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Goodman Jesse Powers
· April 21, 2015
This branch of the International Socialist Organization has got the pepper!
RIT Standing Rock Rally

A new resistance is growing. Ever since the serial abuser Donald Trump assumed the presidency, millions of women and survivors of sexual violence have taken to the streets and lifted their voices in defiance of the status quo.

In just over a year, popular consciousness has transformed, and hundreds of powerful men have been struck down from Hollywood to Washington. There is hope again that sexism and misogyny can be challenged and fought.

What will it take to build a moveme...nt that can end women’s oppression for good?

Join us to discuss how socialists understand sexism, and how we can move forward together toward liberation for all women.

With special guest speaker Dana Cloud from Syracuse University.

Thursday, March 22
RIT- Eastman Building, Room 2000

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Thu 7:00 PM EDTRochester Institute of TechnologyRochester, NY
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The Tet Offensive first came to the attention of the U.S. military in spectacular fashion hours after it began on the night of January 30, 1968, when 19 Vietnamese resistance fighters blew a hole in the perimeter wall of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon.

They held the main embassy grounds for about six hours before U.S. military reinforcements arrived, and killed or captured the fighters. But this was only the brashest part of a massive and carefully planned uprising against the U....S. military presence in South Vietnam.

But it was the antiwar movement, the revolt inside the U.S. military and, most of all, the Vietnamese resistance that ended the Vietnam War--and it was the Tet Offensive that showed the way.

Thursday, February 22
RIT Eastman Building, Room 2000…/1968-tet-and-the-watershed-in…

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In honor of Black Lives Matter at School, the ISO will be holding a public meeting/discussion about how racist schooling is inextricably linked to racist policing and incarceration policies, a process that education activists call the “school to prison pipeline.”

Join the socialists in a discussion about the things that lead to the school to prison pipeline and how we can build a movement to end it.

RIT - Eastman Building room 2000

Thu 7:00 PM ESTRochester Institute of TechnologyRochester, NY
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Friday is Black Lives Matter at School Day! Thursday night is a discussion at RIT on the topic of school to prison pipeline. All welcome!

Join us this week again on RIT’s campus.

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Join us tomorrow at 7:00pm on RIT’s campus in Eastman 2000.

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DONATE to CERSC! Learn more, agitate more and fight back!

Socialism Conference -- 4 days of political discussion, debate, and social justice activation Haymarket Books -- radical independent nonprofit book publisher International Socialist Review -- quarterly journal of revolutionary Marxism WeAreMany.or...

MEETING TONIGHT RIT Eastman Hall Room 2000, 7pm!

Trump's cruel decision to phase out DACA by March is causing chaos for undocumented youth--and bringing important movement debates to a head.
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Socialist Worker was live.

Alan Maass gives the socialist response to Pres. Trump's State of the Union address (introduction begins at about the 4:30 mark).
Alan is the editor of Socialist Worker, a speaker at the annual Socialism Conference and published author at Haymarket Books

The issue of trans students’ rights to adequate healthcare have been thrust into the spotlight at RIT since Dr. Kontor’s removal last year.

We believe that Transgender students, like everyone at RIT, should have equal access to the healthcare and benefits they need.

Come join the ISO in a disc ussion of ways to fight for the healthcare rights of your fellow students.


RIT Eastman Building, Room 2000

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Thu 7:00 PM ESTRochester Institute of TechnologyRochester, NY
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The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has been making headlines again recently as it and the lives of those affected by it are being used by both Democrats and Republicans as a bargaining chip for ongoing budget discussions.

We believe that millions of potential DACA recipients are more than just pawns to be used in the wrangling of the two-parties of capital. DACA recipients deserve the same basic human rights as all of us.

Come join the ISO in a discus...sion of a recent Socialist Worker article about DACA and how immigrants and their supporters can build a movement to prevent the expiration of DACA and how we can support DACA students and staff at RIT.

FIND THE ARTICLE AT:…/the-clock-is-ticking-for-daca-recipie…

RIT Eastman Building, Room 2000

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Don’t miss the exit! Don’t miss our meeting tomorrow either! Details about the meeting in our last post.

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