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Joe Kacic
· January 14, 2018
I ran the Rock and Roll Arizona half marathon in 2018. I have run this race several times and it gets worse every year.

1. The race expo was smaller than ever. We tried to hit every booth a...nd we were literally done with the expo in about 20 mins. In years past, the expo was significantly larger. There were hardly any vendors. If the expo is going to be so lame, they need to establish a friend pick up policy or mail order bibs so you don’t have to drive all the way to downtown Phoenix . Disappointing.

2. They really need to figure out a way to make the porta pottie lines shorter. I get there are a lot of people trying to go at the same time, but how is it not possible to work an agreement with ASU to open some of the buildings to use their already existing restrooms.

3. My wife decided to run a full marathon after doing dozens of half marathons. She was not happy that 2018 is the first year they did not give marathon finishers a rock and roll finisher jacket. Instead they had the lamest pizza venue ever. Seriously, cold pizza, snickers bars and hot water does not in any way replace a finisher jacket. I can’t even adequately describe how lame the marathon finisher zone was. The disappointing end to a long run.

4. The course is not great. I liked the old course when the half and full started together in downtown Phoenix. Newer split half marathon course is not flat like the old course and is pretty challenging.

5. Rock and Roll series is supposed to have headliner bands for the finish. The Arizona race has had lamer and lamer bands each year. I run the Vegas race each year and the bands are always better.

6. There seems to be less and less people running this race every year. I is clear they have lost their luster at this race evidenced by the declining enrollment.

I will say the course support and aid stations were good. Plenty of water and energy gel stuff.

Overall, I think my years of running the Rock and Roll Arizona races might be coming to an end. Unless of course, they improve their offering.
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Liv E Ka
· January 15, 2018
This review is for the Arizona 2018 full marathon.

I have done the arizona rock n roll half marathon for about 12 years now, & the vegas for 6. I normally love the expo but this year it was the smal...lest it’s ever been & was disappointing.

This was my first ever full marathon. I have to say the start area was way less crowded than the half normally is- & I was actually able to get into a port a potty quickly. There were only 4 corrals too.

The course was well marked & had great aid stations. The part I didn’t like was the 7 mile out & back from miles 13-20. It was mentally defeating.

The finisher area was good- decent amount of snacks. Gear check was quick & easy as well.

The biggest disappointment- every year i see full marathon finishers get a jacket, & when I registered last year it was advertised on the website. Then after the race i find out that starting 2018 they aren’t doing that. Why didn’t they disclose that last year when I registered? Seems like false advertising.

I was told instead of the jackets there was a separate marathon finisher area. I checked it out- cold papa johns pizza, snickers bars, & room temperature water. Since my friends who ran the half couldn’t go in, i decided not to stay so we could eat together & get something good.

While I still enjoy the Vegas rock n roll, i may switch to the Phoenix Marathon in Arizona if rock n roll continues to decline.
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John Eric Bailey
· February 9, 2018
I know I know. I ran SA marathon this 12/3/2017. Previous two years I ran the half. I had pain which slowed my time during the marathon but I still finished. Yet the XL finisher jackets were all ta...ken. Why? Because they allow you to change your size the day before at the expo. Long story short, they took my name and bib number on a sheet of paper with others and said they’d get them out to us as soon as possible. Here we are 2 months later and still no jacket. I have reached out to them numerous times over messenger and they responded each time as if the jackets would soon be in the mail. My brother and I both ran this milestone of a run for both and he finishes early and was able to get his XL finisher jacket (he changed his size at the expo) yet I’m stuck without one. He even showed up at my house to take pictures in it a week or two ago thinking it should’ve made it to me by then but it hasn’t. Outside of messenger there is no real person I can find to get in contact with to right this wrong. Therefore here is my bad review because this is just wrong and not living up to standards I would expect from a nationwide series of marathon races. See More
Keith Reid Borland
· January 14, 2018
After reading some of the comments and reviews, I was a little apprehensive about today, but all things considered, RNR did a really nice job overall.

The Expo was easy to get to, had lots of vendors......I needed an Achilles brace and some k-tape and got them at a decent price without issue. No wait to get my bib and shirt, too, which was nice. Having the expo run two days probably helped. The goodie bag actually contained a lot of useful items, which is a rarity.

I was a little worried about them not having corrals 5-7 and the announcement that "if you're in one of those corrals, just fill in behind corral 4", but that ended up being no problem at all. I think everyone in corral 5-7 was probably running a similar pace, anyway.

A+ course support. Fully stocked aid stations, drinks were always cool, plenty of folks handing out drinks so there wasn't a massive logjam. Big ups to all the volunteers today - it got pretty warm after about 10 AM and you were huge for a lot of runners, myself included.

Course was nicely blocked off and well marked. Loved the big, obvious mile markers and the markers for every 5k.

Good amount of bands. I even stopped and listened to one for a few minutes - partially because I was exhausted and partially because they were really good.

Not a lot of spectators, but that's nobody's fault.

Ton of good free stuff at the finish line. I wish I had more hands and pockets.

