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Rob Durdle
· October 2, 2017
I always love SNL, super fast games, and love the trench on the hill! great field, go there!
James Razza PB
· October 2, 2017
Flew in from Ontario for a wedding and played here next day. Feild is super clean and I was blown away by the work that when into the layout and buildings! Owner extremely cool to talk with to boot!
Perry McMackin
· October 25, 2015
I'm from New Brunswick and went to your facility for my bachelor party yesterday. It was our first time ever paint balling and I'm definitely going back.

Our group of five was in combat against anot...her group of five which showed up after we did. They taught us early on but we schooled them at the end of it! Lol

P.s. You were "RIGHT" when you said that your body will feel it the day after. My thighs feel like somebody punched them for 12 hours straight which left Charlie horses throughout them.
If I stay still for too long, I find myself walking funny and about to seize up!!!!! Lol

I will for sure recommend this place to anybody.
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Jake Crosby
· May 18, 2015
Awesome field, with awesome people!
Really enjoy playing with an awesome group of people, and every time I am there that's what it is!
Eric Conrad
· May 23, 2017
Had a super time at Paintball For the Kids IWK event, and making the trio back from PEI for the 25th Anniversary event.
Gabe KB
· July 11, 2016
Had a blast at this field. Had 9 of us show up and played. Huge field lots of options
Robert Castonguay
· April 3, 2014
Great field, and a great family that runs it. If you are looking for a fun filled day, then look no further!
Leah Roy
· January 14, 2015
Family owned for 23years this July! Couldn't be prouder of the hard work my folks, especially dad does :)
Buddy Benson
· May 19, 2014
Great field with great owners! Awesome fun spot to play!
Jordan T O'Quinn
· July 14, 2014
All around amazing place.
James A Lake
· June 16, 2015
Always a blast. Can't wait till next time
Allan Martin
· March 25, 2014
Always fun playing at Vic's field

Spent the afternoon moving cement blocks to a better location. Don't know if I will be able to throw darts tonight. Oh well if I can't I'll just have to watch the hockey game. Darn. Toronto might not be cup ready but these kids are the most entertaining team TO has had in decades.

Got a load of used material lugged home this a.m. Kirk brought it up in his truck. Cement blocks some full of cement, heavy. Pulled the muscles on the left side of my back there. Note: carry block in hand of sore side - stretches those muscles. Feels better until you stop. Yup. Bruce rolled the entire lawn and both parking lots this a.m. I had quite an area to clean because of wind downed branches. It's all done and so am I. Great weather and what a drying wind. Same for tomorrow. Aiming to continue and looking for another load or two of material. I have a project in progress. Trying at least. Later.