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Randie Flood
· January 30, 2018
Today the Royersford police were called out to a infant not breathing my son was able to perform CPR until the police arrived where they did their best. Unfortunately the baby passed but I want to tha...nk them for all there effort..My hearts go out to the family and every one involved... Royersford police truly make and keep this borough a great place to live and for our children to be safe. I sleep easy knowing that they are there watching keeping all of us safe. Knowing that there is someone to call if I don't have the answers they always do or care enough to make it right. Thank you again..💕💓💞 See More
Michael McMullan
· October 2, 2017
Officer Zechman
Badge #114
Royersford Police Department...

-----Original Message-----
From: Ann Rabuttinio
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2017 20:37:55 +0000
Subject: Thank you

Dear Officer Zechman,

Thank you for helping my grandson Mike, and remaining true to your word regarding waiving his citation with inspection of his car. Please continue to be who you are throughout the rest of your career as you are a breath of fresh air. The media needs to see more of this kind of behavior, an officer who is here to help and serve his community.

We really appreciate the phone call as well, that was above and beyond your call of duty. Can you imagine that a phone call is considered above and beyond, but in today’s world anyone that follows thru is someone, making a difference. I am also going to post my thank you on the face book page.

I also have a 12 year old grandson Jake, and we were in Kohls, and an officer was walking thru. Jake ran to catch up to him to shake his hand, and to thank him for serving. We don’t appreciate or give enough positive recognition to our police officers. It’s a shame because only the negative seems to make the news.

Please give our thanks to Officer O’Keefe as well who placed the paperwork in your mailbox.

We wish you much success in your career and will pray for your continual safety!

Kind regards,

Ann Rabuttinio
Executive Assistant to Axel Hoos, MD, PhD, SVP Oncology

I wanted to post this email in recognition of officer Zach Zechman. I really appreciated his kindness and professional help regarding on myself getting my annual vehicle inspection. Officer Zechman was very helpful and I wanted to share our thanks with the rest of the Royersford Borough Police Department. Myself and my family thank the men and women for your service to the community. God bless!!!
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Joey Messantonio
· July 23, 2017
Two officers from the department pounded on my door in the middle of the night looking for someone. After telling them they werent here i went to go back upstairs to lay down. They knocked again, pres...enting a different name they were looking for. Recognizing the name i asked the officer, officer smyte, to wait one minute while i check upstairs. He and his partner(unidentified) then force their way into my house, grabbing my arm and threatening to arrest me for "impeding their investigation" despite me stating over and over that they werw not permitted entry. They proceed to push me up my stairs and search through my house. I asked the officers to identify themselves and to provide me with their information. The one flat out refused to give me even his name and priceeded to laugh at me asking him for id and mocked me by asking for mine. The other gave me his last name and they left laughing at my requests like it was funny or a joke. Let me assure you that I am taking this very seriously and will be filing a report woth the department, the borough, and the aclu of pennsylvania for blatantly violating my civil rights. This is flat out unacceptable behavior by our local police and a severe overreach of their authority. They need to be reminded that they are paid by US and that they are here to protect and serve US!!! I will not tolerate this blatant abuse of authority from our officers. See More
Shannon Garguilo
· January 15, 2016
To the cop who cared:
My fiancé got in an accident this morning. (Intersection at the wawa next to kohls)
Once I got to the accident, the cop that was helping Danielle was so incredibly sweet. I wish... I would have asked for his name, because I still cannot get over how kind he was. He was a Royersford police officer. He constantly reassured me that the accident might only be a flat tire and not to worry. He kept my hopes high and Danielle calm. For this, I'm so thankful.
Unfortunately the cop that followed this nice cop (who was from a different town) was not as nice. Although giving us less tickets "than he could have", he was quick to put blame on us and gave me an abundance of attitude.
To the cop that gave us reassurance, instead of dread, thank you, thank you! ♥
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Deanna Judge
· September 24, 2015
Royersford police department is amazing! What they do to help the people in this community is amazing!! They go above and beyond to protect us and help us!! Officer Fennelly is amazing and so understa...nding of things and does his best to help anyway he can!! Keep it officers. You guys are appreciated more than you think!!! You make me believe in officers again even after all the negative things other officers around the country do to give the police a bad name!! My faith has been restored!! Thank you for all you officers do!!! Stay safe out there!! See More
Darlene Chuck
· April 1, 2016
I lived in rofo since I was 9 years old, I've seen police officers come and go, the ones we have now are amazing,Keep up the good work and hopefully I'll be living here till I'm 99....Try to keep the ...drug dealers off walnut St. There's just to many kids around.... Thank you for your service......, See More
Susan Davis Arnett
· July 27, 2016
Thank you for the quick actions of the officer who saved a life Saturday! I'm not sure of the officers name but we are lucky to have him...I hope the guy that he saved is doing ok too...
Alicia Carey Buckley
· December 3, 2015
Are you guys aware of the young male who follows women with young children at the Target on Ridge Pike? A friend of mine posted about him lurking in Target yesterday. He apparently parks next to these... women, then follows them during their entire shopping trip. My friend made Target management aware after she left the store via a phone call , but you should be aware as well. See More
Donna Johnstone
· December 31, 2014
I'm thankful for our Royersford police force. In my home and in my hometown I feel safe and protected. I appreciate that our Officers put up with a lot and do so with respect. I worry about their with all the craziness. I'm keeping them in my prayers this year and I hope you will too. See More
Tyler Mohn
· January 24, 2016
Who does the shoveing of the bridge sidewalks can't even walk on them so we have to walk on the street an thats not safe at all somebody can get hit by a car
Debra Brunner Swist
· October 26, 2015
I want to thank the policeman who came out Sunday to help me when I locked my keys in my car. He was so kind .thanks again for your help and your kind words!!
Anjelica Jenkins
· February 4, 2017
I want to thank Officer Taylor for his help today. I was involved in a car accident. Officer Taylor was very kind, professional and helpful. Thank you!
Jeffrey White
· November 6, 2017
Patrick Nelson
· May 9, 2015
Thank you for taking such good care of us up at The Nelsons Ice Cream Store
Patricia VanHorn
· July 5, 2015
They are very thoughtful group of people. They did alot for my family
The Ringling Brothers/Barnum Bailey train came through Royersford this afternoon. This will be the last time this will happen.

