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Barbara Halecki Egger
· April 3, 2018
I bought counter stools here and loved them. Then I had an antique secretary desk refinished and repaired and it came out beautiful. Finally, I just got a kitchen table and chairs custom made and it... is perfect! Would recommend Royal Dinettes to eveyone. See More
Michelle Starsiak
· September 3, 2017
The reupolstery of my kitchen chairs was excellent! We were so please
eased with them and highly recommend thier service.
Maryann Chiappa Gwisdalla
· July 5, 2017
Richie was wonderful. He re-upholstered my two couches that were 35 years old and they look brand new.

Thank you Richie.

Maryann G
Karen French
June 4, 2013
Fantastic, quality craftsmanship! Check out pics of our chairs in process of being re-upholstered and the finished project (Beige chair). Love, Love, Love them! Thanks Rich!
Beverly Stein Eisenstadt
January 25, 2013
Great quality - great service!

Are you choosing upholstery for furniture that’s going to be placed in a high traffic area or one where your kids tend to hang out? The best upholstery fabrics for this type of environment include vinyl, microfiber, and polyester, as all are durable and easy to keep clean.

Do you know where the oldest bookcase in the world is located? If you said the Bodleian Library at the Oxford University, you’re right! The Bodleian Library is also one of the oldest libraries in Europe.


Did you realize that you can sometimes have the look of a natural fiber like wool with the price tag of a synthetic upholstery fabric? Blended fabrics incorporate natural and synthetic fibers. They offer an effective compromise that's cost-effective, attractive, and easier to care for, too.

Pop up, or butterfly, leaf tables make effective use of space, allowing you to expand or reduce table size as needed. Make sure there is enough room at either end for seating so guests can move about freely.

Should you select chairs based on comfort or style? Ideally it should be both, but if that is not possible, choose comfort for a high traffic table, and style for a table only used periodically.

When choosing an upholstery fabric, be sure to closely consider the furnishing’s frame. For instance, if the frame is traditional-looking, you’ll want to go with a more traditional fabric as well.

When it comes to total units sold in the United States, do you know how many chairs and tables are sold in an average year? Over 16.5 million chairs are sold and over 4.5 million tables are sold every year!

Wood furniture will expand and contract according to the humidity present in the air. If you use a dehumidifier, you may find that some of your furniture will loosen at the joints (the same thing may happen in winter when the air dries out). We can tighten the joints and repair fabric problems if needed.

When considering upholstery fabrics, it’s recommended that you pay careful attention to the tightness of the weave. Looser weaves are going to be much more vulnerable to tearing, fraying, and skewing.

The materials used play a role in how well a dining set will look in your home; mahogany and other dark woods have a formal profile, while pine, oak, and other lightly colored woods are less so.

If selecting chairs or stools for a breakfast bar or counter, measure its height from the floor to the underside of the counter. Then choose items that allow enough leg room for sitters.

When you hear the term 20th century furniture when you are discussing contemporary furniture, the following are styles recognized as a 20th century component: Polished glass, the inclusion of chrome or steel, and traditional wood. These three items are combined into simple and practical furniture.

Not sure whether to go with a rectangular or round dining room table? Round tables promote an easy flow of conversation, whereas rectangular tables are able to accommodate a lot of guests (particularly when extended via a leaf or two).

Choose designs and styles in dining furniture that match to your décor; rustic, urban, formal, and casual are some of the broader categories. Items reflecting period furniture designs (Colonial, French provincial, etc.) are also available.

If you decide to invest in a glass dining table, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to protect the glass from scratches. The only way to eliminate those scratches is to replace the glass altogether, which can end up being costly.

When it comes to upholstery, fire resistant foam will always be your best bet. This type of foam can significantly reduce the potential of the foam igniting from a cigarette, sparks from a fireplace, or a candle that tips over.