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So much excitement...
Fruit Fly on my Bagel
Sorry I missed all of you. :(

Good news minions! Episode one of #YAPP is now live! Let's explore these pathetic humans online, together! Enjoy!


Greetings Minions of Internet Land!...
Robust Enigma here, and today I wanted to take you on a bit of a background for this new series.

Today is the first episode of You Are Pretty Pathetic, or YAPP for short, and my goal here is to explore the nature of humans through social media, and expose their ignorance through social commentary.

So far, I was a bit limited on submissions, and I still don't feel like I found that perfect "voice" yet, however, the serious tone does work well in a way that I'm not quite sure how to quantify. In all reality, I imagined this show being a little more playful, though due to my inability to keep up a steady editing schedule, and various other things, I decided that enough was enough, and there was no better time than now to share this project with the world.

Currently, I am still working on another series, as well as hopefully, keeping this series going thanks to submissions from awesome Minions like yourself. So, if you see something, say something!

Anyways, enjoy your day, and let me know what you think.


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» Greetings Minions of Internet Land! Today I bring you the first episode of You Are Pretty Pathetic! The show where we explore the pathetic nature of humans...

Going Live @ 14:00 - ╔» • Path of Exile • ► This Shadow Was Meant To Roam ◄ «╗ via @YouTubeGaming #PoE #Live


Going Live on some #SimCity. Who's with me?

╔» • It's Heroes o'Clock! • ► Gotta Get those Diablo Wings! • Wanna play? Drop a message! ◄ «╗

╔» • Malthael is GO! • ► It's Heroes o'Clock! ◄ «╗ via @YouTubeGaming @blizzheroes #Heroesofthestorm

Today I've got a new post all about a brand new single from one of my newest favorite bands, Priest. Check out the article, and let me know how you like their newest work!

The official home of Robust Enigma. Follow the life of a YouTuber and a Live Streamer as he expresses his thoughts, feelings, and rage.

Oh this feels amazing! Come join me on stream!

Live @ 7:35. Time for some more Black Desert Online!

Let's jam some Black Desert Online #Live!

Going #Live on Black Desert Online to play some sick #Maehwa action. Come join me on YouTube to get your #MMORPG fix! gaming.

It's time for some more MMO action with Black Desert Online! Who's with me?!

╔» • Black Desert Online • ► Oh No, An MMO! (First Session) ◄ «╗ I wonder how this will go!

╔» • Overwatch • ► Oh Hello New Anniversary Patch! :D ◄ «╗

It's time to go live fools! Who's with me?!

╔» • Overwatch • ► Oh Hello New Anniversary Patch! :D ◄ «╗