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Not applicable to just developers. If you want to get better at something, you need to always be doing it.

I really like how the author states 'Make Coding Easy'. The hard parts of engineering aren't the coding itself, but the design and maintenance of the system.

Be honest. Are you a good engineering candidate? How are you measuring yourself? How many companies have you interviewed at? What is your in…

And here's the second on writing testable JavaScript. Both are great resources for writing maintainable, bug free code

As our JavaScript takes on more and more responsibilities, we need a reliable codebase—one that is thoroughly tested. Integration tests focus on how the pieces of an application work together, but don’t tell us whether individual units of functionality are behaving as expected. That’s where unit tes...

Two really great articles on A List Apart today, here's the first on organizing JavaScript

Well-designed code is much easier to maintain, optimize, and extend, making for more efficient developers. Three high-level, language-agnostic aspects of code design are key to achieving this nirvana: system architecture, maintainability, and reusability. All three may be attained via the module pat...

After some SVN problems, we've finally updated Proposals to 0.3. Commenting is now included, so you can keep discussions out of email and in one centralized location!

We recently released a plugin into the WordPress plugin repository that allows you to easily create, send, and manage proposals, all within the WordPress dashboard!

Check out the link below for a full write-up on what it does and what direction we'll be taking it in

We recently released a plugin in the WordPress repository that allows you to create and send proposals to clients, all within WordPress.

You guys, we've been up to no good the last couple weeks. Details to come!

Friends we have a bunch of Google AdWords coupons to give away! If you are or have ever been interested in Google AdWords, then send us an email -

We posted last week about the WordPress GPL debate. CEO of Envato Collis Ta'eed has a nice little follow up suggesting designers and developers submitting to Envato will have some new license freedoms in the near future.

On the weekend I got some time to tune into the WPCandy podcast with host Ryan Imel and guest Jake Caputo. They discussed the recent blackball post and jokingly refer to Jake, who is an Envato Elite author, as surely having access to a magic red button that he can press to “make things happen”. I wi...

WordPress by-and-large is great. But sometimes, feelings can get hurt. Read up on how a theme author on ThemeForest has been told that he can no longer speak or volunteer at WordCamps while selling on ThemeForest.

Last year I attended three WordCamps and spoke at two of them. This year I was on the planning team for WordCamp Chicago and was asked to speak again. I am

If 2012 was the Year of Responsive Design, then 2013 is the Year of Javascript Frameworks. More and more developers are realizing that learning one of these MVC-style frameworks can drastically help development processes and application performance.

This article is meant for developers trying to decide on what framework to dive in to. Later this week, we'll post an article that explains some of points in further detail. If you have any questions after reading this Tutsplus article, please contact us so we can address anything in our blog post.

Single page web applications - or SPAs, as they are commonly referred to - are quickly becoming the de facto standard for web app development. The fact that a

WordPress 3.5 is out ladies and gents! The media manager is very slick, and uses some cool new technology. Here's the official blog post

It's the most wonderful time of the year: a new WordPress release is available and chock-full of goodies to delight bloggers and developers alike. We're calling this one "Elvin" in honor of drummer Elvin Jones, who played with John Coltrane in addition to many others. If you've been around WordPress...

We admittedly listen to way too much rap. It's become a problem. Sometimes we just need some calm, relaxing tunes, and this playlist is filling that void.


For those moments when we have a tight deadline and need to remain calm

Very timely. We highly recommend checking out this tutorial if you are working on web applications and haven't had a chance to checkout Backbone yet.

I'm pleased to announce that, after many hours of work, my newest Tuts+ Premium course on Backbone is now available - and the first eight lessons are free to

For those days when your inner-thug just can't be contained

♫ By Paul Ruescher (51 tracks)

Rails anyone? Codeacademy adds the popular Ruby framework, Ruby on Rails. As someone who's toyed with it, I can safely say it's pretty much the best thing ever.

Codecademy, Startuplandia’s favorite online coding teacher, has just added Ruby on Rails to its library of courses. Ruby has long been one of the site’s most requested languages, large...

Ugh... I get that the WordPress core/theme team likes to protect their code. But is this really a debate? We're on mor10's side here.

I have to commend the theme developers for creating a default theme that is ideal for building advanced child themes. Twenty Ten was a great start, but Twenty Eleven was far too complex and convoluted to be a good basis for advanced child themes. The more austere and simplified Twenty Twelve is a gr...

We've made a few public company websites in our time, so why not share our knowledge? We put together a lil' presentation to show you a few elements to take into consideration and a few technical pitfalls associated with designing and developing these types of websites

Designing a website for a public company is not all that different from any other company website. However, there are a few tips and tricks that make it easier for your company to disseminate news to stakeholders.