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Sharmaine Walker
· July 23, 2017
I had a scholarship from Harvard for a free 1 year membership.whenit expired I went it to get a. Membership on my own, only to be told that I owed $50.00.I have been there several times and have even ...left messages for the Director but got no answer. I do not Owe them nothing.After cancelling my membership for a year they continued to take money from my account and is still saying I owed them. I need to use the pool and the sauna but can't because no body wants. To take the time out to tell me how comes i owe this money. I live in Roxbury and cannot use the Y. My number is 617 435 8684.please help me to resolve this matter. I cannot work, getting disability and $50.00 means alot to me.
Thank you.
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Stacey Kershaw
· February 22, 2017
I have been going to the Y off and on now for about a year and I have never encountered a problem. I am always greeted warmly by the staff, that is, if they are not busy helping someone else. When I ...transferred my membership there from the Hyde Park Y (because this one is closer to my home), the staff was very helpful in letting me know about the services there. They made me feel welcomed and I was treated with respect. See More
Marie Vastie Romilus
· October 24, 2016
It was 7:30 on 10/24/16, I had a horrible day and while going home from work I really needed to use the restroom (Also I'm 7 months pregnant, I always need to use the restroom). I ask myself, hmm wher...e can I go that's clean? Driving down MLK Blvd and go yeah, YMCA should have a clean bathroom. I park my car, go in, two women of color sitting at the desk, one is helping someone, the other is talking to this male staff. The one talking to the other staff glares at me, I look at her back and say Restroom? she says "do you have a membership," I look at her back with my big belly clearly popping out, I say, "no I just really need to use the restroom really bad can I use it please?" "no you need a membership" she says. I look at her confused, "are you serious? I'm pregnant I can't just use the bathroom?" (maybe she just thought I was fat and had no excuse). "Popeyes across the street has restrooms" she says, (by the way you have to buy food at popeyes but they aren't being the bathroom police like YMCA Roxbury) Then the man chimes in, "yeah they can't just let anyone use the facilities." I didn't even bother arguing because I was disgusted by their lack of human decency. Even if I wasn't pregnant, your restrooms are right there, couldn't allow one helpless person to use it? did you think I was going to spread the word or something, "Hey everyone! free restroom at YMCA Roxbury!" Seriously?? Are you the bathroom police? Do you get paid extra everytime a member uses the bathroom? YMCA train your staff better please. See More
Sonja Bowden
· June 29, 2016
The pool is absolutely nasty. Water never gets changed, just chemicals added. It's salty and smells like old sweat. And that has been happening for about a year now. When confronting the director we just being told it's not in the budget..... Really?? I am sure the Brighton and Quincy YMCA is crystal clear! Ugh See More
Adrian Holmes
· October 15, 2015
The services that the Roxbury YMCA provide are unbelievable!!!! I've been to many fitness centers across the US but, the Roxbury YMCA has them beat...hands down!!! The staff is the heartbeat there and... they are awesome! They are professional, passionate, helpful and very friendly!!! Im totally satisfied with everything and they have just gained a lifelong member. See More
Donna Taylor
· April 13, 2017
The Roxbury YMCA has a lot of fun things going on there. I've attend a lot of events there with my grandson and friends.
Check it out you'll have a good time!
Chaya Narak
· November 18, 2016
Friendly front desk, new machines, free parking, pool was being clean when I was there , no funkie smell in cardio room.
Dudley Riley
· April 22, 2016
The staff treats me with respect, love them. The eqiupments are subperb, dont talk about the ladies, wow.
Elynor Walcott
· February 20, 2014
The Roxbury YMCA is my second home!!! I spend my time there exercising fifty two weeks per year and I am the better for it!! More important, I am grateful to GOD for the Roxbuy YMCA, staff and membe...rship. It is a blessing. See More
Lauren Thompson
· September 19, 2014
I absolutely LOVE the Roxbury Y! Whether its Nakia greeting you at the front desk, Katherine saying hello or Bruno working you in the pool, there is so much LOVE.
Henok Gizaw
· November 25, 2014
stargreat and help full staff specially lorenis liriand keep it up
Amarillys Torres
· February 15, 2014
Never been in a better place....
Meenal G Suleiman
· March 2, 2014
Marie Gerty Larose
· January 26, 2017
Senior soul train!
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