The course isn't scenic at all, really, but it's metropolitan Phoenix, so I don't know what I was expecting. It was extremely flat, which was appreciated.

I signed up super early, so I'd consider the price very reasonable for what I got out of it.

Good work RNR. I hope to run Nashville in 2019.
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Valerie Brammer
· January 23, 2018
Pretty disappointed with this organization. I ran Chicago last year, which was fine. I also ran Lisbon, which had huge problems. 3 hour wait in line to get into the expo. I was ready to spend some... serious money there to get Lisbon tagged gear, and they had nothing. They were supposed to have the World Rocker medal available after the run, and no one knew anything about it. I have tried writing multiple people about getting the medal. Finally got someone who said they would mail it to me, but it has been well over a month with nothing to show. No one is replying to e-mails anymore. Such a shame. See More
Matthew Wayteck
· December 14, 2017
I used to run your races all the time. I was a tourpass holder and i wanted to keep going with the unlimited for $500 but now its up to almost $700 for 10 races??? Are you guys serious? A 40% increase... in one year!!! This was an excuse for me to vacation and spend money with you guys but no way in hell am i paying $200 more for less runs! Im gonna just look for other runs and be done with rock and roll until you guys figure it out. See More
Corey Aulbach
· January 16, 2018
This series is declining. Competitor series may want to relook the service you are providing to the Marathon runner. I’ve been running your races for the past 4 years and your support for the maratho...n runner is poor. If you are going to put on a marathon you should be giving the Marathoners the same experience as your Half Marathon finishers Especially when they pay more. If A quality marathon can’t be supported then don’t put one on. Your volunteers are Great however I’ve done 6 of your marathons and many improvements can be made especially at the finish line See More
Tia Pat Misnick
· December 4, 2017
Just participated in San Antonio, TX on 3 Dec 2017. The music/ bands provided were just so so but the most turn off for me and many runners was that the water provided along the course was coming out ...of a garden hose straight into a trash can lined with plastic bag! Unacceptable! My daughter didn’t drink water the whole run because of that! Come on, with how much we paid for registrations we should at least get some decent bottles of water! Gatorade were hand mixed before distributing to runners and some of volunteers didn’t wear gloves! My last Rock’n Roll run for sure! See More
Matthew Kennard
· November 30, 2017
My wife and I ran RnR Las Vegas. The gear check trucks were a half mile away from start line. There was one gate to enter corrals for way too many people. Couldn't get into corral because of Course had 2 labyrinths which was mind numbing. 6 miles of course around tents was horrible. No lights on underpass at night, completely dark. Finisher chute blocked access back to host hotel. People brought in by Sag wagons given Finisher medals and jackets and times that made them look fast. Post race bananas were rotten. No food on course. This was the worst marathon I've ran in. I've reached out to RnR but get no response. See More
Ramonchito M. Barin
· January 31, 2018
This was my 3rd year running the Rock and Roll Marathon Las Vegas and would like to make it 4 for 2018...BUT where is the start line for 2018, If it’s in front of New York New York again I won’t run i...t this year. Getting to the star line was ridiculous it took me 45 minutes to get to the start line from Excalibur....����������
Where’s the start line for 2018?
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George Salcedo
· December 18, 2017
The Vegas half was amazing and so well run. That is where my great experience ends. Went to the convention and tried to find everything I wanted to buy but couldn't. Left, ran the race, had a blast... and when I got home decided to go online and order what I wanted. Ordered some items right after Turkey day and got an email on Nov 30 saying my stuff had been shipped. Got the tracking number and went back to check on it a few days later. hadn't moved so I waited a few days and checked again. On Dec 7, a week later, I decided to send an email to say "whats up". On Dec 12 I got an email back, talk about speed, saying the size I ordered was out, could they substitute another size, if they had it. I am thinking they should check that first, but I said yes. And I emailed them back within the hour. It is now Dec 18 and nothing. No items, no emails, nothing. Just chalk it up to shoulda, woulda, coulda. Like I said the race itself was well worth it, but if you do any of them, get your items at the convention, do not wait. STMF See More
Justin Michael
· February 19, 2018
It has been over two months since I ordered the Ugly Sweater virtual run medal and still have not received the medal. Have contacted them by email several times and still have not received the medal. ...The customer service is terrible and non-responsive. I just want my money back from something that was never delivered to me. How hard is it to understand, someone gives you their money and you supply the goods promised...not complicated. See More
Mandi Lee Campbell
· December 8, 2017
I have done this race every year since 2011. It keeps getting better every year and it’s turned into our yearly tradition. We are signed up again for 2018 and I plan to do a 10 year streak! I’m really... hoping the start line is the same place as this year, outside the nyny. I’ve started from all 3 different places and this year was by far the best one! Thank you Las Vegas and see you next year #vegastrong See More
Goldman Jami
· February 7, 2018
Dear Rock 'n' Roll - you have REALLY dropped the ball. I purchased the plaque to commemorate my first marathon. It could not be more generic! To add to my frustration, an order for merchandise was ...placed 3 days after the race. To date I have not received the merchandise and it has been almost a month. I called to inquire about the merchandise and I was given a dismissive answer by the customer service representative. She could not tell me when the item would be shipped nor if the item was even going to ship. She stated she was waiting to see if the items would be returned from the site; yet, the race was over a month ago and the items were specific to the Arizona race. I will NEVER give another dime to you. I hope this is a warning to anyone else who orders merchandise from you!!! See More
