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SuperSU is moving to a new maintainer

XDA Recognized Developer Chainfire, a superstar of XDA and the development scene, has just announced that his monolithic SuperSU project will be moving to the hands of Coding Code Mobile Technology, LLC. This marks a new beginning for SuperSU, the most popular and essential root application in exist…

Recover a Saved Wifi Password

Retrieve you password within minutes.

Chainfire release major update to SuperSU

Chainfire releases major update to his SuperSU root app. Juan Vega News and Rumors December 2, 2014 0 Comment 0 SuperSu, the popular rooting app by Chainfire, has been updated to version 2.35 and it brings along some noticeable changes. With Android Lollipop support and some Material Design elements…

Speed up your Wi-Fi

Here's a quick way that you can improve the connection of your smartphone or tablet that is using Wi-Fi, 3G, or even 4G networks!

Chainfire releases Quick Root Fix for Lollipop

Android developer, Chainfire, releases quick root fix for Android 5.0 Lollipop preview builds on Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 2013.

Chainfire roots still unreleased Galaxy Note 4

Samsung has announced the newest addition to the extremely popular Note line at this year's IFA in Berlin last month, Galaxy Note 4. The device has seen ma

Add a Keylogger to your phone with the Xposed framework

With recent security breaches in the news, there is no better time than the present to make sure you know exactly what's happening on your device. Most of us trust our friends, but sometimes you'll lend out your phone and get it back with some apps newly opened, meaning that it's possible that some…

Learn how to protect your device with a Firewall

The internet can't always be trusted, which is why a firewall is often necessary! Here we explain how you can set up a firewall, with or without root access.

Hide ROOT access from any troublesome apps

Some apps refuse to install or run if your phone or tablet is rooted. Hide My Roots helps you to disguise rooting so you can run whatever you want.

Blackphone gets 5min lesson on how to get SCHOOL'D @ BlackHat Conference

The ultra secure NSA-Proof Blackphone just got schooled at Blackhat this weekend. The device was rooted in under 5 minutes without needing to unlock the bo

RootCloak will hide ROOT access from apps that misbehave

Android (Root): Most days, having a rooted phone is an asset. Occasionally, though, it becomes a liability when a certain app refuses to run on rooted devices.

A KitKat How-to for your aging Nexus One

Can you breathe new life into an old phone? I decided to find out by cramming the KitKat version of Android on the Nexus One, a handset from early 2010.

Chainfire fixes ROOT issue on Galaxy S4

Ahh the woes of attempting to load on updates of your Android version with a rooted phone. Often times, completing this process breaks your root access, re

5 Essential Apps for ROOTed users

Here is a suggestion of the most essential apps that one should consider installing after rooting their Android smartphone or tablet

How to make your OWN Android ROM

You know you’re a hardcore Android user when you buy a new smartphone and your first thought is to see if there’s a CyanogenMod ROM available for it yet. Custom ROMs have become a bit of an underground industry as users worldwide look to try and ditch the corporate bloatware and create a lean phone…

Analyzing Android Apps with Santoku Linux

Mobile security professionals analyze mobile apps to identify malware and audit apps for any privacy or security issues. We decided to try out some of the tools to learn what it takes to perform mobile analysis and forensics.