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Amber Ayers
· March 5, 2018
We did our first shoot with R100 this weekend and had an absolute blast! It was really awesome to see and meet all of the people that traveled to our small little town. Thank you so very much to R100... and all of our Banks County folks that helped put together this amazing event. Extremely proud to represent the Banks County Archery Team in Homer, GA. See More
Penny Boyken Tewmey
· August 28, 2017
I just experienced my first R100 in my hometown of Calhoun, Ky!! My husband and I volunteered and worked the event for our archery club. We appreciate all the hard work that both Rinehart and the club... put into making the event a success! It's pretty amazing to see people from all over come to our small community and enjoy such an awesome shoot! Thanks David Weaver for all your hard work! Hoping to have the R100 again! My husband loved shooting it this year! See More
Charlie A Haise Jr.
· September 20, 2017
My first r100 ever was in Hutton Illinois this year, I had a great time. Such a good time in fact that my buddy's that took me up there and I decided to form an archery team, and immediately made plan...s to go to Calhoun and our home state of Kentucky. After two r100's I'm hooked. Can't wait to see how many I can afford to go to next year thanks guys. See More
Ryan Rhoads
· July 3, 2017
While many times it is a good shoot, you really need to realize the majority of how these shoots turn out is on the club holding the event. Rinehart literally drops the targets and leaves one represen...tative to "oversee" the function. So shooting at one event can be a different experience than the next. If you have one bad experience try a different club. I give the Rinehart portion of this (excluding the portion the individual club handles) a 2.0. They are really not very user friendly. This is a great idea and has huge potential for the sport of archery, and a potential boon for the clubs. But, when the event comes around it leaves you wondering why they even bother sending a rep. It comes down to a money racket that the club does all the work and Rinehart walks away with the majority of the proceeds. I got to volunteer this year for our club and each of us literally dumped hundreds of hours into getting the event ready and then running it. I would not give up the experience for anything and seeing how much the archers enjoyed it was beyond worth it. Rinehart needs to catch up and get with the program. *** This year I will be traveling to a club to actually take part on the R100. When we hosted I didnt really get to shoot it. Will update the review based on the shooter perspective this time*** See More
Alison Witter
· August 21, 2017
We have gone to the Fayette Ia shoot the last two years and we love it. Everyone from the people running it to the people who come from all over the area have been so great. We will be back again next year!
Cory Reynolds
· August 2, 2017
Funnest outdoor 3D I've ever done. I've been to one, put on by the epic Echo Valley Archery club from West Union, IA, and we're headed to our 2nd one in a couple of weeks. I really appreciate the fa...mily friendly structure that enables us to do the course as a family. I also appreciate the unique Rinehart targets we get to shoot. See More
Eddie Carliell
· June 28, 2017
Absolutely love the event, my only suggestion is that the target shooters and bow hunters should start on different sides, some of these guys laze a target 5 times, check the animal with binos a few t...imes, then laze again, then draw let down draw again and still miss(these people are the ones that cause bottle necks on the course) and they most certainly don't let faster shooters pass by....other than that I intend on doing this shoot annually See More
Michael Drozdo
· April 30, 2017
I shot my first R100 well R50 cause half was cancelled due to flooding! I had the time of my life. We had a lightning delay, got to shoot a floating gator while standing in knee deep water, it was lik...e a slip n slide to pull your arrows, and I got the apple in a total down pour. We were soaked to the bone, muddy from head to toe, and never a dull moment! Props to the R100 folks, maybe next year I can get my 100 pin, was 36 up on the N American side. See More
Joey Guerra
· April 4, 2017
I've shot 4 R100s, and I didn't know target distances were posted at the stakes.....I also didn't know range finders were allowed......?! I guess my disappointment was the time we had to sit there an...d wait for the compound shooters to go thru their "rituals" for each shot. Even when I had lost my way and was shooting w a compound bow did I not take so long to shoot!! Umbrellas to shade the sun from your sensitive faces during a shot?! Really?!?! Jeezus!!! Stop taking it so serious!! I shot both days and was shooting from where the compound shooters were shooting w my recurve and longbow. Our day was like the military....hurry up and wait!! I'll never do another R100....... See More
Aaron Ricks
· March 2, 2018
I had a great time today really nice place an setup.
Tj Aldridge
· March 7, 2018
I’m in love with it I shot it for the first time this year at homer ga and I plan to go again next year
Amanda Skaggs-Arterburn
· March 10, 2018
Our first R100 was this weekend in Eufaula, Alabama. Can’t wait to do it again!!
Melissa Steward
· April 9, 2017
Had a great time at the R100 in Fresno! The property was so beautiful, and easy to navigate. Very organized. Loved all of the targets. Suggestion would be to only have single targets, eliminate the do...ubles, and maybe have start times to have it flow better that way it manages those large/'serious' groups? Other then that, we will be back to the Fresno tour in 2018! See More
Michael Sadler
· August 27, 2017
Attend my first r100 shoot today in Calhoun ,KY and really enjoyed it thanks for all you do to make events like this possible thanks
MaconKayla Clark
· March 2, 2018
An awesome shoot highly recommend attending! Great time to get out and spend time with family and friends
Alyssia Rose
· September 11, 2016
This year was my first time attending the R100, in Michigan. Saturday we did the N. American course, half of the time was in the rain! But we didn't mind, it was a bigger challenge! � Only took 2 1/2 ...hours. Sunday we did the African course. It was really backed up so we skipped to the targets with short waits, otherwise we would have been there forever. However I know that is not your fault! Everyone wants a piece of the action! � The only thing I did not appreciate, was the fact that you guys came to our state and had an amazing event but the people who participated left you with a mess! It was absolutely ridiculous to see the littering that was left behind by fellow "hunters" or people who claim to have a passion for the outdoors. And for that, I am sorry. My family and I plan on returning for many years to come! Thanks for the great 3D shoot!! See More
Cat Anne
· June 19, 2016
Had an awesome time today at the R100 at the Obissquasoit bowmen. It was my sons first time doing this event and we all loved it so much. Registration was easy, and it was very organized!! I thought t...he course and layouts of the targets were perfect, no pile ups and the group in front and behind us were a both awesome group of guys. They were watching my son shoot and were kind enough to offer him tips and instruction with his bow etc... There were some really awesome targets! Can't wait to do it again. I will highly recommend this event/ company!!! See More
Cody Hemeyer
· January 29, 2017
Fun targets to shoot but I won't go to another one until there's some sort of shotgun start and officials on the course keeping people from jumping around!! Nothing like waiting a half hour to shoot a... target!! Also need to do away with the double targets! All that does is bunch everyone up even worse!! This is at the Missouri location! Other states may be diff idk. See More
Michael Morgan
· June 19, 2016
Really people? You can't follow simple directions or read an event Schedule and you give them a bad review . That is not their fault it's yours . Course was very well marked very self explanatory and said right at the shoot given yardage may be + or - 5 yds . I guess banners, arrows and giant orange ribbons hanging in the trees wasn't enough . Oh well . Next time stay home . We had a great time . Was awesome just to have the opportunity. Thank you r100 for coming to alloway nj hope to see you come back next year See More
Kiersten Shaine
· August 1, 2016
The R100 is a super fun shoot for archers of all ages and skill sets! Over the course of two days you get to shoot at so many amazing targets that you'll never see on a normal 3D course. The event is ...well put together and there are some great door prizes and plenty of raffles to enter. I especially loved how you can enter your scores on iPads at the end of the day, and that updates to the website so you can see where you finished amongst your peers. I will definitely be coming to the next one that's held in my area! Thanks for putting together such a fantastic event! See More
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Official 2018 R100 Schedule:

