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My apologies, Our page will be off line for a couple days. God Bless and see you in a few days.

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Happy Monday 😊
Another beautiful gift from above. A new week, a new day! Make it a good day, because no matter your troubles, focus on him, give thanks for what you have and let him lift you up and let him lead. Have faith in your Father above, he will give you what you need, he will comfort you.
It's 5:50 am 39° with rain in the forecast with a high of 69° may you have a wonderful day.

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It's time for fellowship, come join us today!!
Sunday School 9:30
Church Service 10:30
Come to both services or just church Service.
Hope to see you there😊


Its 30° Overcast, high today near 50°
Everyone is welcome, doesn't matter who you are or what you wear.
Jesus died for us all. He loves us all. Have a good day and be kind to all you meet.

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It's Saturday Feb. 17th
Temp. 30° high today 40° chance of rain/snow showers
Even when you are weary, whether you've done something that's caused it or life circumstances has caused it. Just remember to call out to Jesus, refocus on him. He will always be there for you to guide you, to comfort you, give you strength and wisdom. 24/7 he's there. No matter the situation. We turn away at times, but we should always be looking upward and forward. Jesus died for you, he died for m...e. He died for all of us. So take time today, in a quiet place and have a conversation with the one who died for you. JESUS
He's Amazing. He's Waiting.
Sunday School 9:30
Church Service 10:30

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Hello Friday, it's 39° light rain, high today 43. Please take time to give thanks, pray for those who are struggling. Pray for those in Parkland Florida. We cannot imagine what they are going through. May God bless you and have a great day.

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Good Good Morning 😃
What a Beautiful Day!!
It is 55° out and feels 55° our high today should reach near 65° 80% chance of rain ☔️
Take time to think about things you are thankful for. We need to remember to be thankful! Your coffee ☕️ your car 🚗 your food 🥘 your job
Your dirty dishes even, they wouldn't be dirty if you didn't have food, all things great and small. God Bless and make your day a good one!

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Today is February 14, 2018
Today is Ash Wednesday!!!
Lent begins this week.
It's 39° Feels 33° high near
May you have a wonderful and prosperous day. God bless.

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This Sunday 2/18
Sunday School : Faithful Disciples

Good morning, it's Tuesday!!
2/13/18 temperature is 21°feel 11°high near 46°
Don't forget to give thanks to the Lord above that you woke up today. Be thankful for the small things. Have a wonderful day. Make it great.

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Good morning, due to possible freezing rain, and some that are under weather. Rugby Chapel will not have church services today.
Take time this morning to give Thanks 🙏🏻 also pray for those who are ill.
This weeks lesson let your words reflect and honor God. Scripture James 3:1-12
A disciplined faith
Take time today to complement others and they should be sincere compliments. ...
The power of the tongue, that small little part can get us into trouble, or it can be a great instrument to bless others.
Speak love, speak life and lift others up. May you have a blessed day. Stay warm.

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It may be gray skies and chilly out. But when you have Jesus you always have sunshine ☀️ in your heart.
When you don't know what to do or feeling down, just call out to Jesus. Just say I need you, he always wants you to lean on him and always is listening. Have a wonderful weekend.
It's 32° out cloudy w/some drizzle feels 26° high 36°
Sunday School: 9:30am
Church Service: 10:30am

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I (Jesus) am above all things;
Your problems, your pain, and the swirling events in this ever-changing world. When you behold My Face,
You arise above circumstances and rest with Me and heavenly realms. This is the way of peace, living in the light of My Presence. I guarantee that you will always have problems in life, but they must not become your focus. When you feel yourself sinking in the sea of circumstances, say, "Help me Jesus!" and I will draw you back to me. Even if... you have to say that thousands of times daily, don't be discouraged. I know your weakness, and I met you in that very place.
Ephesians 2:6
Matthew 14:28-32
Isaiah 42:3. Excerpt from:
Jesus Calling

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It's Friday - Feb. 9th What a beautiful day it's going to be.
It's 30° out feels 21° high today reaching 51°
Stop and think of the things you are thankful for.
We have many blessings in disguise. So slow down a bit and be thankful for all you have. Make you day s great one

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It's Wonderful Wednesday!!!
It's 23° with light snow feels
12° reaching approx. 31°
Please be careful roads are slick. Many schools have been canceled. Stay in if you can and stay warm. God bless you, have a wonderful day.

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It's Tuesday Feb.6th
25° out Feels 19° high today 33°. Don't forget to write down three things you're thankful for each day.
God bless you, stay warm and stay focused on Jesus. Everything else will fall into place.

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