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Angie Wien Portsmore
· December 30, 2017
Today I had a wonderful experience in the food court. Not with one of the vendors, but with one of the gentlemen emptying the garbages. He noticed my phone thrown into and held onto it until I retur...ned. (I didn't realize I lost it for about at least 30 minutes). There still are kind people in this world. See More
Steven Labruna
· February 7, 2018
Place is absolutely disgusting. I worked at Hummus Grill as a store manager last year and the mall had and still has a horrible mouse problem that the management can't be bothered to take care of. Man...agement is also horrible to negotiate with and cares more about their money rather than keeping their customers happy. The kindest people that work there are the custodians, and employees within the food court and retail shops. See More
Corinn Pollara
· June 26, 2017
Went shopping with my mom and son. We tried to put my son on one of those ride on cars only to find the change collector wasn't working... So we tried the change machine which didn't work as well. Nee...dless to say I spent $2.00 for nothing. When I went to the information desk to tell them, the woman handed me a number and said pretty much its not their problem. I said well at least put a sign so no one else gets ripped off. She told me she would look into it. Really?? What a load of crap. Then the food court was disgusting, ketchup all over the floor and every table was sticky with food crumbs. Glad the malls in PA are nice and clean where I live because if I had to come here to shop all the time I would just shop online... Yuk. See More
Selina Wong
· June 4, 2017
The kids play area is not safe at all!! There has been predators sighted in the kids play area and security has not put in any safety procedures! Something needs to be done. A child's safety comes! How are parents suppose to have peace of mind when there are predators in plain sight and getting away with what they are doing?! See More
Joanna Bisson
· February 7, 2018
Be fair warned: When inclimate weather occurs, their parking lots are NEVER plowed or salted properly. Not kidding when I say this malls parking lot is a hazard for everyone esp. the disabled or elderly.
Jose R Cruz
· February 10, 2017
Im a commercial driver and is not easy to find a good place to park. This place fit my needs. I could find parking, buy things that I need at Wal-Mart to continuing my trips over the road later and t...hen have a good dinner time at Frank Italian's Pizzeria and Restaurant. Very good attention at the restaurant. It was my birthday and make me feel good to be in that place. See More
Emma Wong Dukes
· June 4, 2017
I went to Rockaway Townsquare Mall yesterday. My son and I were at the play area outside JC Penney, an old man who had no family and no kids with him were sitting there masturbating under clothing. A ...male shopper (not a parent) confronted him, the old man stopped but did not leave. He only moved to another seat but did not continue.

I took a picture of the old man and alerted security. Told them what happened then they called the police. While waiting for the police the old man napped, at least he didn't leave.

Then 3 policemen came, again I told them what happened and the police walked around where the old man was but the police stayed behind him and watched.

By this time the old man was awake. I don't know if he's partially blind or just didn't notice 4 security men hovering as well as the 3 policemen but incredulously he started to masturbate again. The police took him away and later I was told by security he got arrested as the police saw what he did first hand.

Please, please be very vigilant of your kids and be very aware of your surroundings wherever you are.

After, one of the mums came up to me and said that that happened 3 times but not with the same guy but same play area.

SIMON - you need a security person by the play area at ALL times. You also need surveillance cameras around the play area and the parking lots IN ALL YOUR MALLS.
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Christina Welsch Lopez
· June 4, 2017
I have heard of 3 bad incidents happening at this mall in the past week alone. I grew up going to this mall and am so disheartened by these incidents. I used to be OK with my teenage daughters walking... around there with a group of friends but no longer feel it is safe. You need to add more security especially by the kids area. See More
Lori Rosenthal Cogan
· June 4, 2017
Several incidents of male perverts at the children's play area-one masterbating until police escorted him out after a mom reported it, two others involving a white van accosting women in the lot. Zero... security to prevent. Only to react once a woman reports it. Very unsafe place-its written all over the moms Facebook pages. Everyone knows to stay away now. See More
John David Bigelow
· November 18, 2017
I'm special needs and went to see Santa and they gave me a free package because I'm special. Very nice people
Cynthia Meyers
· June 4, 2017
Reported in all the moms groups locally that perverts are sighted by shoppers ( the same ladies reporting it in the groups) and then being reported to security who call in the police. Why is there no ...police presence constantly? Also reports of no parking lot cameras. We will not be going to your mall until we hear of changes being made for the safety of your shoppers. We want cameras in the parking lots and we want police presence and constant security detail in the children's play area. See More
Ilene Tornberg Ash-Mckechnie
· April 5, 2017
Clean mall with better quality stores and ample parking. Easy access with other great stores in the outskirts of the main mall.
Miss ACME. Simon Properties really did nicely cleaning it up and making bright and inviting.
Was at this mall on opening day and have loved watching it only improve.
The Movie theaters are the very best!
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Linda Barcellona Barish
· December 7, 2015
It's great what the Rockaway Mall is doing by putting Eleventh Hour Rescue in place of the closed down puppy mill pet store that used to be there! I hated shopping at this mall when that store was th...ere. Adding a rescue in its place shows real class. Now I have a new found respect for Simon Malls!! See More
Dena Juckett Manz
· December 8, 2016
Just wanted to let people know that the mall has NO parking lot security cameras! I learned the hard way today when I was involved in a hit and run in the parking lot. When police arrived, I was told ...that there are NO cameras. Needless to say, I am not happy! Just thought other people should know. See More
Giuliana Peluso Meany
· October 21, 2017
Not my first choice. Consider Willowbrook , Short Hills or Bridgewater.
Dan Ginder
· October 29, 2013
Rockaway Mall, you should be ashamed of yourself. Making your employees work on Thanksgiving is a direct slap in the face to a working class who is already barely surviving on or close to minimum wage....

As someone who has been shopping at the Rockaway Mall for years, I refuse to shop at your establishment until these barbaric working conditions improve.

On Thanksgiving, I hope you all think about the mothers and fathers who will have to leave their children. All the high school students who will have to spend their last Thanksgiving before heading off to college at work. Think about all the precious family time you are making these people cut short. Clearly you do not care about your employees and only care about profits.

Whats next? Working on Christmas?
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John Walling Hodge
· September 4, 2017
The only thing missing from this mall..Health foods store at good prices
Erica Goldstein Aguado
· November 22, 2015
Absolutely disgusted with the fact that I had to walk around the entire food court looking for a high chair which didn't exist in the first place. Had to practically sit and stare at some poor guy he was done with the ONE HIGH CHAIR you had! Ridiculous!! Newsflash: kids need high hairs!! See More
Cheryl Milefsky
· October 23, 2017
Join the Sunburst Baby contest at Rockaway on Friday night sunbursbeauty dot com
Keefe Ostertag
· December 23, 2016
Worst Santa ever. No interaction, he barely was conscious, just a giant red chair in the photo, no smile, no talking, no emotion. Waste of time and money.
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