Rudaw delivers current news from the Middle East to a global audience through its award-winning platforms.
Rudaw is a media company based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan's capital. It currently publishes several newspapers including Rudaw weekly, Le Monde Diplomatique in Kurdish and Rudaw Sports.
WWW.RUDAW.NET is a multilingual news website focusing primarily on Kurds and Kurdistan. Rudaw English ( has fast become a leading source of news on Kurds with thousands of daily hits on its pa...ges from all around the world.
Rudaw puts its readers first by providing them with true information about what is happening in Kurdistan, Iraq, the region and beyond.
Its aim is not to tell people what to believe, but to allow them to make informed choices through access to unbiased information.
Rudaw English, in partnership with other media outlets published by the Rudaw Media Company, has correspondents in most of the cities of Kurdistan, Iraq, and in many neighboring and Western countries.
If you want to stay informed on developments regarding Kurds and the wider region, then Rudaw is for you.
Rudaw is pleased to announce that it is ready to offer assistance to scholars and researchers who work on issues related to Kurds and Iraq. It also offers internships to qualified people from inside and outside Kurdistan. By interning with Rudaw, you will get the chance to witness from up close the reality of Kurdistan Region and Iraq and get to interact with the local citizens and officials. Rudaw provides accommodation for interns as well.
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