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Mark Steepe
· November 21, 2017
Fabulous location, best accommodations ever, loved golf courses, thought Legend's renovation was great..... really need to work on food and beverage service maybe more staff? Kitchen 1/2 a football f...ield away from bar and same service person is torn 2 different directions all the time..... need a drink please..... go 1 way..... need food please... they have to go completely the other way= SLOW... remedy ..1 food server and 1 bar server per table at least at the beginning of new customers arriving... just a suggestion from a 45 yr. hospitality vet.
Happy thanksgiving
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Lisa Mabe Charles
· August 22, 2017
Wr arrived on Friday night shortly before midnight. It was hard for us to find our condo in the dark when we finally did we found out that the condo that was to sleep all of us which was a party of... 10 it was not. The condo was to have queen size bed which they didn't look that size and there was not a sleeper sofa. We were told the owners changed the couch and didnt notify the desk but I noticed the pictures online showed the same couch and it listed the condo was to accommodate 6 not 10. We called security for help with this situation....yes security....not hospitality cause guess what sercurty were the only ones there. They came and said they could put us in another condo which he allowed us to check out. Which technically was set up for 10 people but we made it work. The next morning when we went to the front desk about us having to move to another place so they would know they informed us we had to move. So in less that 10 hours we have been in 3 different condos. We were moved into a condo that had 4 full size beds...we were told queen but the website says full and we thought so too. Because we were told on short notice while we were trying to get to event we came for we quickly threw our items together and dropped them off at the 3rd house. We stayed away from the condo during the day and then yet again we had to call sercurty about an issue. We didn't have enough towels for our group and one of the rooms didn't have a vent for ac to come in so it was hotter that room than outside. We asked security for more towels and to bring a fan. It was almost 1 hour later. Yes security doing the job of hospitality. We were given a 75 $ certificate for our inconvenience but really it was to cover the additional charge for a more expensive condo. The sheet that was given for the air mattress had a stain and the extra blankets had holes. In all three of the condo light switches we're not connected to lights so if you came in the dark in the bedrooms you had to search for a lamp in the dark. The 3rd condo had holes in the walls that were patched but not painted. We enjoyed the pool and the boat ride the only problem with he pool was bring your own lazy river float I have never seen that before you could at least provide the lazy river float. I do think the bartenders need to know when to cut some off cause we had a man that clearly had too much to drink try to hug on someone in our group and you could not understand a word he was saying. All I can say is if it was not for security fixing our problems this review would have been a -0 See More
Pam Hamberger Sarris
· October 14, 2017
Aside from Google maps taking me so far off course that I felt like I was in 'Deer Hunter', it was a wonderful experience. Staff was friendly, security was great. We stayed at Apple Way. Relaxing as I... had hoped it would be! Nice touch was we got to see a beautiful wedding couple posing for pictures on our own anniversary. Gorgeous couple wish them well. See More
Don King
· February 3, 2018
After a rocky start to the Thursday night Oyster feast, they really have this under control! Sydney did a great job keeping our oyster orders filled this week!
Pamela Spittle Sterling
· August 20, 2017
We stayed in one of the Trout Stream Villas and we loved it. We felt like we were at home. Our 17 month old could go in and out of the screened in porch and she loved it. Food at Legends on the Lake amazing! All staff helped us any way they could! Very friendlu place! Defiantly will be back! See More
Andrella Hardin Carlton
· July 19, 2017
Enjoyed our stay! The kids did not want to leave. It is some of the best views around. We brought a huge cooler of food to the beach but someone appeared to take our order when we sat down. 😃 The pool... area was nice. The ice cream man doubles as a bartender right there in the ice cream shop 😜
All staff was very friendly. I hate we missed the Smores on the beach Saturday evening.
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Kathleen Tulloss
· June 16, 2017
We stayed at Rambling Bald resort from Sat-Sat. We are loving this place! The Wellness Center has a media center where I printed my Reds tickets for our trip home. My kids loved the dozens of new re...leases we rented for movie nights in our townhouse. The Wellness Center also has an outdoor lap pool, lazy river and spray park, bike and tennis racquet rental, giant chess, checkers, jenga, four score and horse shoes outside along side corn hole games. We had a ball at the Pool Party Thursday night with silly races and great prizes for all of us! There are basketball and tennis courts, an 18 hole Put Put Golf course that we played 3-4 times! The resort has full golf courses and carts for reservations, work out and scenic hiking trails, a full gym, cardio equipment, a yoga studio (evening Yoga!) and a full spa. The Legends restaurant has lake view dining deck and healthy, affordable prices for our family of 6. The pizza was a favorite! It has theater recliners and mega screen tv area where we watched the Stanley Cup final game and it has 3 new pool tables, dart area and an arcade. Boat tours and rentals, kayak and peddle boat rentals and drinks, cocktails and ice cream are available in the Beach Cabana below. We have a Fox Run 2 bedroom, 2 full bathroom townhouse with a full kitchen, laundry units, living room (sleeper sofa), dining room, fireplace, foyer, 3 decks, outdoor secure storage, parking, barbeque grill and common picnic and grilling areas. There are flat screen TV's in every room. The DVD and VCR unit was a favorite for movie nights. The stereo gave us a great dance party one night.
Our family has had a busy, fun, relaxing and memorable week here. We are already planning our next visit! Our kids are 11, 9, 7 and 4.
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Christina Moore
· June 21, 2017
People were polite, room was ok. However the fridge had stopped working and our stuff had to be thrown out, the a.c. unit was way on the other side of the room, and it had to be set to 72, and it wou...ldn't blow too good because it kept cutting off and if we set the fan, the temp would rise on the fan from 72 to up in the 80's, and it was hot we had to go to dollar general and buy a fan!!! Other than that it was ok
They say local attractions were over a hr away from the resort... and the Wi-Fi code they gave us we. Could never pick up. Very weak like really ����
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Luanne Wolff
· July 18, 2017
