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Raymond F. McAteer
· October 16, 2017
I once had a subscription to the paper itself and I have always appreciated the non-partisan reporting that graced it's pages. With the events that have transpired in the past year and most recently I... find it even more important than ever to read it again. I will continue to strive for the type of reporting that you at Roll Call write. I for one am appreciative. Thank you. See More
Colin Heritage
· November 5, 2017
There is a wireless telephone bug .This has been caught by my bug detector. Active on the frequency 400 kilo Hertz. Other people also have verified this.
This needs to be stopped immediately .
Visit timeline for more information.
This signal is all across the USA
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Ralph DeSantis
· February 27, 2017
A poor display of what our elected officials do! Its ss if they're playing with our livihood & they don't need to worry because they're not affected by the actions they make is abide to! Some scarey b...iased gov't? I wouldn't have thought this until the last 8 yrs! We finally stun these democrats & its as if they can stop a peaceful transfer & transition of our Presidential power?
Its daunting to think we may have to actually follow through with our Constitutional duties to fight in an all-out Civil War with these democrats which are resisting the the very US government which empowered them!

We are suppose to fight tyranny, oppose their attempts to overthrow or become a threat to our national security, our freedom & liberty! Thats why we are to bear arms for any threat! What's wrong with these list people who don't care about America or Americans who vited for a man who's doing exactly what he promised? To prevent further destruction of our country!
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Jim McCallum
· January 8, 2018
What would we do without this great news source?
I love it
Barb Jordan
· January 12, 2017
Our Country's leaders, playing like children, passing out popcorn and snacks as they play with your healthcare system. Let's see if they work through the nite to ensure that government workers get or, government programs get funded, or that America families and elderly valued. No concern for people, just a fun game to disrespect. Clowns running the country! See More
Anna Roblin
· July 26, 2016
Regarding Walter Shapiro's article today I am really disgusted that he would say Mr Sanders' "moment of sweet victory" is all in his revolution continuing on and that " a convention win was never in t...he cards". That is not true at all, not in any way.

Why is it that Mr. Shapiro and Roll Call in general have tried to stop Bernie from winning and wont ever acknowledge, even after Friday that if it wasnt for the extreme corruption of the establishment, especially the media like yourself, and the superdelegates, Bernie probably would have won. He definitely could have. Mr. Shapiro lacks guts and so does the Caller.

Mr. Shapiro should admit that Bernie could have won. In fact if most of the 602 superdelegates switched from Clinton to him now he would b the winner by present rules.

When r u going to admit its the media n the leadership's fault Bernie didnt win? Never? Your karma in the matter s unbelievable since both the other candidates r pretty clearly out to ruin the world n Bernie was out to save it. Try having the courage to admit it. Change now.