March 3-4: Homer, Georgia
March 10-11: Eufaula, Alabama
March 17-18: Roanoke, Texas...
April 14-15: Fresno, California
April 28-28: Hutton, Illinois
May 5-6: Staunton, Virginia
May 19-20: Tipton, Kansas
May 26-27: Coshocton, Ohio
June 2-3: Alloway, New Jersey
June 9-10: Mount Airy, North Carolina
June 22-24: Sturbridge, Massachusetts
June 31- July 1: Pavilion, New York
July 6-8: Wabash, Indiana
July 13-15: Sparta, Wisconsin
August 11-12: Meeker, Colorado
August 17-19: Fayette, Iowa
August 25-26: Saginaw, Michigan
September 1-2: Prestonsburg, Kentucky
September 8-9: Aurora, MInnesota

Please view our Event Pages on Facebook and our website for more details. We look forward to seeing you at an R100 in 2018!

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The Roanoke, Texas R100 photo contest is live! Submit your photos in the comment section below for a chance to win a target. Winners will be picked on Wednesday afternoon.

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Who's ready for the Roanoke, Texas R100 shoot this weekend!?

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Congrats to Amanda Skaggs-Arterburn and LeslieAnn Ward Wells for taking first and second place in the Alabama R100 photo contest!

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Haven't grabbed your tickets for the Roanoke, Texas R100 shoot yet? Head to and save some money by pre-registering online.

📷: Tj Aldridge

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Eufaula, Alabama R100 Photo Contest. Post your best event photos in he comment section below for a chance to win a 18-1 or pyramid target. We will choose the 2 winners on Wednesday at noon. Good luck!

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We’re having a blast down here in Eufaula, Alabama! It’s a beautiful day to come out and shoot.

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Our R100 shoots happen rain or shine... but what's your ideal shooting weather?

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The R100 is coming to Eufaula, Alabama this weekend! If you haven’t got your tickets, there’s still time, go to See you in Eufaula!

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Congrats to Jamey Foster and John Adams for taking 1st and 2nd in the Homer, GA photo contest! Jamey will be taking home an 18-1 target and John will receive a Pyramid target. Great photos guys!

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We're counting down the days until the R100 is in Eufaula, Alabama! Who's coming!?
📷: Barry Nelson

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Homer, Georgia R100 Photo Contest. Please upload your event photos in the comment section below for a chance to win an 18-1 or pyramid target. Winners will be announced Wednesday at 12 PM.

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Check out the newest addition to the R100 tour! Standing nearly 7 feet tall and 18 feet long, the new T-Rex target is surely going to turn some heads. Let us know what you think and at what location you plan to arrow the T-Rex on the R100 tour.

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Have you heard of Faith Oakley? Check out her amazing story.

Oakley proves practice makes perfect bull’s-eyes. She has her sights on the 2024 Paralympic Games.

The R100 season begins this weekend in Homer, Georgia! If you haven't already registered for your local R100, get signed up today at!

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Which target are you most excited to shoot this year?

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