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A leader in the field of reading auras, Rose Rosetree offers books, personal mentoring, and sessions of emotional and spiritual healing, offering easy aura reading techniques, aura and chakra readings from regular photos, more detailed than psychic readings from Kirlian photos about aura colors. Aur…

Prominent Vegan. Aura Readings:

Prominent Vegan. Aura-wise, how well have these three been doing? John Robbins, Dr. Neal Barnard, and PETA Founder Ingrid Newkirk.

Quiet Destiny Matters, Too:

Quiet Destiny Matters, Too. At a time when politics offers intense drama, does that mean a quieter life doesn't count for much? Maybe quite the opposite!

RES Consumer Smarts:

RES Consumer Smarts. There's an easy way to tell if somebody is qualified to hang out a shingle as an expert at Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES).

Lin-Manuel Miranda Aura Reading:

Lin-Manuel Miranda Aura Reading. Read the first of three prizes from a recent contest. Today I'll be using an advanced skill of aura reading through SOUND.

Empath Names Matter:

Empath Names Matter. When choosing an empath coach, pay attention to the names used for different empath gifts. Are they misleading or accurate?

ONEderful December 2017:

ONEderful December 2017. This could be a big month of completion for you and me. Let's celebrate some thrilling possibilities for the rest of this year.

Psychic barrier gone:

Psychic Barrier Gone. Let's update your understanding of life today, as The Age of Awakening gathers momentum. What will help you evolve fastest?

RES Gift Books:

RES Gift Books. Which books are the best holiday gifts for those you love? How about books that you might request for yourself? YouTube Videos, too!

Newsletter Starring Robert Mueller:

Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel, is profiled in the lead article to my newsletter for November 2017. Here's to "Reading Life Deeper"!

Blink Thanksgiving:

Blink Thanksgiving. What could seem smaller than one time, blinking your eyes. Yet miracles might be hidden even in that. Let's explore.

Della Reese. Skilled Empath Merge:

Della Reese was a gospel singer, famed for her role in "Touched by an Angel." What was it like to be her? A Skilled Empath Merge gives some clues.

Name Alignment® Trademark Celebration:

Name Alignment Trademark Celebration! Because this skill set has deep meaning for me, I'm moved to share an uncommonly personal story with you today.

Mother Teresa Aura Reading:

Mother Teresa Aura Reading. For sure, she was an inspiration. But what kind of inspiration, really? Energetic literacy casts fresh light.

Soul Role for Spiritual Awakening:

Soul Role. This article will give you some ideas about how you can live with a more lively soul thrill. First, though, prepare to be shocked!

Soul Thrill Trademarked:

Soul Thrill Trademarked. That's Soul Thrill® Aura Research! It can change your life. More than that, it can keep your life choices current.Soul Thrill® Aura Research. It can change your life. More than that, it can keep your life choices current. Unlike Pinocchio, you're not made of wood!

Divine Presence:

Divine Presence. How is that during spiritual awakening? And after, but still not in Enlightenment? What changes in Enlightenment?

Energetic Literacy 21 Ways:

Energetic Literacy 21 Stages -- Reflecting the rapid growth of Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES), today I'll update the number of stages from 15-21.