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Dominique Pulver
· October 13, 2017
I really enjoy my apartment at Roosevelt Point it’s in a convient area where there’s lots to do, it’s also right by my campus where I can just walk to class, and the apartments themselves are really, including the amenities the apartment comes with. My main two complaints would be parking and maintenance. I live in the second building and one of the elevators was broken for about 3 weeks before someone finally fixed it and it was just inconvient to always be waiting on one elevator when you’re running late or taking the stairs. Also the light about my apartment door has been out so i put in a maintenance request about 2 weeks ago and no one has fixed it yet. My other complaint is parking because there’s frequently someone in my spot in the garage and they usually stay in the spot for a few hours which is super inconvient. The office won’t tow them because technically they pay for parking there so then if they pay for their own parking spot why are they in my spot. Those are my only two complaints other than that Roosevelt Point is in a good location to go out to eat or hang out downtown, as well as if you go to the downtown ASU campus you can walk to your classes. See More
Kayla Kuykendall
· July 7, 2017
Its a lie that this place is suitable for young professionals. Its a dorm. Plain and simple. Stuff is stolen, trash is left all over after students decide to party (custodial staff is wonderful its t...he residents that are an issue with this). See More
Samantha Olsen-Salonis
· October 8, 2017
The staff are SUPER friendly and always ready to help. The building is so secure it makes me feel that my daughter is safe at all times. It has cameras, key fobs are required to enter all areas, and s...ecurity guards patrol the area. See More
Kim Pham
· September 26, 2017
Great location in downtown, large rooms, facilities are new, communication with/from management is easy. Can be noisy (from streets and nearby airport).
Nick Mendoza
· July 14, 2016
I love Roosevelt Point Apartments! The grounds are well maintained, the staff is always friendly, maintenance is fast to fix issues, they provide individual unit washer and dryer + very fast Internet ...+ 100+ TV channels + the first $40 off of your electricity bill! I keep my AC around 78 and the bill only comes to around $25.
They are centrally located in tons of places to eat, drink, universities, and professional buildings. I really can't say enough good things about these apartments!
Disregard the 1-star reviews. The majority of people I've spoken with in the halls love the place; they just don't review it.
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Anastasia Nicole Shively
· September 6, 2016
The staff at Roosevelt Point is amazing! I suffer from seizures and have lived here for 3 years. The staff have always treated me with respect and go out of there way to make sure I am ok and am taken... care of being so far away from family. Though living here can be expensive it is well worth it an amazing community! See More
Sean David Wright
· November 15, 2014
This is, quite frankly, one of the worst places to live in downtown Phoenix. The management is non-existent; your neighbors will be unruly, obnoxious college kids who will play loud music and have wil...d parties on their balconies almost every night. On the weekends the inmates run the asylum completely because the "management" team is off, leaving the front office staffed by the same inconsiderate child-adults who were probably keeping you up all night with their antics.
This is supposed to be an apartment community, not a dormitory or a frat house. But Roosevelt Point does not care. As long as these drunk and self-centered college kids keep paying the exorbitant rent, Roosevelt Point staff couldn't care less about the comfort and needs of those of us who were thinking we were getting a conveniently-located urban home but instead found ourselves in "Animal House, Part 2."
Also, after the drunken debauchery of the weekends you can expect to see trash in the form of beer cans and bottles and used napkins and empty pizza boxes littering the stairwells for several days.
Thinking of living here? Do yourself a favor...put this phone number, 480-777-0003, on your speed dial list. That is the number for the off-site security patrol for Roosevelt Point. You will be calling them 4-5 times a week to complain about your neighbors.
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Kelly Watrous
· February 9, 2017
This is a great place for college students to live. It's a fun location in the city and there is a lot to do in the area. I have never had any serious problems with noise, either from outside or from ...other residents Overall, I'm satisfied.

However, it seems as if constantly, something is broken. Whether it be the electronic passpoints for doors, elevators, or just something in my room, I am facing some kind of issue almost every day. These problems have never been too serious for me, but it's just something to consider. Maintenance is often done in a timely manner.

i enjoy living here, but take it with a grain of salt. There are definitely issues.
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Jay Christopher DeLutis
· April 2, 2014
Worst place I've ever rented at. If you're looking for a ton of noise, an unhelpful and lazy staff, constant problems and overpriced rent, you've found what you're looking for. This is a glorified dor...m. I must say it's a top choice for kids who are in college and will have mom and dad pay their way, but for people who actually work and are out of the 21 year old phase it's nothing but a hassle. It's advertised as "Upscale living" and that's nothing but a joke. See More
Michael Picasso
· April 14, 2016
The staff is super friendly and accommodating. The gym is a tad small but has great equipment and is mostly empty. The pool area reminds me of an upscale resort, with a huge jacuzzi. So far so good. :)
Katelyn Waxler
· September 8, 2016
It is a great place for college students to live since it is so close to the downtown ASU campus. The balconies have a great view also.
Landon Pascua
· August 16, 2015
I don't write reviews often but I felt I should since I lived at Roosevelt Point for nearly 2 years (OCT 2013 - JULY 2015) in 2 different areas of the North Building along Roosevelt.

