps typically ensures there is no mechanical advantage, therefore no point where the tension lets up and the muscle gets to "rest" slightly because of an advantageous joint angle (like the lockout of a push-up). 9. And finally last one..... it burns more calories per set (for the most part) since they use so much muscle when compared to most traditional exercises (especially machines 🤖). And if you're uncomfortable on them all of that anxiety will cause you to burn even more wonderful calories since you're so worried about plummeting to your demise 😃!!!! So that's it, that's all. All the wonderful reasons I can come up with for you to invest $50 or so of your hard earned dough on these things (for the record I don't even own the real thing, I just get the less expensive, generic ones on eBay 🤑). For the best help possible with burning fat effortlessly, building more lean, ripped muscle faster than ever before, and feeling like the love child of Wonder Woman and Jay Z (aka like a damned rock star) .....shoot me a message directly, I'm more than happy to help! 702-513-5159 Intelligent training, Extraordinary Results 👊🏻💪🏻🤘🏻

LIFE CHANGING can be a subjective term quantifiable in many different ways. Regardless how you define it though...

LOSING OVER 130 POUNDS would generally fit anyone’s definition of LIFE CHANGING, if not life saving as well.

Improving ones vital health biomarkers, feeling better overall, increasing energy, getting stronger, and looking better are all great benefits that come from losing weight, but those aren’t worth a whole lot if you’re not out there doing the activities y...ou truly enjoy, living the life you really want to.

As a lifelong athlete my client loves pushing himself to his limits both in and out of the gym, but AT CLOSE TO 400 POUNDS OF WEIGHT that wasn’t really possible.

But now that the weight has come off you can see what’s once again become not only possible for him, but already accomplished.

Not everyone is facing such a dire necessity for change, but this doesn’t make your goal any less important when it is your own.

Whether it’s large changes or small that you desire, CHALLENGES ARE ALWAYS GOING TO EXIST, just waiting to trip us all up. That’s where I can help. With over 15 years experience, there’s no health and fitness obstacle too big or small for me to help with, you merely have to ask! 702-513-5159 Intelligent Training, Extraordinary Results 👊🏼💪🏼🤘🏼

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What did you skip out on today that you know you shouldn’t have ???

Hopefully it wasn’t your WORKOUT 🤨!!!!

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Mark Rhodes
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I have enjoyed working with Dustin so far this year. When I researched personal trainers on Thumbtack, I received quotes from a few trainers. Dustin was the only trainer to actively follow up after se...nding his initial quote. While continuing my research, I discovered all the positive Thumbtack reviews he’s gotten, and I also found his public Facebook (RichterFit – Body Optimization by Dustin Richter) and Instagram pages, which contained helpful posts and videos about exercise and nutrition. It’s Dustin’s dedication, evident in the reviews and posts, that made me choose him as my personal trainer – and I don’t regret that decision. If you commit to the exercise regimen and meal plan, you’ll see results. I lost 13 pounds in about three weeks. Dustin changes up the exercises to prevent boredom, and his sense of humor adds levity to the sessions. I never thought I’d actually *enjoy* exercise, but I do, even on the days when I don’t see him. If you’ve ever considered making positive changes in your life, give Dustin a call. See More