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Shawn Dixon
· April 22, 2013
Chicken was not cooked, beer hot and overpriced, bathroom not clean, poor service and also 2 out the 3 times I went they was a fist fight. Over all poor experience. Will not be going back!
Matt Higgins
· December 22, 2013
This place doesn't have variety music have open minds and the place would sky rocket
Robert Shaver
· February 7, 2014
If y'all are looking for a good band to play there!! Troubadours rock!! Awesome band!! They put on a show u want believe!! And bring a big crowd.
Eldreamer Trece
· May 14, 2014
Place i loved to bounce at. Great place to eat , drink , dance. Have a good time.
Becky Hampton
· August 31, 2013
Great place to hang out and do karaoke!
Taylor Adkins
· February 25, 2014
no just no....whent down hill when it was no longer proximidy
Cameron Kraft
· December 4, 2013
Greg Parrack
May 15, 2013
Glam'r Kiti would love to play here
Kimberly Garcia
· April 8, 2014
When u opening back up
Biris Hurtado
· May 26, 2014
Great show!!!
Just a little taste of what these Studs can do!!!!
What do u think???
Got to like a little country....

ATTENTION Facebook Fans, Friends and Family: We are sorry to announce that as of today we are officially closed until further notice!! All shows that booked have been cancelled. We are in the process of moving out of the City Limits for a couple of reasons. We are tired of our customers being harassed by the Police Department as they are leaving our establishment and because the city doesn't like the kind of business we are running here and are constantly looking for reasons close our doors. This has gone on long enough and we want to provide a place to where you and your friends can come have a good time, hang out, enjoy the event you are attending and not have to worry about being questioned to why you where here or what business do you have coming into S5. We please ask that you do not start spreading rumors about or assuming the reasons we are closed (this is why we are posting the reasons above) and if you do have any questions please send a private message here on our page. Thank you and again we apologize

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