Anna Roblin
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Deb Knott
· December 7, 2017
I saw an article that looked unbiased, and believable, so I liked the page. Then I saw the "cartoons" and realized how wrong I was...smdh!
William Squires
· June 30, 2017
Call your senators and remind them you vote. Now go back to work as grown ups and build a health care package that includes them and their families and don't come home until your agreement and have a ...signed plan. God bless America. See More
Pablo Manriquez
· October 13, 2017
Great newsroom. Great people. Nonpartisan. Best in the biz.
Patsy Anderson
· July 27, 2017
A beautiful girl talking still loves rock and roll mick still has it.
Steve Martell
· March 14, 2017
Apparently Roll Call likes videos of the President being assassinated. It's a very bad road to go down, no matter who occupies the office.
Allan Engleman
· August 9, 2016
Trump commits treason? Obama is the agent of a Foreign State, who's Officers of the Court, usurped US Govt laws, by taking control of all three branches of US Govt. These same write the laws, enforce ...the same, and then interpret same also. Plus, these same have also substituted Canon Law, for codex's and revised statutes as it applies to them only. Obama, his wife too, most of talking heads in media, the VP, most of West Wing, obviously Justice and Supreme Court, 95% of Congress are Active Bar members writing laws. No conflict there. Tyranny is what US Govt is. One Profession revolving door Govt. That also by FCC and media lawyers, IE; Nancy Grace, Cuomo, Velez-Mitchell, Wolf, Mr. Anderson Cooper, run the liars spin mill. One Profession controls and this is no different than a One-Party totalitarian regime with same power. They aren't even under the auspices of the same legal system you are. One-World Algorithm, lawyers control all. One-World Govt is laying foundation now. I know, I challenged them in Court, and was bodily removed to a govt concentration camp, for 7 months incommunicado. My passport and citizenship have been revoked. All for wrting, well for not stopping witing EMails, the Govt's terror computer said made me, a 235% total aggregate Disabled US Marine, a terrorist, by a reprint of a New English version of the Declaration of Independence, with Obama for King George, and Congess for Parliament, making me and Thomas Jefferson terrorists, by Advocating the Overthrow of Established Order. 7 times now, for letters to Editors and for DAV mail from my confidential Veteran's Service Reps, as my Power of Attorney. Freedom my ass as I beaten in custody by sheriff's for Advocating Revolution. We have a Moral, Ethical, and Civil Duty to Overthrow this One Profession dictatorship by any and all means necessary. This is why we have a Second Amendment. No one has a Right to drive, drivng is a Privilege, granted by testing and the states prerogative. Same with Marriage, no one has a Right to be Married, licensed also, but I have a Right to be Single. Plus Marriage is a Church sacrament, we get Wed to each other, as in Lawfully Wedded Wife and Husband, so Marriage is violation of Church-state proviso. So when you Going to Build the ovens??? Plus remember, Mandela as he was on his way to bomb the SECOND school when caught. Mandela equals Angolans, Angolans equals Cuba and Castro. Obama even hangs with the man who for 60 years now has called for USA destruction by Nukes. The international Atomic Commissioners took from and dismantled South Africa's nukes because of Mandela. Obama has been unresponsive to the now 200,000, but when told,and informed it was still below 50,000 Veteran's Suicides. Fried brains of Soldiers and Civilians from inhumane and inhuman Atom Particle Machines without testing ala Football Player Pat Tillman, who blew himself and his team up by using untested weapon manned by untrained Soldiers. No declared war, so private contractors used. No money at home, but enough to fund war, is waging of private War, a war crime, like them particle machines also crime against humanity. Obama and every active Atty Gen and District Attorney in US are in and guilty of a treasonistic RICO crime. The attempted Coup-de-Etat of the US Government by One-World, One Profession tyranny.
Allan Engleman
Churchill County Nevada
PS our Justice of the Peace used to Pimp whores right from County Jail after the Sheriff's wife burnt down Cat House, to keep him out of it. I turned them into the Feds and review board, they got wrists slapped. Feds ran Jail for two years. Deputy jailer ran unopposed because of Judicial misconduct by opponent, now he's Judge Pimp!!! Whn you building the ovens??? Seig Heil and Hallo from USA Nazi underbelly who advocate Genocide of Jews and Helpers of Jews. Like Islam that Obama is named for, why they not Pariah's? Oh yah, afraid to be called a Racist. Ok to be a war criminal like all Americans who don't resist their Evil govt, but GOD forbid someone ACCUSES, yes an accusation, accuses you of Racism. So you will look here, you whoo, and not where you should be looking. I am going to call out 2 Million Armed American Patriots to desend on Washington DC for the purpose of a New US Govt, with a people's Congress, not one of a quorm of Lawyers, i a Coup.
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Paul Young
October 24, 2012
What good does it do to call names and point fingers. We can always find something to complain about. That is a choice God gives us. The world would be a better place if we learned to express love ins...tead of hate. See More
Sean Galt
· November 20, 2016
Almost completely one-sided and totally biased. Not a reputable source of news at all.
William Troutman
· October 6, 2016
They post some of the biggest Hillary is up in points over Trump in Texas....yeah right ....ridiculous
Lillian Lester Hesler
· February 13, 2017
Very slanted and biased. Not the reputable site it used to be.
Dbear X Peace
· June 25, 2014
Hannah Hess is my fav. She's always on point, factual and fair.
Patrick Sullivan
· July 29, 2016
Early indications are this group is not biased...time will tell
Bud Rose
· November 6, 2015
Intriguing piece in Seattle Weekly on the disappearance of Hale Boggs - Nick Begich plane: The ex-husband (a murderer and bomber) of Begich's widow told the FBI he helped bomb the plane.
Michael Iverson
October 4, 2011
If we pay attention maybe the idiots who rob of of our money and our environment and other freedoms will not have such an easy time of it until they go to work for the industry which bribed them throu...ghout their congressional careers...... See More
Guinness, Men in Black, St. Patrick’s Day and More Guinness: Congressional Hits and Misses
Lawmakers Remember RFK For 50th Anniversary of Presidential Bid
Blue Dog vs. Progressive: What to Watch in the Illinois Primaries

