HAPPY BREW YEAR!!!!!!!! 2017!!!!!
El-li-ot. #IBelieveHeCanFly
We found her in a field at North Farm. I think we'll keep her.

Berry Sweet Tea on a perfect day 🍓 #Love

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Braden Haley Haynes
· March 31, 2018
Strangebrew has been a favorite of mine for 8 years now. I’ve never had one bad experience and I’ve always been treated like a queen. I love the specialty drinks and will drive out of my way to stop h...ere when traveling. I love how connected they are with MSU and Starkville. Truly a blessing especially during finals week!! � See More
Kerstii Beatrice Groce
· November 5, 2017
I went to this business yesterday, for the first time. I was unsure what to order because the menu looked so darn good. I ended up ordering an iced albino squirrel (thanks to the barista for suggestin...g). It was amazingly good and I will be back on my next visit to Starkvegas! See More
Jeff Wolfe
· February 11, 2018
It's become my go-to coffee when I'm in town. The staff is awesome and the brews are delicious. I look forward to my "hit the road" cup.
Rachel Younkin Holley
· September 29, 2017
Amazing atmosphere. Stellar & unique coffee. I love the Albino Squirrel Frappuccino. They also have the most hilarious street sign. And sometimes I luck up and they have gluten-free goodness available!
Tom Card
· November 6, 2017
OCH emergency room nurses loves strange brew coffeehouse! Nothing like a "shot" of their coffee for a pick me up!
Jeffrey Collins
· September 14, 2017
Albeit we have enjoyed Strange Brew for a number of years, unfortunately, the last couple of visits have been disappointing. Sad!
Quite frankly it's disconcerting when after spending over $12.00 to re...alize the individual who took your order didn't care enough to listen. Informing the person of the error resulted in what I would refer to as a deer being caught in headlights. Unfortunately, our being barely on schedule did not allow us the opportunity to park and further share our disappointment. Quick frankly I doubt the person would have cared. So $12.00 was dumped in the trash at the gas station. THANK YOU STRANGE BREW! See More
Katelyn Falkner Pearce
· November 26, 2017
Forever my favorite. Love the coffee. Love the environment. Love the staff. Both locations -- Starkville & Tupelo.
Alice Walker
· March 4, 2018
Better coffee than across the street, better customer service as well.
Audra White Misso
· August 11, 2017
Love love love this place!! The part I love most.....every time I go, no matter what I order, it taste the same as it always does(which is nothing short of AMAZING)! It's never a hit or miss with Stra...nge Brew, bc it's always great with them!! See More
Liza Young
· September 19, 2017
Have tried it twice now! once the week it opened and didnt care for it and then again yesterday. the coffee was awful and cinnamon roll was hard and tasted old. wish it was good because its so close t...o my work:( See More
Brandi Lindsey-Richardson
· December 4, 2017
I get the Rainy Day Latte on a regular basis. Best drink in town!!��
Amanda Gordon Cobb
· November 3, 2017
Trips to Starkville are never complete without a stop at Strangebrew!!! Best coffee ever!!
Julianna Tyson
· March 23, 2017
Love SBC! Albino Squirrel is my go to (with a splash of caramel), and my husband loves the sea turtle. We are (im)patiently waiting for them to set up shop in Columbus. �� Oh, and if for some reason y...ou can't commit to coffee or your not a coffee person, definitely try the frozen hot chocolate. See More
Geneva Marie Wood
· August 22, 2017
I love this place....though it is a bit pricey , I try to go on a regular basis to get my fix on the caramel frappe with whipped cream !
Carla Long Rutherford
· September 30, 2017
BEST coffeehouse ever !! Strange Brew is a must every time I'm in Starkville ! I've moved to Florida and we need one here!
Art Reyes
· February 26, 2017
Love this place... but.. yes there's a but.. we went yesterday for a king cake frappe and they said they were out of king cakes to make the frappe. I doubt I will have my king cake frappe for the year... :-(
Claire Johnston Gossett
· April 3, 2017
I love this place! The drinks and baked goods are all delicious, and it makes me happy to support my local coffee shop. Plus, the atmosphere is super chill.
Benjamin C. Smith
· June 8, 2014
Strange Brew is the finest purveyor of coffee on BOTH sides of the Mississippi. Not only is the coffee amazing in all forms, the savory snacks and sweet treats will satisfy a hankering that only delic...iousness can qualm. Strange Brew coffee is so fantastic, I drink it every Arizona. Buy some hot chocolate, in a jar, and eat it with a spoon, from the jar. You will not be disappointed. See More
Brady Buck
· April 10, 2018
Excellent cup of coffee!! The Darth Mocha is 10/10!!!
Jason Dyess
· August 31, 2014
The BEST place to get coffee and scones at. They absolutely destroy the other name brand coffee places. Don't bother going to the name brand places, the only place you need to remember is Strange Brew... Coffeehouse. And they will even ship coffee to you. The owners and staff are wonderful people to be around too. See More