Spending some relaxing time with the family at the Renaissance Faire listening to Tantric.

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I have some great news! Mythic Tales (Myth, Monsters and Mayhem) launches today. Get 14 ebooks in this box set for an awesome price. I am humbled to be included with the other 13 authors in this set. Go check it out!

Remember those epic tales of heroes and monsters? The stories of great adventure woven in with monsters, magic and myth live once more in this collection; discover tales of lore, magic swords, wicked beasts, courageous souls, desperate adventurers, and unholy bargains. Fairy tales and bold advent...

Just got my copy yesterday in the mail! Can't wait to read Pullman's latest.

The first installment of its companion trilogy, The Book of Dust, arrives in bookstores today|By Andrew Liptak

Time to take a stand.

I'm writing this to you right after the Harvey Weinstein news has broken and women from all around the world are sharing their #MeToo stories. On a personal level, I logged into my Facebook account and was flooded with women sharing their stories of being sexually harassed and assaulted. The

What a night last night. My family and I went to Longwood Gardens to see the hundreds of luminaries setup through the Gardens and then saw the fountains all lit up to music. The theme of the night was British Invasion and I can’t lie: I was singing loud for PAUL McCartney’s Live and Let Die. After a long week and starting Book 2 of the Werewhale saga, it was great to take some off to relax with my family. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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A little something to help quiet that self-critical voice. Happy Friday!

Steve Chapman shines a light on his inner critic - that whisper in his ear that constantly tells him he isn’t good enough and that he should never try anythi...

I finally caught up and saw My Cousin Rachel. Great mood, build up, but I didn’t think the film pulled together at the end. Is it worth watching? Yes, but I much prefer Far from the Madding Crowd. Check that one out!

A dark romance, MY COUSIN RACHEL tells the story of a young Englishman who plots revenge against his mysterious, beautiful cousin, believing that she murdered his guardian. But his feelings become complicated as he finds himself falling under the beguiling spell of her charms.

Early morning run to clear the mind. Beautiful for early fall. It’s going to be 92 today! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.

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Just got our copy of Wonder Woman in the mail today. Can't wait to see it again!

An Amazon princess (Gal Gadot) finds her idyllic life on an island occupied only by female warriors interrupted when a pilot (Chris Pine) crash-lands nearby. After rescuing him, she learns that World War I is engulfing the planet, and vows to use her superpowers to restore peace. Directed by Patty J...

The last of this summer’s harvest. My daughter and I worked hard in watering and taking care of the plants all summer. Seeing what we showed brought me back to my grandfather teaching me how to garden back when I was a kid. When I’m not writing, I like getting my hands dirty gardening.

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Do you want to escape for a while? Read the free prequel short story to my new novel Ahab's Daughter. Check it out!

Get ready for something different! My book Ahab's Daughter: The Werewhale Saga is available now on pre-order (launching September 12) and I wanted to share with you a story that's a prequel to the novel. You'll get some free fiction and it'll also give you a taste of what Ahab's Daughter is ab

Check out these great books! What would you suggest others to read?

I love reading. There are so many books out there these days and so little time. But that's a good thing! I'd rather have a tremendous amount of choice to go through than not enough. But there was a time that I only read one type of book. I loved fantasy and that was it. As a kid, I grew up on

It took us two nights to finish watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind on DVD, but I'm happy that my kids did sit through the 1977 movie. They don't make movies like this any more. The pacing is intentionally slow and the build up to the third act is just plan magical. If you haven't seen the movie, do check it out as it was recently in the theater for its 40th anniversary.

When I start researching a new book, I watch, listen and read all sorts of things. I've started to plot about book two in the Werewhale series. I heard Bjork's new song and wanted to share. It's pretty out there but I like that about her.

Se filtro hoy día el nuevo single de la cantante Björk, supuestamente iba a lanzarse este mes como primer single de su nuevo álbum que se lanzara en Noviembr...

Farewell to the Cassini spacecraft. I remember back in the late '90s when my wife (my girlfriend at the time) shared with me a PR brochure from NASA that she got from work that was all about the Cassini mission. Seven years later Cassini arrived at Saturn and has discovered more than we could ever imagine (who new that water was spraying off one of its moons as plumes?).

I love fantasy/science fiction, but I also love science. I have always been energized by seeing how ideas ...from one can influence the other. We have iPhones today (remember Star Trek communicators) and I want to thank all those who worked on the Cassini spacecraft mission. For 13 years, Cassini has orbited Saturn and taken amazing pictures. Please take a moment and look at the images from the NY Times website. They're a beautiful testimony of how wonderful our solar system is and puts in perspective how much more we have to learn. Farewell Cassini and thank you for the great science you've done for humanity. I will think of you as you burn up in Saturn's atmosphere this morning.

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NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will burn up in Saturn’s atmosphere on Friday, after 20 years in space.

Want to help people affected about the recent hurricanes? Please, tune in to tonight's telethon and make a donation to help.