Scott Chambers
· December 8, 2017
Anyone else order items from their website get a shipping confirmation number and never receive your items. and when you check the number it always says created USPS awaiting item. its been 11 days same thing and no one will email or get back with me yes i got a message from this facebook telling me to "Have patience" you have my money just ship my items i guess you get too big and its all about the money See More
Courtney Nire
· December 29, 2017
I chose to run the Las Vegas marathon as my first marathon this past November. The Coles notes version is the only thing I would equate it to was a cheesy Vegas wedding. The finishing jackets were ter...rible and something you would find hanging in a vender tent in Thailand along with the fake leather purses and name brand duffle bags. I am 5’2” and 110 pounds and could barley join the zippers together to zip it up. These jackets were “finisher jackets”. You had to finish to get one. However the tent where you traded the piece of your bib for the jacket was outside of the finisher corral so even if you didnt finish you still received a jacket. We crossed the finish line and were told they ran out of marathon medals. Seriously? Oh but we got a half marathon medal instead and were told they would mail us one. I have ran many half marathons and have always been impressed by the quality of the food at the finish line. This time all I saw was pallets of brown bananas and some bags of pretzels. Ridiculous. After running 42 kilometres you get a rotten banana and airline pretzels? Who were the sponsors? I wrote an email to Brooks as they were a major sponsor to voice my opinion and never received a response. My running partner emailed the Rock and Roll people to do the same and never heard back. We have yet to receive our medals. We trained for 18 weeks, taking time away from our families, spending hundreds of dollars to travel to Las Vegas from Canada to run our first Marathon and unfortunately it was the most disappointing experience. We accepted the expensive entry fee, we purchased Vegas Strong shirts to support the victims, we even paid $40/ day resort fees at our hotel despite not being able to utilize the pool. Basically we paid the $40/day to have access to the fax machine, but your heart out, coming to Vegas to complete a goal you worked so hard for only to feel like it was a complete let down. Oh and one more thing. What would possess the organizers to think that having that fake fog shit blowing in your face while you running a marathon was a good idea? oh and ps. No one likes the looping around and around and around an area. Perhaps a half marathon should be the max distance. There would be plenty of medals left, the bananas would of been fresh and they wouldn’t have to give out those shitty jackets and make you loop around bathroom buildings just to get enough mileage to call it a marathon. I wouldn’t waste a penny running another race put on by these guys! See More
Cliff Samuel-Sweet
· January 14, 2018
As a member of the healthcare field I am waiting for the year that there is a medical emergency and EMS is not able to get to someone’s home because of the piss poor map layout in Arizona. I believe t...he whole road closure thing in Arizona is an absolute joke. City and race officials basically cut off all access for people not participating in the marathon from going about their daily business. I am hoping the day never comes when someone ends up loosing their life because of this nonsense because they can’t get the emergency medical care they need because of the road closures and restricting access. I see the whole set up in Arizona was a potential law suit for the City and company that plans this race. What is even more concerning is that when these issues are brought up to the city and the company that sponsors this race, the officials don’t care and make excuses. I watched EMS today struggle to get through road closures because of this event. See More
Jessica Schmaltz
· December 28, 2017
I ran Vegas this year and I thought the race was great, maybe problem is with their customer service or lack there of. I emailed using the form on the website the day before the race asking a question... and never heard back. A few weeks later, I emailed using the form again with another question and no response. I emailed a third time using the form a couple weeks after that to see why no one was getting back to me... surprise, surprise, still no response. I then emailed the group coordinator because it was an actual email address instead of a form and filled hem in on everything and I haven’t heard from them either. I own my own business and I thing I know is not to ignore your customers. It’s ridiculous, these races cost a lot of money and they won’t be getting mine anymore. I w mud rather give it to someone who appreciates it. See More
Desiree Jacobsen
· November 30, 2017
I have been trying to unsubscribe to their emails. There is no option to unsubscribe to all. I get them EVERY day. Sometimes they are sent twice.

Please be aware that no matter what you do they will... email you constantly and will not stop or give you an option to stop.

I wish I never participated in this race.
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Sheryl Lynne
· December 13, 2017
I was looking Forward to doing these races. I do a lot of them. Getting in contact with you guys it’s basically impossible from email now. I just found out today that there’s a different email I can s...end to you about missing heavy medals and switching to your passes. I Signed up for all these 2018 races before finding out about the new management. I was so excited about running a marathon in Savannah next year to get my jacket. I did New Orleans 2017. Reason behind it is honestly ridiculous. You guys want to pay more attention to the race? Does a jacket have anything to do with that? I will not be signing up for 2019 races. this will be my last year due to all the disappointment of all the changes. See More
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