We are currently accepting applications for the position of Crossing Guard. Must be available in both the AM and PM and must be able to pass a PA State police background check and obtain PA Child clearances. Please apply in person to the Police Department at the rear of Borough Hall, 300 Main Street. Must be dependable and willing to work in all types of weather.

Image may contain: outdoor

You can even bring TVs and computer screens.

Blogger's Note: The following was provided by Green Allies . The GreenAllies organization, managers of the Althouse Arboretum in Upper Po...

Please do not call our station if you need police response of any kind. You can call 9-1-1 for any police calls for service. You can also call 610-948-3333. Below is a description of the Montgomery County 9-1-1 system from Montgomery County's website. You may still call the station for administrative tasks, such as to speak with the Chief or an Officer regarding a previously reported issue, or to obtain incident or accident reports, or to schedule a vacation check. Thank you....

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Royersford Police Association added 2 new photos.

Psst... Its Fastnacht Day!
Officer's Delligatti and Oberholtzer are here, enjoying some wonderful treats from Suzy-Jo Donuts.

Sat 10:00 AM EDTVictory Park, 2nd Ave, Royersford, PA 19468
202 people interested

Willies keeps our fleet up and running and provides expert and excellent customer service. Glad to have you in the borough.

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, car and outdoor
Willie's Auto and Truck Repair

The Willies Crew....... celebrating our 40th year in business for 2018. Going on Seven Years in the heart of the downtown area of Royersford.

From the left side: Billy, Dustin, Drew, & Branden.

Sad how many Officers we have lost already in 2018

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Humanizing the Badge

The number one question we get after a line of duty death is this:

“When will it stop?”

The truth? It won’t.


That’s what is so remarkable about what our men and women in law enforcement do. It’s that between the easier calls and the hard calls, they know that either one of them can go south quicker than their response time.

Cops die. They die heroically doing something a lot of people don’t have the gumption to fathom. They do it willingly, without hesitation, without delay.

And even when the moment comes to lay down their life, they do it as selflessly as the day they took an oath to protect and serve their communities.

So, no. It won’t stop. Evil will always try to rise. Every day, it’s knocking on our doors and lurking around the corners.

But the good news?

There are men and women waiting to rise up and meet it.

And they will rise every...single....time.

- Elizabeth

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UPDATE UPDATE!! School now closed!

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Spring-Ford Area School District

UPDATED AT 7:16 A.M.: Due to unsafe road conditions, the Spring-Ford Area School District will be closed today, Monday, February 5, 2018. All district buildings will be closed. All after-school activities will be canceled or postponed.