The Building It...self:

The two buildings are fairly new and are one of maybe 3 mid to high rise complexes Downtown that are constructed of post-tension concrete slabs between floors. These slabs have made my stay very enjoyable compared to most wood-frame apartments that I have lived in. I rarely hear the neighbors below or above me. The demising walls are well insulated. I occasionally heard the neighbors adjacent to me only if they were blaring bass-y music (which I don't mind unless it's really late on a weekday (happened once or twice) - sometimes from me). The only noise complaint that I have in regards to construction of the building is the hallways. The concrete is wonderful until you hear someone in the hallways with loud high-heels banging around or neighbors coming back from a night on the town are talking (yelling, screeching, puking) until they get into their apartments. That noise can be deadened if RoPo decides to add high-traffic carpet tiles similar to the ones inside the elevator. Highly unlikely but it would definitely improve on their attempt to be true luxury living. I lived on the interior facing the pool and the eastside along 4th facing east. If you have a choice, go with the scenic view over the pool unless you are west facing. Understand that you are living Downtown in an urban environment. If you have a scenic view of the city, you will be hearing city noise. If you are on the interior, you may be hearing noise from your neighbors, pool amenities, cars in the garage, etc. All glazing is double-paned, so if you have them closed it really shouldn't be an issue. Overall the design of each apartment is modern and nice and the appliances work well. The A/C is ice cold!

The neighbors:

I lived on the same floor for both apartments. Everyone was either nice or completely non-existent for the most part. The complex was designed to cater to student's in the Downtown area, hence 3-4 bedroom floor plans that have bathrooms for each room. I know from experience, the North Building is definitely more quiet than the South Building. I think it had to do with the South Building being completely furnished apartments, which would cater to most in-state/out-of-state students. If you can't handle a little noise every now and then, maybe you should try finding an apartment in Gilbert or in a retirement community. Most neighbors are respectful of each others sleep/study time. If someone gets out of line, just contact them directly. Just don't expect people to be quiet on Friday/Saturday nights.


I never used the tanning beds. I rarely used the cardio and/or weight gym but both were clean and in working order when I did. Pools were very nice especially during the summer. Forever whatever reason, the lights for the past year and a half at the north building pool never turned on at night. Definitely kept me from using the pool/spa at night. Kind of disappointing. Tip: They have an ATM in the South Building common area. Saved my life a few times.

The location:

Completely awesome! Right off the 10. The epicenter of First Friday's. A slew of non-chain restaurants. Light-rail (1/4 mile away). Everything is soooooo walkable and Downtown Phoenix continues to improve. The only thing it's missing is a good market that is walkable. Something like Trader Joes or Sprouts. I hate Safeway at 7th/Mcdowell with a passion.

Cost of Living / Services:

Since everything is included in rent (Even up to $40 for electricity), the cost is good compared to nearby complexes of the same quality. I can't believe The Met can charge as much as they do for their crappy complex. The only time I went over the $40 for elect was during the summer. I paid maybe an extra $40 on top of rent to run the AC 24/7. $60 per month for parking in a closed/covered parking structure. It's way better than parking on the street and my car stayed relatively clean and protected. The internet/TV is provided by Elauwit which is uses Dish Network. I could be wrong but my knowledge of constructing buildings tells me that they have a large satellite on the roof that distributes data to all units. During harsh weather, connection tends do go out for both TV and Internet since it's all from the same provider via satellite. For the most part it works good 93% percent of the time and you can watch Netflix without loosing quality or anything like that. Wifi provided all over the building too. Other than a standard mail key, everything is opened with a key-fob. Yes, even your apartment door. It's awesome until you lose it and/or lock yourself out. You don't get a spare unless you have a roommate. Word of advice, try and wear it as an earing or something if you constantly lose things.

Customer Service:

I work in improving processes, there is definitely a few things that can be done to assist services. Picking a parking space for the second time proved to be a challenge (staff didn't have true knowledge of what spots were already taken). They may have improved since then. Overall, the staff is usually pretty helpful and responds quickly. Even the staff who is on-call (if you misplace your key and don't realize until 3 am). They've even helped me print documents when needed. More importantly, in December of 2013, a fire-sprinkler went off in a neighbors unit on my floor and flooded most units on the floor and floors below. Leadership @ EDR and Ropo staff stepped up and made sure that apartments were dehumidified and repaired accordingly to ensure a safe and livable environment. It also took less than 2 weeks altogether. Also, they did the best they could to ensure that I was comfortable during that kind of situation (insert hand-clap emoji hear).

