@powerlinesproductions just posted this older clip of @peter_mel screaming with stoke watching empty bombs steamroll through the #Mavericks lineup. It's so incredibly rare to get Mavs this good in the late afternoon/evening and when it comes together, it's virtually impossible to contain yourself! 󾍘🏼 ➡️turn up the volume "look at that fucking wave!!!!" 󾌴󾀸😎󾆶🏻Haha I love it!!!! Yeah Pete! Epic post @powerlinesproductions !!! 󾮟🏼

Last week I had the opportunity to cruise around with a few good friends from Puerto Rico and chase some serious swell created from winter storm Riley || Rolando Montes (@rolstie pictured) had a go at Gas Chambers and snagged this beauty on his first wave || Truth be told, the wave doesn’t break the same since hurricane Maria and we only went out to see if it was even rideable; the end section of this wave sent Rolo straight onto the reef and we quickly ended the session || More moments from my trip are up on the @surfer_magazine site now, there’s a clickable link in my bio 😊

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Anthony Tashnick bottom turning during a beautiful winters morning in California, December 2017 || @surfer_magazine

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