Contact the PD if you have any info. Thank you

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Image may contain: car, tree and outdoor
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Image may contain: car, night and outdoor
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Carl Walters added 5 new photos.

Requesting your assistance in locating the vehicle who hit our car on the corner of 9th and Walnut Street in Royersford. Happened between 12A and 530A. Struckin...g vehicle should have major damage to the front drivers side. Possibly a white vehicle. If you know of any vehicles in your neighborhood with recent front end damage please contact the Royersford Borough Police Department.

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Spring City Police Department added 3 new photos.

SCPD is investigating an incident where two subjects entered the Turkey Hill Convenience Store at Main and Bridge St.
The subjects distracted the clerk and inst...alled the clandestine device.
This occurred 8:22 pm and was discovered at 9:32 pm. February 1,2018.
It is believed that the device is a reader and storage device and the unit was disabled and removed prior to anyone’s accounts being compromised. Anyone that used the credit card reader at Turkey Hill are encouraged to check your accounts to ensure that they weren’t compromised.
SCPD Will be working with Lower Pottsgrove Police and Limerick Police as those agencies had similar incidents involving what is believed to be the same suspects.

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Limerick Township Police Department added 5 new photos.

February 1, 2018

Police Seeking Info, Release Video Surveillance

Chief Michael Foltz of Lower Pottsgrove Township Police Department and Chief R. Brian Skelton of Limerick Township Police Department announce a joint investigation into crimes involving the placement of skimming devices on ATM machines and card skimmers inside local stores.
For several months, the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department has been investigating the placement of credit card/debit card skimming devices at various locations throughout Lower Pottsgrove Township. The placement of these skimming devices has resulted in multiple victims that have had their debit card information compromised and subsequently used by the actors. Recently, the crimes have expanded into Limerick Township.
On January 30, 2018, the Lower Pottsgrove Police were notified of a skimming device that was discovered on a point of sale terminal at the Aldi Grocery Store located at 297 Armand Hammer Boulevard, Lower Pottsgrove Township. The device was removed by police. An alert was made to other Aldi stores. Subsequently, the Aldi Store at West Ridge Pike and Township Line Road in Limerick Township located a similar devise and immediately notified Limerick Township Police. Lower Pottsgrove Police and Limerick Township Police are working in cooperation with the security teams of the various stores.
At this time, the actors from this matter have not been identified and are believed to be part of criminal enterprise that is operating in the greater Philadelphia area. The group is responsible for placing skimming devices on local ATMs and using the compromised debit card information.
In the most recent event, police have located video surveillance footage from the ALDI store in Lower Pottsgrove that identifies two males who are persons of interest in the investigation. Any individual with information about these two actors, other possible perpetrators or suspicious activity at other ATM locations is asked to contact the Lower Pottsgrove Police Department at 610-326-1508 or the Limerick Township Police Department at 610-495-7909.
Lower Pottsgrove Township Police and Limerick Township Police are actively educating their local merchants on ways to prevent or identify this type of crime. Police are informing consumers with the following precautions:
• When using your credit cards and debit cards, refrain from using ATMs in unsecure locations, which have an easier potential of being compromised.
• Users should inspect the terminal prior to use. If the terminal appears different than other terminals or tampered with, refrain from using that terminal.
• Police also suggest using chip readers rather than the magnetic strip readers where possible. This method is less likely to result in a compromise of your credit card.

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Royersford Fire Department

Dinner is now being served in the Friendship Hall every 1st Friday of the month from 5 - 9. Dinners will be prepared by Anthony from the Main Street Cafe. The will be open for drinks as well. The hall is located at 269 Green St. Royersford, Pa. Parking is in the rear of the fire dept. Come enjoy a great meal.

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A little Friday entertainment for you. Not to many loose horses in Royersford.

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Pasco Sheriff's Office

On 1/24 shortly before 8am one of our deputies saw this beautiful horse running north on US 19 in the Hudson area. Our deputy called in the Ag Unit and backup "...We're travelling at one horse power..."
They successfully corralled the horse into safety by directing it to take a left on Rainbow Oaks Dr. and into a subdivision along Emerald Ridge Dr. -away from the dangers of the rushing traffic. Eventually our deputies were able to stop the horse and bring it into safety. The horse was uninjured, the owners were located, and the horse was reunited with them.

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