"The crucial point for biblical theology is the realization that disobedience to God flows from failure to trust God. All obedience flows from trusting God, and conversely, whatever does not proceed from faith is sin." - Thomas Schreiner (The Commands of God - essay), Central Themes in Biblical Theology

Romans 1:5 "the obedience that comes from faith"
Romans 16:26 "that Gentiles might come to the obedience that comes from faith"
Romans 14:23 "everything that does not come faith is sin"

It would seem that the Apostle Paul has most definitely affirmed Mr. Schreiner's line of thought.

So, may we grow in obedience to God, not because we must, or because we are fearful of His punishment, but may we obey God's Word because we trust Him. May our faith lead us into greater trust, and our trust into greater obedience, and our obedience into greater love for our Lord. Amen.

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From Tim Keller's teaching on the Fruit of the Spirit:

"Want to know if you are growing in the fruit of the Spirit? Ask those who live with you."

Join us this coming Sunday at River Oaks as we teach to 'The Mark of the Spirit's Empowering' (Unit 11 of We Are), or better yet, "How are we doing in this measure of a healthy church?"

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WORK as WORSHIP! REGISTER NOW! This Friday, February 23, River Oaks will host a live simulcast of RightNowMedia's 'Work as Worship 1-Day Retreat: Bridging the Gap Between the Sacred and the Secular" Wonderful speakers, wonderful fellowship, and lunch provided ($25). Watch the video and check out the event website for more details. There is still time to register. Invite your friends and co-workers to join you.
“As the bee collects honey from many fair and beautiful flowers, so is this [Apostles’] Creed collected, in appropriate brevity from the books of the beloved prophets and apostles—from the entire Scriptures—for children and unlearned Christians. For brevity and clearness it could not have been better arranged, and it has remained in the church from ancient time.” - Martin Luther (1535) Thank you for our time in the Apostles' Creed this fall. We were encouraged by hearing our elementary children recite the Creed for us today as we concluded the study. Parents, continue to using these biblical truths as teaching points to deeper understanding. May the words of the Apostles' Creed remain with us and may they reflect the words of our heart. May we know the depth and richness behind each stanza and may we embrace a 'One Body' faith with these common ground essentials. The December teaching series will be an Advent message on Worship.
Thanks to all who came out last night for our fall study kick-off and leader appreciation dinner. I thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and time together. Per a suggestion, I've attempted to take the highlights from our 45 minute discussion and record for anyone interested. You'll hear me reference a "6-8 minute overview," well .... it's more like 15 minutes (sorry), but hopefully it helps to align us for the start of this series on Sunday and possibly answer some questions. Thanks again for all that you do to shepherd those who are led your way and to encourage one another in the faith.
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