Check out Author Britney Jensen's latest interview about Book #2 - RETURN! Don't you want to know how much fun this one was for her to write? Plus - there's going to be a giveaway!
Darci Cole: Author Interview: Britney Jensen

Kindle version of Book #2 "Return" is now available via, Nook version is next, we will keep you posted!

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Check out the cover for book #2 "Return" by Britney Jensen, the book will be available in just a few days!! Hope you are as excited as we are. You will be able to purchase it via (Chapter 1 of Book #1 is still available as a Free Download on the website)

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Know anyone needing a last minute gift idea for a girl ... suggest Risen book ... you may just save Christmas!
*** Feel free to post pics of said saving on our FB page, happy reading

Will you scan the QR image on your smart phone and see if it takes you to the Risen 1st chapter website?

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Great news! We have reached a milestone in Risen sales! Thanks to all of you who have shown your support and encouragement! We have appreciated all of the enthusiasm and feedback from so many of you. You guys have kept the indie dream alive! Let's celebrate!

RISEN is officially launched now as a paperback & e-book. The 1st Chapter is available FREE on

Drum roll please...RISEN is now available in paperback!! WOO-HOO! Go to for the link, and ALSO to download the first chapter FREE! Happy Reading everybody!

Check out this interview with the author!

WoooHooo!!!!!! Risen is now available as an E-book through our website You can click Like on that website to help share the good news. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for all of your support and helping us get the word out, we are truly humbled by the love we have felt from all of you. Hope you enjoy the book!

Risen will soon be available for sale. If you could help spread the news by sharing the url to this page as a link on your wall it would be greatly appreciated. We will be posting updates regarding the official launch date soon!