The Road updated their cover photo.
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The Road updated their cover photo.
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Mike, tracking like a boss.

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Tracking at The Ice Plant...Aaron nailing his takes, as usual.

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The Ice Plant is with Michael Denton.

Mic Denton- tracking for The Road at The Ice Plant. Only he can pull off showing up to a session after not playing for a year, and give flawless takes over odd-meter minefields.

Hi all--we hope this finds you all well, and that you're enjoying a peaceful and happy holiday season. Since we're heading towards the New Year, we figured it was time for a big, big update.

We've had a lot of changes over the past year plus, most of them having to do with personal circumstances, some of them having to do with, er, circumstances of personnel. Let's start with the second one first: after many great years with the band, bassist John Martin finally decided semi-retire and move in a new direction. Guitarist Maz Ali ended up leaving to pursue other interests not too long thereafter, and drummer Mark Edward followed suit by the end of the year. All this meant we entered 2013 with only the band's two founding members, Greg Wilson and Aaron Moulin, still intact.

That's where the personal circumstances came in. Greg was enormously busy through much of 2013 with writing, teaching and family, and also had a couple of health issues life decided to throw his way towards the latter part of the year; in the meantime, Aaron was starting a new job with more travel while welcoming his newest arrival--and his second young child--to his family. All of that made concentrating on band concerns that much more difficult.

But the band has always been very important to us, and we feel like we've got a lot of music left to write and play. So we're happy to announce that despite all the challenges, we're forging ahead, and in fact have already been doing so for a few months. The first step was to bring in a new guitarist, Michael Bruce, who doubles our scientist quotient (to Greg's chagrin) but more importantly plays very well. He's also a good guy with a similar vision for the band's future, and we're extremely pleased to have him on board. We're also chatting with bass players and drummers as we work towards getting back to our full complement of players.

The second step was to get back into the studio, and we've been writing and rehearsing quite a bit over the past few months to that end. We're extremely happy to announce that we'll be recording our third album in early January 2014 at The Ice Plant studio in Brooklyn, NY! This album will be an EP, hopefully to be followed up by a full album in 2015, and we're very excited about the sound and direction of the new music. We hope to release the album in mid-2014.

We've been through a number of changes over the band's fifteen year history--names, locations, styles and people. But the two things which have never changed are our dedication to producing good original music of which we're proud, and our gratitude for our fans, families and friends who have been behind us all the way. Thanks for sticking with us, and please stay tuned to this page for more information about the album and the road ahead. We're looking forward to a great 2014, and we hope the same for all of you.

The Road

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I *finally* got the album Drift posted to! (Mark) See it here, including several tracks available for download:

Listen free to The Road – Drift (Drift, Breathless and more). 11 tracks (58:06). Free mp3 downloads available! There are several bands called The Road. One is from Buffalo, New York, they were previously known as The Mellow Brick Rode, who released one 45 in 1968 - Don’t Put All Your Eggs In O...

I bet I know where most of the local prog fans will be at in early May: at the UK show down in Foxboro! A good time will be had by all, or at least by those who can afford the ticket. -Mark

Happy Saturday morning! We're looking towards developing some new songs coming in 2012. To everyone who was able to get a ticket for the last NEARfest this year, you are lucky people! You'll have an amazing time.

If you're a prog rock fan in the Boston area, you're probably getting pretty psyched for the Marillion show in June! I know I (Mark) will be there with bells on! ....not literally bells though. ha

Here's a video for The Road's song Yellow Wood, from 2006. Many of you know this song; for those who don't, click and enjoy.

The Road's first theatrical video from their 2007 album DRIFT. More information at

We're taking a few weeks to plan some new recordings and to build a ramp up in early 2012. Also, our first music video to come for "Border," in which we'll encourage people to end the "blame the Mexicans" political bit. (That shit's played out.)

Our show last night was one of our best yet. Special thanks to Killa Beatz, Quimera Music, et al for sharing the stage!

The Road added 4 new photos to the album: Photo Hodge Podge — with Quimera Music and 2 others.
December 4, 2011

Random shots of our Boston/NYC music community

Lots of talent at Bar East tonight. Come out Manhattanites!

Just entered the #EmpireState. On stage at Bar East NYC at 10pm.

On THE ROAD to New York.
Maz: Wanna take a shot right we get there?

Mark: I probably won't do that.


Maz: Yeah. Let's do it anyway.

Mark: Can't argue with that logic.

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