So much excitement...
We grow wiser as we grow older...
Spooky things happen to all Tenno venture out into the Plains of Eidolon Clip From: Twitch.Tv/RobustEnigma

People keep having babies, and I'm just here like,
"Who's a cute Yeti? You are, yes you are!"

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Robust Enigma is drinking Soylent.
13 hrs

Hope you had a wonderful week Minions. 👾

I heard you miss vlogging...
Well, you'll be happy to hear that they happen at the start of every stream now. 😎


Here's Friday May 18th's word garbage. 🗝️

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Dance like nobody's watching...

RobustEnigma Has Moves - Clipped by PixelPusherWyatt

Oh, Hello. 😈

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Dance on Minions...

RobustEnigma - Just Dance 2017 - Twitch

Greetings Minions of Internet Land,
I just wanted to inform you that I have uninstalled Facebook/Messenger from my phone.

If you need to get a hold of me, find other means, or expect to have to wait up to three days for a response.


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Play dumb, convince them they came up with the ideas. 😈

Robust Enigma is feeling fantastic.
April 1

Tonight, instead of sleeping, I decided to try and track some data from Twitch so I could visualize my progress over the past 7 months. This is what I came up with...

Around late January I began working towards setting myself a schedule of Monday - Friday, 1PM - 5PM.

I'd say learning to be consistent is the best thing I could have done.


Now let's hope we can continue this momentum into April 2018 and beyond!

#DataIsBeautiful #Metrics #Charts #LiveStreaming #Growth #GLHFDD #SupportSmallStreamers

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Robust Enigma is feeling thankful.
March 30

Minions, #RealTalk.

March has been the best month I've ever had here on @Twitch, and it blows my mind the level of support you've shown me... Thank you so much!

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THPS2 FTW! [N64] [US]

I've been watching this Korean League of Legends Streamer for a while now, and figured I'd bridge the language gap with a donation. He's just so damn adorable.

Taking a Bow :D - Clipped by RobustEnigma

Don't forget to drink your water kids.

Drinking Water Like It's Your Blood on Christmas [PS4] [US] - Clipped by RobustEnigma


Unboxing a Heroic has me Transcending #WOKE [PS4] [US] - Clipped by RobustEnigma

Missing out is sad.

OH RLY? - Clipped by RobustEnigma

These beauties came in the mail today. 😎
Now they're getting packed up to ship out to two awesome minions. 😈
Want one for yourself?

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