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From the CD-EP "Attrition" released 20/11/2015 catalogue No. CDSUBCULTURE195 and also the digital single "Attrition" Catalgue Number LJE-M0001 Available on B...

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Have you read this interesting Interview with Per Aksel Lundgreen?

An interview with Per Aksel Lundgreen which mentions LJE Music and many of the bands and projects are or have been involved with

From time to time it's nice to interview the people in the music business that you really like and adore. Today it's time for an interview with Per Aksel Lundgreen, label owner, remixer, was part of many bands and has hiw own projects! Time to put him in the spotlights!

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The title track from the EP "Remembrance" here mixed for Remembrance Day. Vocals Andy Oppenheimer / Mark Warner All instruments - Mark Warner Written by Andy Oppenheimer and Mark Warner Produced by M

My Beloved

Release Date : 11th October 2013 on CD / 20th Sept 2013 Digitally, Artist: Rossetti's Compass Genre: Minimal Electro / New Wave / Synth Pop Words & Music: Ma...

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Happy Birthday to our friend John Gallagher

From the CD-EP "Attrition" released 20/11/2015 catalogue No. CDSUBCULTURE195 and also the digital single "Attrition" Catalgue Number LJE-M0001 Available on B...

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Rossetti's Compass

Mark at a photoshoot

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"Autism England" demo version from the Rossetti's Compass album "In-Psychopaedia" due out later in 2017. Graphics - Stephen Woods
Marc Schaffer

Prolonged, as I really need some space - please tell your friends and feel free to share!
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It is with great sadness and shock that we heard the news of Michael White's death yesterday. Michael was a man of many talents including music and writing. His career in music started around 1979 with "Watch with Mother" and then later "Colour Me Pop". He joined the Thompson Twins around 1982 for their US Tour. Mark first met Michael in 1981/2 and became involved with him while in Sudeten Creche as Mike was one of the prime movers behind "Europe in the Year Zero" , a 5 track... compilation EP that featured Colour Me Pop, Sudeten Creche and Yazoo. Yazoo appearing partly because of Mike's friendship with Basildon band Depeche Mode and Vince Clarke in particular, having played a number of gigs with them around London.
Years passed the advent of the internet and Facebook allowed Mark and Mike to re-connect around 2006. Mike, now, an Internationally acclaimed author now living in Australia with his wife, Lisa White and children, India, Noah and Finn. They picked their acquaintance again and enjoyed sharing songs old and new. Mike reworked some of his older songs and did some new ones too under the name "Unknown Artist" which is a humorous reference to MS Media Player and how it tags songs it cannot recognise. Mike covered one of Mark's songs written with Sudeten Creche and Mark, as Rossetti's Compass, made a version of one of Mike's early songs which is included on the next album and called "Lights out".
Mike was an extremely talented and creative guy and will be missed greatly.

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Happy Birthday to our friend John Costello

Did you like this? Please repost! This previously unreleased track only appears currently on the "Touched in the Garden" CD and download. Cat. No. CDSUBCULTURE171 Originally from John Costello's Auto

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