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Aimée Plante
· January 16, 2018
Ive never ever had to wait, i always go here to do my nails and they always do a great job. Yesterday i went in and showed a picture of what i wanted and granted the guy didnt do at all what i showed,... whatever he did was still good work. I went in today to get it fixed and they took me immediately. My nails will last week's until i decide to cut them off. I dont go anywhere else. I love that they always have movies playing ive personally wanted to just stay and hang out to finish the movie lol See More
Jesseca Avah
· November 9, 2017
I have given this place so many chances. When they opened I loved them. After they started rolling in the clients they have just gone downhill since. On a few occasions I've had people rushing my mani pedi so they can fit more people in. Makes it more anxious for me and not relaxing. Hit or miss if it's a good paint job or not. I stopped going here for a while. Have two friends that love them. Gave them a second chance. Got a gel manicure by one woman who was awesome. Haven't seen her since. Tried a different person last time. Gel wasn't very good and one of the other manicurists stood over me gossiping loudly with my person the entire manicure. Today I was in that area. Asked for a basic mani pedi with add on gel for the fingernails. So $35 mani pedi plus $10 charge for gel. Lady confirms while doing my mani pedi $35. Issue with the gel color so she brings me a different one. Fine. Close enough on color. Finishes the manicure. Gel is okay. A little think and not smooth. Go to pay and I'm told $60. Absolutely not. Head woman comes out and days I got the $35 pedicure plus $25 Gel manicure. Not what I asked for or agreed to. She says that song do add ons to the basic mani pedi even though that's what I get every time. Finally agrees to $50 saying gel is a $15 add on even though I was told $10 all the previous times. Most frustrating experience every time. They do have some very nice manicurists who do good work but the rest and the owners only care about fitting as many customers in and charging ridiculous amounts. Worst customer service ever. See More
Jazmine Casado
· December 30, 2017
Although it was a holiday weekend when I visited their establishment it was extremely busy, in fact it made me question whether their make-shift rooms and nail stations were even following code and ca...pacity regulations.

The owners are nice indeed however their staff is questionable in regards to professionalism and skill. The tech i had was rough and not only did he hurt me on multiple occasions he did a horrible job on my nails, even after i showed him a picture my nails look nothing like what i asked for. They are different shapes and are bubbly.

then he has the audacity to ask for a tip! � i will NEVER go to royal nails again!
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Robin May
· February 19, 2018
Went in for mani/pedi. Within 2 minutes tech was putting on base coat. I asked if she was going to trim cuticles, she did not speak English and spoke to co-worker next to her. Co-worker said “She said... she already did but can again if you don’t like it!” I told her no she didn’t, so she did but was obviously mad. Pedicure was all of 15 minutes, water was cold, nail polish selection was awful. I’ve been home an hour and nails are already chipping.
Bad experience :(
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Alyssa Lescarbeau
· March 2, 2018
Well I was going to come on here to write a review, but it looks like everyone else has already taken care of that for me… Lol not even going to waste my time. Ladies, do not give your money to this place!!!
Mariah Dodge
· February 1, 2018
I’m so frustrated with Royal nails because this has happened to me way to many times with this place. I gave them another shot this past weekend and 4 of my nails have already broken!!!! I already wen...t in to get the first one fixed when my thumb nail broke off for no reason at all 2 days ago and even after they fixed my nail it looks TERRIBLE. The lady literally put a dot of acrylic on the broken part and painted over it. If you look at my nail you can see the bubble on that corner that rises up way higher then the rest of my nail.
Then today 2 more corners of my nail just broke off while doing basic things through out my day, and when I called to ask them for a new set because I didn’t pay over $20 dollars for all my nails to break in 4 days she told me they wouldn’t give me a free set and that they can only fix 2 nails for free! EXCUSE ME but I’m absolutely floored at the fact that they didn’t jump and offer to fix my nails that I paid for clearly for them to just break on me.
The manager then states that sometimes nails get “weaker in the winter” � I’m sorry but that has NEVER once happened to me at any other nail salon ever and you shouldn’t be giving me excuses because YOUR nail technicians don’t know what they’re doing. All I wanted was to get what I paid for. Absolutely ridiculous and after I go there to get them fixed Iam NEVER going back to that place again. For nails or eye brows, absolutely not. They used to be a good place and now everyone I know says they absolutely suck and it’s 100% true.
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Nikkie Lynne Cormier
· September 16, 2017
Incredibly unimpressed, the nail tech was on her phone the entire time, stopping several times through my pedicure and manicure. I asked for my nails to be natural meaning round, and I have a point at... the top, my nails are crooked, and when I arrived home I found nail polish all over my toes! Never again, Cindy nails is much more professional! See More
Pamela Bohne Johnson
· March 3, 2018
Terrible experience all around yesterday! They cut my daughter every single time! Blamed it on her yesterday! And she got s and s gel and already chipping today! My nails looks terrible too! Won’t be ...going back! See More
John T Govoni Jr
· July 24, 2017
Well not being a nail expert the nail tech told me she was going to do gel cause it would last longer but 3 of gel nails have have fallen off already two within two days. Also on the toes some of the... polish wore of quickly on only half the nail. Not sure how long they are suppose to last but I'd like to think it's longer than two days to a week. Paid $45 plus tip and two days later she lost gel on get fingers not to happy about that. Suppose to last longer so I guess regular polish last one day then? See More
Kristin Lwowski
· October 7, 2017
Got my nails and feet done and I don't like them. Nails are too wide and they didn't listen to me about the color of my toes. Won't be going back
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