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Coraine McHalen
· December 15, 2017
I like Roswell, but I really think our city officials need to step back and take a look at the big picture. Trying to live here costs more than in some big cities across the country. Jobs here pay a l...ittle over minimum wage, so the math just doesn't balance out! The roads are in terrible shape and the city itself uses temp employees rather than hire permanent people and truly help. They have truly lost focus on working with the people of Roswell and are only looking to grow the Lodgers Tax coffer and their personal wallets. We have only seasonal activities and everytime someone wants to do something that might create new jobs and give the residents something to do, our illustrious City Council shoots it down because it doesn't fit their image of a retirement village! The only thing to do here is to go to a movie, no wonder our crime rate is astronomical, there is absolutely nothing else to do in this town! Sad to say, but as much as I do love Roswell, there is a definite lack of care or concern by our city government. All the new people they have brought in aren't doing much when it comes to the citizens either.
I am not trying to bash or insult, I only want someone to see that Roswell does have potential. I just don't think those who are within our current City Government truly understand what they should be doing. I hope that one day the City of Roswell will open their eyes and realize that growth means more than building a new building or adding new city taxes. Consider the people who live and work here and what the needs of the residents are!
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Ash Taylor
· March 30, 2018
Just got our water bill for two months February and March. Because the city does whatever the hell they want. We were told February was a short month so everybody is getting double billed. What are we... supposed to do? Not pay it? I'm glad we were fortunate enough to have the funds to pay the entire balance, but not everyone does. We were also told the city was a month behind. How is this acceptable when we are fined late fees for being behind?? Can you say "Monopoly?" the city needs to get priorities straight. See More
Denise West Byrd
· September 23, 2017
I am concerned with the way the South Park Cemetery is looking. I have lived in Roswell but am currently not. I have been trying to put our flowers on relatives graves out there and a big percentage... of the grass is over grown, the grass is dry. I have stopped by the office twice now making a complaint. I understand they are short employees, and now there is a problem with the irrigation system. The roads around the place are full of potholes. I just can't understand why this has been let get into such a poor state. It's always been so beautiful out there! Just so sad! I think the ones buried out there deserve more respect.... See More
Rhonda Borque Johnson
· March 12, 2018
Proud to live in this community with some amazing people and many willing to serve in government, in organizations, in any way to move our City forward!
Susan Schneider
· October 19, 2017
When are our Elected Officials going to bring JOBS to this City? I'm not talking about Part Time Jobs either. With the unemployment rate in Roswell at 7.9% I would say they are not doing their Jobs. G...uess it's time to elect new People to those Positions. See More
Clayton Hightower
· March 2, 2018
Great town. Keep moving forward. I love the progress and the mix of people in Roswell. Thank you to all our public servants.
Alice Shaffer
· June 2, 2017
I think it is a shame that the parks and rec department ignore the dog park. It has a pond of standing water on the east side of the large dog park side from over watering that is a breeding ground fo...r mosquito and ticks. This pond means larger dogs owners have to use the small dog side of the park or not go to the park at all.
I have dealt with Jim Buress on several occasions about dog park concerns for two years or more. He is all talk and no action. Other people at the park won't contact him with concerns because as they say He won't do anything...Sadly that is true.
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Danny Popi Baker
· August 26, 2017
Reward. Stolen items of my Murdered son, Please help find this person. He is a white male, about 200 pounds, who appears to have a long straight ponytail that goes down the middle of his back. We spen...t the night at a hotel on the way home and this dirt bag stole our belongings. Please look at the attached photos. There can't be that many white males with a long ponytail in Roswell. He was driving a older red 4 door Buick LaSabre. On the early morning hours of this last Monday about 2:45 a.m. he stole a carrying REESE storage bag and yellow tie down straps from my vehicle in the parking lot of the Baymont Inn at 2300 N. Main St. Roswell. This bag/carrier was tightly secured to the roof of my vehicle with heavy duty tow ratchet straps. He also took the bag (REESE) and straps. These was jewelry, cooking items, computer components, and totes with very important and sentimental papers in it. Birth certificates, death records, baby pictures, crime scene documents and photos. My oldest son was murdered and all the documents were in a tote in the roof bag. There was a Roswell police report made. Please call the police or the manager at the hotel, 575-208-0536 or come to the Baymont Inn for the reward. See More
Daniel Cederberg
· July 26, 2017
I have been here for 2 years and found this place to be inviting. I do se problems with division between the rich and poor. The town is split by 2nd st. I am working hard to change that.
