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Mauricio Armellini and Tim Pike explore the potential consquences of artificial intelligence on the economy.
The financial and career limitations young people face sit alongside the way their parents raised them to “do what makes you happy”.
Big data could soon allow us to shape public policy, healthcare and education to suit our personal needs. But are we willing to sacrifice our privacy for products and services that are more relevant to us?
Global and regional institutions, such as the U.N. Security Council or the EU, are widely criticized for their shortcomings. Yet it’s terrifying to imagine what the world would look like without them.
With more people in their 60s and 70s getting hired than ever before, it seems middle age no longer spells the sunset of your professional life.
The world of work is changing, but education and training systems are not keeping pace. A new report charts how to prepare for the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution.
Will Budget 2017 provide answers to the most important question facing India's economy... For the most comprehensive coverage visit:
India in 2017: A graveyard of jobs? - India may soon lose its lure as a leading global market as unemployment spreads
Rise of the Robots underlines that we have to rethink the assumption that education and reskilling on the job will lead to better prospects.
Maths ability will get you furthest, says Harvard's Davis Deming. As long as you've got the social skills to go with it.