Happy summer! Just a word out, that the novel based on Roger Foodbelly won't be started on before next year. Right now I'm finishing off my suspense novel. If you want updates, follow my writer profile as well, as this page will become more active again when I start writing the novel.

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This year I will start putting Roger Foodbelly into a novel instead, I'll keep you all updated. On both translations and the progress. If anyone would love to continue the game development, let's talk about licensing it.


While we wait for Roger Foodbelly, Bill Tiller runs a Kickstarter I advice you to check out! Bill is working with us on this project, so you should go over there and help them out a little

Can the roughest pirate in the Azurbbean become a true swashbuckler? Laughs and thrills abound in this point-and-click adventure game!

Our first character design (work in progress) from episode 2! Curious who this one might be? You just have to wait to find out The character will be a huge part of it.

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We wish all our fans a merry Christmas and a happy new year! "God jul" means "Merry Christmas" in Norwegian by the way! Card of Roger is made by Silje Starheim in 2006. Reposting it again now!

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Okay, here's for making promises. We've got another delay in the development, so instead of promising a completion year, it will be done when it's done. Then one day we'll surprise you, and we hope you'll support us by then we'll post more info when we have more to tell! In January we'll put up another work in progress image! Thanks for liking our page!

As we promised, here's a work-in-progress scene from the first episode, made by our talented artist Carmen Moreno! Better late than never!

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We are on the lookout for a secondary composer that are interested in joining the team. Contact

We will soon share a upcoming sneak peek sketch by our newly hired, talented artist Carmen Moreno. In the meantime, you can check out some of her previous work at the link below!

Animation student at Ballyfermot College, Dublin.

Update: I know there's been delays, and we're sorry for that. But don't lose hope - I promise you that the game will come out in the end. What we have so far, is pre-production stuff. Story and puzzles are completed. Designs are completed. All we need now is a good, stable programmer. We're also lucky to have found our self a highly talented artist, with a ever-growing passion for this project. We need people with passion to give you a full worthy product. When we deliver, I ...want to give you a product that shines quality, because you deserve it. In the coming weeks, we'll continue with the alpha version, before we start planning the Kickstarter campaign.

I will present backers with an early preview of the alpha, for those who want to have a look at it. Remember that this placeholder will not be the full episode, but a small peak at where we're at. That means mostly sketches, static characters and possibly the old version of Roger Foodbelly.

Backers will also be given the possibility to play test the completed alpha and beta version of the game, before the release.

We hoped to have launched the Kickstarter campaign already now, but after we lost our programmer two months back, we've been set back a little. But don't lose faith! I'm will complete this, even though I'm left coding the alpha right now. It's not hard-coding, but it will work temporarily.

I'll keep you updated on the progress along the way, posting everything from screenshots from the alpha, teasing you with wonderful in-game music and maybe a word from Roger Foodbelly himself.

After our server got deleted, we lost much too. But I have the game up here in my head, with colors and everything. Roger Foodbelly has been a part of my heart and brain for a decade, and it's my little baby. And I want to share this one with you soon, not just because the project deserves it. It's because you deserve it. I've been fighting my way through to give fans what they expect.

Now's the time.

Atle Jarnæs Lerøy

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Fact: Roger Foodbelly was in the early beginning, planned to be a short adventure game like the style in Quest of Glory.

Hire a concept / background artist?

Let the game begin

We got ourself a new, talented programmer! Expect things to move forward a lot faster. Maybe we'll have something ready this fall! We'll keep you all posted!

Our designer Jan Jacob Mekes has started crowd-funding for his next book! Go on, check it out and see if this is something for you! Then hopefully something else will be next up!

A nostalgic/dystopian book with beautiful artwork

Hello fellow fans! Did you know there's an upcoming Broken Sword game in development? Worth checking out, if you've played any of those games!

A new, original, Broken Sword game by Charles Cecil. Join the adventure and help us create the best Broken Sword game ever.

Our writer, Jan Jacob Mekes, has released his first book a few months ago (for only $2.99!). It's worth checking out, at least if you want to know what good writing to expect in Roger Foodbelly! Now, off you go

Follow Edward, the ugliest and probably most haphazard king Struglend has ever had, and his herald Fred, as they go on a quest to restore order to the universe. Well, maybe not the universe, but at least the little piece of land they call home – Struglend. In their journey to remove the evil knight ...