Freeman Course
By Professor Robert Arthur Menard
Freeman ‘Guru’ Extraordinaire

Have you ever wanted to be a Freeman, instead of a ward of the state, or child of the province? Are you tired of funding the fancy lifestyles and perks of those who claim to ‘represent’ you? Do you want to plant the seeds of a direct democracy?


Robert Arthur Menard, Canada’s preeminent Freeman on the Land, is offering a 6 week intensive online instruction course consisting of weekly webinars and individual instructions.

Designed to help you understand the system we live under, and how using trust law your will has been subverted, you will be guided in the process of developing and serving your own Notices and Claims, and trained to stand your ground with honour when challenged.

Tuition is very reasonable, classes are small, and individual support is provided. Family discounts are available for couples.

Contact Rob at to enrol now. Spaces are limited, and going fast, so act quickly.

[Please fell free to share this with people whom you feel may benefit from this course.]

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On Conflict Resolution
Over the last several years I have had the honour and pleasure of trying to help people dealing with various personal issues. From court cases, family conflicts, banking issues, personal and business disagreements, I have developed an understanding of the dynamics of conflict and how to properly resolve that conflict.

What I have learned is that conflict is almost always the result of one or more parties feeling they have been denied dignity which they... felt was due. This has an almost immediate affect on their ability to communicate without causing the other party to feel a denial of dignity.

The end result is both parties feeling they were the first to be denied dignity thus their reactions justified, and communication spirals and fails.

It is usually resolved when an offended party sees even the barest attempt to bring that missing dignity.

Often the denial of dignity is not even intentional, and the offending party not even cognizant of the harm they initially caused.

We have at our disposal the tools of discussion and negotiation to resolve issues before they go to court, and if one party makes a sincere effort to resolve the issue before court using these tools, the other has a corresponding duty to engage in these processes in good faith. Failure to do so can seriously undermine their ability to follow through a claim in court.

Our process begins by initiating proper respect-based discussion with your adversary in order to get a complete picture of their position, and to uncover what (if any) indignity they may have uncovered. This is often the toughest thing for our clients to do personally, as the indignity they have suffered can seriously hinder their own ability to discuss and negotiate.

Once we have an understanding of their positions, we interact with our clients to determine their positions and encourage cooperation and compromise. Using a process very similar to mediation, we help both parties resolve the issue in a mutually beneficial manner.

If we fail to achieve that goal, we will help our principal understand the challenges they are facing, uncover legal precedences and applicable prior rulings, and help develop a strategy and prepare them for their fight.

Before running to an attorney who has a vested interest in continuing the conflict, call us to determine if an alternative dispute resolution is suitable for you. Quite likely we can help.

Peace Makers Mediation and Negotiation Services

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Need help?
Are you embroiled in a conflict and don’t know where to turn?

Robert Menard has successfully set free wrongfully incarcerated individuals; helped reunite families; settled debt issues; halted foreclosure proceedings; convinced CRA to change their demand for payment from $35,000 to $3500; caused student loans to be discharged; laid official complaints against police officers resulting in charges and dismissal; prepared private prosecutions; negotiated the complete ...dismissal of criminal charges; helped prepare people for their self-represented litigation and legal defences; and, negotiated to successful resolution various interpersonal conflicts.

If you have an issue with any level of government, the courts, CRA, Family Services, banks, landlords, neighbours, or even family and friends, having someone on your side who understands the dynamics of conflict and its resolution, perform in depth legal research and develop winning strategies can save you thousands of dollars in legal fees, enormous emotional distress and help to ensure an outcome which is acceptable to you.

Contact Rob at to arrange for a free private and confidential consultation to determine the suitability and usefulness of his services in relationship to your issue, whatever it may be.

Please feel free to share this, to anyone who you think may benefit.

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This video is about the Association of Canadian Consumer Purchasers and our right to pay for consumer goods and services using a consumer note.

This video is about A Matter of Justice
And a father named Gene Hum who is facing charges for defending his daughter form an unlawful assault.



AG of Alberta:
Kathleen Ganley
Phone: 780-427-2339
Fax: 780-422-6621

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This video is about A Matter of Justice GOFUNDME Campaign: Kathleen Ganley Phone: 780-427-2339 ...
This video is about how some people believe it is Illegal to use Legal Name, and why they are wrong.

Are you a political activist? Agent of social change? Are you an entrepreneur or new product developer? Author? Healer? Philosopher? Live an alternative life style? Musical or Comedic Artist? Opinionated asshat? Researcher, budding journalist or reporter? Alternative media operator? Are you inspiring and encouraging? Are you weird? Do you have a unique story to share? Do you crave justice? Do you have an event to advertise? Are you dealing with government bullies and need som...e public awareness of your plight and struggle?

Empowermentality is a new web based radio show hosted by Robert Menard and Derek Govini. Half hour segments will cover a wide range of topics, from art and alternative lifestyle options, current events, debates on community issues, social justice, law, government, money, interviews with authority and/or public figures, and generally our place as temporary sentient beings in the infinite cosmos. Pretty much any topic with a focus on being inspiring and empowering, well seasoned with humour.

Regular co-hosts and correspondents will include world renown comedians, rising musicians, unknown poets and maybe a puppet.

We want to present interesting, inspiring and positive stories, ideas and products. We are always looking for guests to share their stories, art, products, ideas, and efforts. We are also auditioning for re-occurring correspondents, co-hosts and content producers. Please contact Rob at and let us know how we can help you!

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The Canadian Common Corps of Peace Officers is dedicated to ensuring that all Canadians can enjoy a country where the public peace is held paramount, and police are held accountable for breaching our peace. We do not believe they have the right to breach the public peace merely because they are g...

This is their way of saying "We are removing the rights and freedoms recognized by the Charter, and claiming we are not bound by the Criminal Code."

ACCP group is up and running. Canadians interested in learning about our endeavours please send a PM and I will add you.

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A short discussion on the state of policing in Canada. Along with a clear and unequivocal representation by myself of my peace officer status, to send the ge...
Watch in frustration as Jan Helfeld uses the socratic method to expose Sen. Inoue's inconsistent logic. But Jan, don't you know government is magic? It doesn...
Militarized bully Cop didn't like me calling 911 to get a hold of a supervisor, so he went ballistic, beating on my window, ordering me out of the car so he ...
Canadians veterans who love hockey and kids, and realize the cost of hockey gear is often beyond the reach of many children, are accepting donations to purchase hockey gear for kids who otherwise would never have a chance to play. Thank you.
"I still can't understand why a movement like ours should be a pain in the head for the authorities in ways that made them kill six of our colleagues,"