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"As Democratic triumphs in both Alabama and PA-18 have dramatically illustrated, the Republicans are doing themselves no favors with their Faustian bargain with a president who believes in nothing outside of himself," writes opinion columnist Walter Shapiro.

Oversight of a alarming president is what’s on the ballot this November — and why 2018 is the most important off-year election in more than a century.

New York Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter died Friday at the age of 88. Slaughter served for more than three decades in the House of Representatives and was the first woman to chair the House Rules Committee. Roll Call takes a look back at her trailblazing career.

New York Democratic Rep. Louise M. Slaughter died Friday at the age of 88. Slaughter served for more than three decades in the House of Representatives and was the first woman to chair the House…

Democratic candidates and liberal organizations are seeking to capitalize on Conor Lamb’s apparent win in Pennsylvania, invoking his name in fundraising pitches nationwide.

Democratic candidates and liberal organizations are seeking to capitalize on Conor Lamb’s apparent win in Pennsylvania, invoking his name in fundraising pitches nationwide.House Minority Leader Nancy…

Guinness, Men in Black, St. Patrick’s Day and more Guinness— all in this week's Congressional Hits and Misses ☘️

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A special election is possible to replace New York Rep. Louise Slaughter, who died this morning after suffering a concussion last week.

A special election is possible to replace Rep. Louise Slaughter. New York State law gives Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo discretion over when to call a special election.


Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, who served in Congress for more than three decades, is dead at 88. Slaughter had been hospitalized for a concussion after falling at her Washington residence last week.

Female staffers should be judged by the results they produce, says Barrett Karr, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's chief of staff.

Lawmakers simply want to see the work done in the best possible fashion, by the most qualified candidate, regardless of gender, Barrett Karr writes.

The president has already ousted or accepted the resignation of a slew of Cabinet or senior West Wing officials, prompting Democratic lawmakers and others to say his presidency is dominated by chaos. He denies that.

Donald Trump might be ready to fire national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as a West Wing purge could be afoot.
Donald Trump might be ready to fire national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as a West Wing purge could be afoot.

Retiring Sen. Jeff Flake said the Senate needs someone like Romney to be an “independent voice.”

On the same day former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney filed to run for Senate in Utah, retiring Sen. Jeff Flake said the chamber needed someone like Romney to be an “independent voice.”

Capitol Ink: Trump country mile

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Official resources cannot be used for campaign purposes, and campaign resources cannot be used for official purposes. That's the basic takeaway from the House and Senate ethics guidelines when it comes to Hill staffers doing campaign work.

At least three times since Feb. 1 — and twice this week alone — President Trump has suggested Republicans need to team up with him again for “round two” of tax rate cuts and code alterations.

President Donald Trump keeps suggesting Republican lawmakers should pursue a second tax bill. But is he serious?

Massachusetts Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III hosted an event Wednesday commemorating the anniversary this week of his grandfather’s presidential bid announcement. On March 16, 1968, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy stood in the Russell Senate Office Building room (now known as the Kennedy Caucus Room) to declare his candidacy; he was assassinated several months later while he was a leading candidate for the nomination.

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Illinois’ congressional primaries are on Tuesday, March 20. Senior political reporter Simone Pathé walks you through the race for the state’s 3rd District, a match-up between longtime incumbent Rep. Daniel Lipinski — a centrist, pro-life Democrat — and Marie Newman, a progressive marketing consultant with the support of several liberal members of Congress, including Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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