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Michelle Sabb Vaitkus
· March 9, 2016
I totally love this store. I have learned so very much and any questions I may have Shawn always has the answer.
YoGi Gee
· March 19, 2017
Great place to get your gardening supplies and very helpful and knowledgeable.
Matthew Stalone
· March 8, 2017
Sean is very knowledgeable about plans and so much more!!
Eric Cacioppo
January 9, 2012
This is an amazing place to see. Bring the kids, what a unique way to help the environment and a great gift idea too!
Lara Jen Waswil
· November 30, 2013
Truthful upfront friendly advice. I love going into his shop.
Michael Teal
· October 11, 2013
this place is awesome
Shawn Odneal
November 2, 2011
honey cafe
The Little Shop of Horrors Tomato! Indeterminate tomatoes take over!

Case closed and all charges dropped today!!! (As expected)... But having said that, I sincerely apologize for the embarrassing event we all had to endure. Apologizes to all the citizens of Brookfield and my landlord Martin Lynch Irish Times for the fiasco, hope it didn't disturb St Paddies lunch too much... my apologies to the Riverside and Brookfield PD' s. And a gigantic heartfelt THANK YOU!!!! too all my loyal customers who have come out in droves to support Root 66 Garden Shop - Hydroponics, Aquaponics, and Organic GardeningGardening over the last few weeks, I'm not mentioning any names, you all know who you are.... PEACE OUT 👍💚 to all those nay sayers.... who were quick to judge. I'll continue teaching, lecturing, and supporting people as far as I can reach. Live Happy, Live Healthy, and Love every moment of it!!!

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Well where do I start... my store, my dream, my lively hood was crushed by legal troubles. After my name is cleared of this embarrassment we'll begin to rebuild, but the damage is done. Along with legal bills, we are also moving location of our retail store. So now we are asking your support...

Great sale over the weekend!! Thank you for those that already came in and supported. Everyone else, stop in soon to get your nutrients, containers and gardening gear... Everything must go this month!

Hi Everyone, it's been a great ride in Brookfield, plenty of great people I've met and had the pleasure to learn from. But lease is up and we're gonna be moving next month. Please stop in ASAP for some great close out sales. Inventory will start to get packed up starting next week.

Business as usual today at the root! What a CRAZY couple days. Glad this weeks finally over.

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Chinese diplomat turned hydroponic grower!…/former-diplomat-becomes-veg-grow…/

Guo Lei, a former Chinese diplomat, has found an unexpected second career growing vegetables in the village of Dongxingxing in Shandong province (China).

Happy New Year from your friends at The Root! Make it a resolution to start growing indoors in 2017 - we can help you get started!

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Interesting article about hydroponics and aquaponics and the role these food production strategies will play in the future. From a farming perspective...…/what-role-will-aquaponics-an…

Growing fish and plants together successfully and sustainably with aquaponics.

New for the holidays!!! Gift cards, CBD balm, hydroponic basics hand book, Emily's garden, indoor tabletop and mini hydro systems. Gold Standard Bubble buckets, water cans and last but not least all new holiday collection VegeSoy Candles!!!!!! Supplies are very limited so stop by soon!

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