Day 2....RD
Last night....RD
just finished round 2 in Vegas a couple days ago.....chilling in Santa Fe before heading back to Nashville. Thanks to everyone at Caesars for your patience and hanging with the social mayhem. .....lots of fun friends showing up. ...a good sign !! RD

SOME STORIES HAVE TO BE TOLD... 2010 / 2012 - don’t know, it’s all a blur when you're caught up in the heat of the battle.

Gasoline prices were at historic highs and going up… pushing $5.00 a gallon plus in places..

COST OF LIVIN’ shows up at the “BARN”. This song was exceptionally real (RARE)… a group of maybe 15 top radio programmers show up, we have dinner at the “barn” and listen… they freak out. My first solo single BLEED RED was working its way into the top 10 but the guys begged us to drop it and come with COST OF LIVIN’ pronto. We did.

…the song was about real issues that effect real people’s lives.
The record label was still crying broke… they were running on fumes, flailing… hiring and firing left and right, getting high cost items off the books, filling executive and other positions with “less expensive talent”. They had to get debt off the books, their ship was sinking and fast.

Again, same story as HOW FAR TO WACO, I take my guys, my money and we set out to punch through the corporate flack.
We pull the bus over on the way back from a show in Little Rock at an abandoned gas station, throw together my performance.

Then, Phillip Coleman who did the lion’s share of the writing goes to his hometown in Arkansas and does his thing with his dad.… these were authentic, real life (not actors) working people… people that were being hit the hardest by what was going on. I actually cry when I see it, now.

The “suits” / record execs were even trying to blame the high cost of gasoline on their declining sale… are you shittin’ me?

There’s more (a LOT more) to the story…. here’s COST OF LIVIN’ ! RD

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