Roger Cochran
· March 2, 2017
As an out of towner I spent 4 days in Roswell. I thought all the people I met were THE nicest I have met on my many road trips. I read the comments on here and could say many of the same things about hometown. Maybe it takes an outsider to see what a real treasure of a city you have there. im back in Illinois today and already miss your city. I hope to someday revisit and meet even more of your great folks. Thanks for having me. See More
Juli Adcock
· January 15, 2016
During winter storm Goliath which would have stressed the resources of even large cities such as NY or Chicago, the City of Roswell improvised, adapted and overcame challenges to ensure that critical ...needs were met and that services were restored as soon as practicable without risking unnecessarily their employees lives. While every disaster response can be improved, this unprecedented storm for a desert town brought out the best in the city for the citizens to see. Well done, Roswell! See More
Vanessa Vargas
· March 26, 2017
I went to the Cannaville thing at the Roswell Convention & Civic Center. It was okay. The caucasian lady and caucasian guy up at the front desk were very rude and weren't helpful they just sat there. ...If they don't like there job. They should look for employment else where. Duh, you all work with the public. Other then that the place is clean and smells great. Should I go to city hall and complain about this matter. See More
Frank Coombes
· September 12, 2017
Thank you city of Roswell it now cost 1045 dollars to be buried in our veterans cemetery we need new officials in city government
Nicole Washington
· June 23, 2017
This place is a cesspool filled with racist AND ignorant people. It's dry and dusty and it made me extremely sad visiting my family there because of the feels like the Deep South a...nd not AT ALL like the land of enchantment. Stay AWAY See More
Mike Fine
· January 2, 2016
Not prepared for anything. They knew this snow was coming and did nothing. Two weeks later we are still driving on snow covered roads. The trash is pilling up in the alleys and even the main roads are... not cleared correctly See More
Mouseo Saurus
· May 7, 2017
Just love Roswell and the wonderful people here! Everyone has been super nice and extremely helpful to people in need. Thank you Roswell for making me proud to be a citizen!
Rose Fridley
· September 29, 2016
But really could use some improvement in the way this town treats the lgbt community, cause we vote and pay taxes
Jacqee Bailey-Green
· December 13, 2016
Can't even get the cities website to except a letter from Me at all, there site says my application for comments was denied based on too many common threads???? I'm not ignorant here but seriously PLZ...Z someone explain stupid to me because apparently I'm oblivious See More
Billy Derm
· July 3, 2017
Joy Center, Best in the WEST Senior Circle, not far behind. Town Aliens amazing !
Dennis McConkey
· January 1, 2016
Still waiting, streets not being cleared. Maybe we need a new city manager and mayor, someone who is competent at their job in a crisis situation.
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While delays in the project to expand a section of North Union Avenue from two lanes to four lanes mean the road construction will continue for a while, the intersection at North Union/Montana Avenue and West Country Club Road will reopen to traffic beginning Monday (April 23).
The intersection will have one lane open in each direction, so traffic will be able to proceed east and west on Country Club and north on Montana. Traffic will also be allowed to head south on Union the intersection, but residents of the area, as well as other motorists, should be aware a section of Union – between Sorrento Drive and Karabella Way – will remain closed a short distance south of the intersection.
Access to Sorrento will be available by heading south on Union from the intersection with Country Club. To reach Karabella, motorists will have to get to Union from West 19th Street or Brazos Street and go north to Karabella. These access points will remain in effect for about four weeks while the next phase of the project takes place.
The project is expanding North Union between West 19th and West Country Club. In addition to adding another traffic lane on each the northbound and southbound sides of that section of North Union, the project will install curb and gutter, sidewalks, and a landscaped water detention pond.

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