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  • 'Grunt' - Combat Vet in the Field [ie:'Rice Paddies']
    Provided security for So.Vietnamese civilians throughout the above listed areas. Spent 13 mos. there; 1 mo. more than required...
  • Not Pertinate
    Returned 'Home' with severe PTSD...I still suffer from it, but prescribed 'meds' and 'self control' assist me. Cannot do anything about the head trauma effects, although I never stop trying...
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  • Born in Miami; raised on Madeira Beach, FL; spent two years @ Atlantic City HS; graduated Miami Central, Class of '67 @ 17yo. Drafted in '68, went Airborne and served with 173rd Airborne Brigade in 'Nam. Came home unable to converse with others...Court hospitalized me & I had to endure two years of max dose of Thorazine. Was still unable to converse when 'discharged' until a few yrs later when I personally started my attempt to do my own 'reintegration' into society & as a result I spent 4 yrs at UofM, year-round sponsored by the VA. I withdrew from my final course in my Major, Film & Broadcasting, due to a
    PTSD affect [before it was so named!].
    Been through ups 'n downs last 40 yrs. Never married, but I did have a few longtime relationships with good ladies. I would now like to find a good woman to settle down with over the years. And, since I can now carry on a 'conversation' fairly well and socialize a little.
    (Oh, if I didn't state it clearly already, I'm only interest in a woman since I'm 'Straight', and will always be so 'til I passaway...).
    Now, due to a traumatic head injury - a car hit the bicycle I was riding in '98 - I have a somewhat limited memory of past events. But, Thank God, I'm still alive and kickin' and now have a service connected lifetime Disability Rating with the V.A....[And, I can even do a little singing & dancing too]. Hopefully I'll make it for another 30-40 years...AND, rebuild more brain cells, haha...
    So, that's a few things about me, in a 'nutshell'...
    Once again, I would LOVE to start dating again and start a relationship with a good woman as I've been celebate far too long. ..And although I still have trouble 'conversing' due to the bike accident I'm good once the 'ice gets broken'...I don't drink anything alcoholic or smoke anything anymore and don't care to. And, I am primarily a Christian & a 'Gentleman'...
    I'm known as 'Larry' in FL where I was raised but, 'Rocky' in NC. where my best A.C.H.S. friend lives now. [It's a bit of a 'story'].
    My 'Best' to All, Larry
Favorite Quotes
  • Never put off til tomorrow what you can put off til the day after...HaHa...

    Actually, Do what you can! - While you can!...Really!!!