Feel free to shoot me any questions and I'll be sure to provide an honest answer.

Thanks for reading!
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Leah Nakaima
· February 9, 2017
Roosevelt is simply excellent for me! It has all the resources I need for example study rooms, gyms, and overall a great quiet studying environment! I like the fact that it provides all the privacy I ...need and I just appreciate the great work of the maintenance department!☺☺☺cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See More
Jeidawg Gonzales
· February 26, 2015
Merissa Vega from the office is always so helpful! She always makes sure all our questions are answered. I love the little things sue does to make us feel welcomed, like treats and cupcakes
Tim Schaffer
· October 30, 2016
I have been there since it opened the staff is excellent and love being close to work and downtown almost ready to let go of my truck
Katie Morgan
· May 9, 2016
I was considering living here however, the last few times I have visited over the last month neither of the hot tubs have been working along with other issue
Meghan Stanley
· June 21, 2014
Hey Roosevelt Point community!
I am looking to sublease my room for the upcoming semester. Dates I need the room filled are August 2014- May 2015. It's a 3 bedroom, 3 bath with 1 female & 1 male roomm...ate who are ASU students. Inbox me for further details or email me at :) See More
Simone Poedel
· February 24, 2015
The staff is incredibly helpful and respectful! It is a great place to live!!
DemiGod Herqles
· May 14, 2014
This is a great place to live. The staff is very helpful and the amenities included help make the rent price pay for itself within the first few months. I was helped by great customer service and was ...moved in within the first week. See More
Kyo Ono
· December 7, 2014
I'm writing this review December 7th 2014 at 1:45am in my living room, because as every single weekend there is a party in one of the top appts that will not let you sleep, I live in the lower level n...ext to the pool, the party sounds like its inside my bedroom, and this is every single weekend, there is party after party, after party, non of this just out of high school kids have any consideration of their neighbors, forget living here if you have to work, or wake up early, the noise on the apartments is just crazy, I can tell when the upstairs neighbors go to the bathroom and flush their toilet because you can hear the toilet water rushing down the pipes!!!, the appliances are so loud that you cannot even leave the dryer or the dishwasher on without sacrificing a couple of hrs of sleep. The doors to the building are so loud and they are slammed every time that someone comes in or out, the doors to the pool, you can count how many people were in the pool because the doors will just slam shut every time someone comes in or out!.

I have complaint about the noise I don't know how many times to the office personal now, with no response at all, there are a couple of security guys but I guess they leave the premisses after 10 pm, because the music at the apartments can be as loud as in the club and no one will ever call your attention, o yea but security is always checking out the girls at the small ass gym that they have, its basically 2 elliptical machines, 2 treadmills. also the only other place I have seen security is outside the door smoking cigarettes thats all they do.

Try to pay your rent with cash, and it can only be done Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm even the first days of the month!!!, when the manager is there, so if you work forget paying with cash, also when paying with card they charge you about 15 dlls extra!.

In this level there is a tenant that smokes pot all day, and I mean 24 hrs a day, the entire south building stinks like marijuana and no one neither security nor office personal does anything.

The place is now infested with roaches, roaches everywhere despite the insecticide that they are always deploying.

you can hear the conversation anyone is having from when they are getting out of their apartment to all the way when they go out. if you are on the pool side IT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO SLEEP OR REST. during summer, the frat kids are so drunk in the pool that the pool is always yellow since they are drinking and peeing in the pool at all times, the jacuzzi looks like chicken stock.

utilities included? hahaha 40.00 dlls of electricity, during summer in Arizona, (and I'm a native just imagine if you are from somewhere else), you have to have you ac on day and night, 40dlls of electricity will cover about 2 days of electricity.

There is no water pressure in neither bathroom, toilet, or sink, the water heater will give you about 20 minutes of hot water, so you have to choose between washing dishes or taking a shower, THE SHOWER, there are no ac or heater vents!!!!, so during summer you are boiling in there because the apartments get so hot, and during winter you will freeze since the heater has no vents that will keep you warm inside the bathroom.

now don't get me wrong I pay $1000.00 dlls plus electricity every month, I leave in a 1 bedroom 1 bath, so its not even a cheap rent, they have a garage and that will cost 70dlls extra per car!!!! and try finding a parking on the street, all week you have to be fighting with ASU students that park here, there is never a parking spot available!!!!

Before I forget, every 1st friday of the month, is the worst!!!!, we have the infamous first friday!!!!!! it suppose to be an "art" walk right here at Roosevelt and 3rd st. bunch of hipster an high school kids, so high and so drunk that they have to send dozens of police officers to control them.

Roosevelt point apartments are no doubt the worst place I have ever lived, and I used to leave in south central Los Angeles.
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