We have been coming here for 10 years, yes, a little outdated, but the scenery and laid back attitude is what we crave.....a tad disappointed this year with "charging" for beach chairs and no longer a...llowing the Lions Club to host Bingo on Monday nights.... not so much because of the bingo itself, but the money taken in used throughout the community. This is a mountain resort, not by the ocean or in a City. For what it costs, it really is a slice if heaven.... See More
Marnie Williams Rusnak
· January 30, 2018
Beautiful destination , great indoor pool and hot tub. Great place for a relaxing vacation.
Linda-Buddy Holeman
· August 21, 2017
Everything was great @ the Rumbling Bald Resort. Had a wonderful studio apartment. All the amenities were great. loved the Applewood golf course. The food @ the Pinnacle, Bears Den and Luna de sol was... great as well as the service. And such a fun after party. See More
Amy Smoak Roberts
· June 6, 2017
My family fell in love with Rumbling Bald Resort! We stayed at Barefoot Lodge about four minutes up the mountain. Anyway, the staff was very pleasant and helpful! We had access to all the resort ameni...ties....three pools, a lazy river, hot tub, private beach, corn hole, basketball, a gym, kayaking, and more. They even had putt-putt and you could play two games for only $5. And one night they even set up fire barrels on the beach and provided all the fixings for their guests to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. It was a great experience and our family is already looking forward to our next visit! See More
Brandon Lee Conner
· August 9, 2017
Watch out for Jan Fisher, a property manager of homes in one of the Rumbling Bald developments. She rented us a "condo," told us it would be professionally cleaned before we moved in, and it wasn't. W...hen we told her about it she came to look and said She'd send the cleaning lady back because she is proud of her work. Never heard from her. There was mold all in the house, leaks she had covered up so we wouldn't notice (until I got sick), roaches and rats' nest in kitchen cabinets, molded rats that had been stuck on traps for who knows how long, and appliances messed up that she wouldn't fix. She gave keys to our house to "maintenance men" dressed like random guys off the street and told them to just go in if we didn't come to the door (he told us that and said he wouldn't do anything like that). She wasted A LOT of our time and money and still made us pay another months rent before she would sign paperwork for us to buy a house and get out. She wouldn't give us the homeowners phone number so we could let him know how she was neglecting us and letting his house ruin. We felt discriminated against because we are a young couple. She knows what she did; we signed a 12 month lease and she let us out after 2 months without any problems, only after threatening with a law suit. I would have posted sooner but wanted AT LEAST my deposit and mortgage paperwork beforehand. I am hoping to save someone else from having to clean others' filth, rat feces and nests, chewed dog bones, and trash in holes of the furniture in homes she manages. All while having to pay rent. The home owner is Jan Kuchnik, if anyone knows him and would like to make him aware. We tried. Pictures in comments. See More
Dana Spurlin Pinnix
· May 29, 2017
Talk about finding a hidden treasure! My family loves this small slice of Heaven and we have already been twice in 2 months since learning about it. The Legends on the Lake restaurant has pretty taste...less food, unfortunately, and the service is less than decent. Many of the staff just aren't very friendly. That's probably the only complaint we have. We have taken the scenic cruise, rented kayaks, ridden horses and gone up in a hot air balloon over the beautiful Asheville mountains. We will be back as often as possible! See More
Anna Mobley
· August 11, 2017
Love this place. Bartender- Tabby is the nicest bartender I've ever met- go see her at legends! And relax in the trout stream lazy river, enjoy beautiful lake lure. Stay at Casa DiBello! Beautiful on Youngs mountain See More
Annie Hennessy Scheuerlein
· February 10, 2018
Inaugural night at the gardens was great!! Food was really good! Kudos to Adam and staff
Lisa Balmer Manley
· June 7, 2017
My family stayed there recently and loved it. We stayed in a condo on the apple valley golf course. There was access to the pool there and I used the cart paths for a daily run.
The resort itself also nice and had a lot to offer. We really enjoyed the buffalo trail. I even took my daughters for a run out there. The guided pontoon ride was also very good.
We enjoyed everything there, the beach, the pool, kayaks, etc.
just don't let Siri get you there. Haha
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Stacie Winnett Tinucci
· September 3, 2017
We love coming to this resort. Everything was great except. . . Restaurant service was horrible! Empty drinks and long wait for appetizer and food. No one checked on us.
Michele Graham Driver
· December 27, 2017
Everything about our stay here was 5 stars!! Our condo rental, the staff, spa, facilities, food, location... we WILL b back!!!
Susan Doll
· June 2, 2017
So, so many horrible experiences, and I have a lot more pictures to show the extreme piss poor condition of a "resort"!!! Extremely, understatement, rude stuff, no cosmos service whatsoever you don't... even get a hello or how are you, not to mention the extreme inconsistencies of the majority of the staff, I can't tell somebody one day you have to do this in the next day they totally contradict myself! The Jim is so outdated, the majority of the machines which I will post, anything with metal on it is extremely rusty not a little bit but complete rust looks like it's been there for a long time, extremely unclean, unsanitary, just all-around and complete other disgustingly shape, I mean come on you can replace two basketball nets! Was talking to another lady and she said she took over 20 pictures and I've talk to other people and they said put it online and that will check them up! Everyone told me to speak to James came and they gave me his phone number I called three times left my phone number twice on each voicemail the time and the date after three times of him and neglecting to call me back I talk to a girl named Jesse and he was very nice and heard my half hour of bad experiences, then I called back the next day because I had several other about experiences I called at 12:30 asked her if she was busy because if I take about another half hour she said no no I'm not busy I will call you back I have a meeting I Astor she was busy she said no now all the sudden she has a meeting it's three going on 330 and she's yet to call me back, I don't understand that how they can call this place a resort maybe to golf courses are nice and manicure so why can't they put in effort to rectify the condition of the wellness center and the basketball nets, and so on and so on! I could go on and on and on but this is caused me so much stress! Yelp See More
You are Here.
West Virginia University Women's Rowing Team this morning at Rumbling Bald Resort on Lake Lure. #HailWV
Spencer and Haley - Highlight Film

