New investment


We have a good news!...
One of the potential clients who was interested in creation new technologies processing of gas for chemical industry has financed our project for $100 000.

Сondition for our cooperation is use this money for search of patents and technologies capable more then 20% to increase production efficiency polymers.

Also had been discussed conditions of joint participation in development and financing of technologies of scientific team.

besides at successful performance of tasks readiness of financing of further means of more than 2 million through purchase of tokens of RUSGAS with a sale condition no more than 25 percent within 1,5 years.

We are continuing to conduct negotiations on opportunities of introduction of cryptocurrency in technological and commercial processes of this production.

Thank you for your support!
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Оксана Черкасова
· April 11, 2018
Я хотела бы узнать,есть ли партнерская программа,я её на сайте не нашла.
Alexandr Agapov
· April 16, 2018
а это что -хайп?
RusGas shared a link.
Hello! The work is well under way! We have already:

RusGas Technical Analysis
In terms of total capitalization and operating income, natural gas production, refining and supply are the absolute leaders of the energy industry. However, certain problems the fuel economy is exposed to still persist.

read more:…/rusgas-technical-analysis-7d4a042339c5

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Recently the pre-sale of RusGas project was launched. The purpose of attracting investments is scientific developments and their…


A sales page is available there
you will see the address of wallet for purchases.


Prepare in advance!

Transfer the Etherium only from the ERC-20 wallet.
We recommend to put a limit for a transfer of amount more then 65000 GAS.

Meet a deadline for the purchase at the most favourable price !

Thank you for supporting RusGas
#RusGas #preico #ico #crowdsale #token #blockchain #bountycampaign

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Website launched!


On March 30, 2018, we’ve launched a test version of the site.


At present, some of theresource’s functions are deactivated, or may work incorrectly. We apologize for the temporaryinconvenience. We wanted to launch the site as soon as possible, to enable the users to examine theRusGas project on an official source.

There are many rumors about the project which differ considerablyfrom the fact. We have faced increased interest on the part of cryptoinvestors, we have received a greatnumber of questions which will be systematically answered by the team, we have considered allfeedback which will be implemented in the RusGas project soon.

Our wish is to present the project asopen as possible, to develop the same in close cooperation with the RusGas ICO participants. Anycomments or critics are welcomed by the team, they will make RusGas better.

We will daily keep youinformed of the project progress, and will report the execution of any new partner agreement. Thank you for your attention and interest in the RusGas ICO, sincerely yours, the project team.

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RusGas updated their cover photo.
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RusGas updated their cover photo.
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