A few thoughts on the article:

1. Trillo is correct.
2. Fung was wrong.
3. Chippendale made a good point in his tweet....
4. Emma Gonzalez is an illogical simpleton.

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Rep. Michael Chippendale said Tuesday he's sorry he called Parkland school shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez a "dummy" while responding to her
GoLocal has learned that on Wednesday the Board of the RI Public Transit Authority is scheduled to vote on the appointment of Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian as the Chief Executive Officer of the transit authority. He has served as Mayor of Warwick since 2000.

Mike Chippendale's comments are correct...all of them.…/ProJo/…/ShowArticle.aspx…

PROVIDENCE — Another out-of-state massacre by a deranged gunman. Another task-force. Will this one have more success than the last one in stopping the “gun violence epidemic” in Rhode Island’s own communities, including the suicides that outnumber the homicides 4-to-1?
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — The number of Rhode Islanders enrolled in Medicaid keeps going up, confounding forecasts that nearly five years of growth in the

Elorza is in trouble. He has name recognition, but the poll shows voters are open to someone new.…/exclusive-poll-shows-elorza-vuln…

A new poll conducted among likely Democratic Providence voters shows that despite only one announced opponent, Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza faces significant challenges to re-election.
No law requires Rhode Island politicos to make their tax returns public. But the majority did so again this year — to one degree or another —

Fire them? Nah...let's give them a contract extension!…/editorial-it-is-time-to-fire-del…

Make no mistake about it — the UHIP healthcare infrastructure is a $500 million disaster. And, now it is moving towards a $600 million cost structure. No one can say where it will end.
Federal immigration law makes it unlawful to enter this country without permission, or to overstay a visa. Violations make perpetrators illegal aliens. It
An East Providencecouncilman with an extensive criminal record that includes state and federal prison time is part of an effort to double the two-year
A marathon gun bill hearing is on tap for next Tuesday night in Providence, and NRA and local pro-Second Amendment groups are calling for all-hands-on-deck.
Before union leaders in Washington, governor jabs at foes in upcoming gubernatorial race who seek to curtail wages

This should be passed. Of course, it should have been passed last year.…/ri-rep-reintroduces-bill-a…/1129244566

Rep. Charlene Lima said a stun gun is a great form of defense and can create time for victims to escape dangerous situations. She introduced the bill for the first time last year, but the bill never made it out of the committee.

The article mentions an 83 percent "retention rate" from the fall to the spring semester. Isn't that just a nice way of saying there is a 17% drop-out rate?…/ccri-free-tuition-progra…

CCRI reports a 43-percent increase in the number of full-time, recent high school graduates — 1,577 students — this fall as a result of the
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Despite upbeat reports a week ago on Deloitte's progress in fixing the defects in the $492-million public-assistance computer

Alert!!! Gun Hearing on Tuesday April 24th, 2018. Most of the bad gun bills will be heard, including bans on magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds ...and some of the most popular semiautomatic firearms. There will be a rally at 3pm and we request that EVERYONE shows up. We need at least as many people as last time so please spread the word. If you can't be there at 3pm, you can come later since the hearing will run late, I but it's important that you show up to oppose these bills.

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This will be a big night, and we need as many 2nd Amendment supporters to show up as possible. The House Judiciary Committee will hear several bills, including the assault weapons ban and a bill to limit magazine capacity.

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Tue 3:00 PM EDTRhode Island State HouseProvidence, RI
275 people interested
PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- The largest state employee union, Council 94, American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, has reached a tentative