If you have not been to the new Pinnacle Southern Kitchen at the Apple Valley golf course, here are some of the "Handheld" options waiting for you.

Mountainous Pinnacle Po' Boy - 13
Giant ½ pound fried catfish, lettuce, tomato, house made remoulade, on a fresh amoroso Roll.


Mile High Burger - 13
House ground beef patty, brisket. Your choice of BBQ, gouda, house pickled onions, slaw on Brioche.

The Classic Burger - 8
House ground beef patty, lettuce and tomato.

Cubano Burger - 14
House ground beef patty, pulled pork, ham, pickle, Swiss, mustard on Brioche.

Apple Valley Tacos - 10
Your choice of meat (Chicken, Pulled Pork or Brisket), house made pico, feta, and fresh cilantro. Served with house pickled jalapeños and a lime wedge.

N.C. Catfish Tacos - 11
Fried N.C. Catfish topped with slaw, chipotle lime sour cream, house pickled jalapeños and a lime wedge.

Fried Bologna Sandwich - 8
Hot mustard, melted American, crunchy potato chips on white bread.

Grilled Chicken Caprese Hoagie - 10
Grilled chicken, fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, balsamic reduction on a fresh amoroso roll.

BBQ Sandwiches - House smoked meats topped with slaw (Brioche, Toast) with one side.
• Pulled Pork - 9
• Brisket - 10
• Smoked Turkey - 9
• Fried Bologna - 8
• Smoked Sausage - 9

Don't forget our Signature House made BBQ Sauces – Bourbon BBQ, NC Vinegar, and Pinnacle Gold.

“Hand Crafted Food. House Smoked Meats. Fresh Ingredients. One Plate at a Time.”

Full menu at…/pinnacle-southern-kitchen/

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March Madness and St. Paddy's Day Weekend. Are you as excited as we are? Legends on the Lake will be serving $.50 wings during the games, so what are you waiting for! Your table is ready...

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