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Sterling Hebert
· June 6, 2015
Growing up as a Pastors kid/ grandkid whose church was up in the thousands you'd think I had experienced God and know my stuff, but what God has done in this ministry when I moved here 3 years ago ha...s changed my life in ways that I would have never experienced before. I witnessed atheists become on fire for God Christians, the depressed becoming joyful and every time they walked into a room smiles were put on all that go to talk to them, and so much more. I felt God's real tangible presence for the first time at the Ignition camp SCC hosts and that's when I realized God had a plan for me and I was discipled and grown into the person I am today. I love being apart of this family and I wouldn't be living if it weren't for God's love for me and the people he put in my lives who are part of this family....all that to really say this is a blessed and highly favored ministry in God's eyes and it's gonna spark revival across our nation you wait and see! See More
David Manzione
· June 6, 2015
Growing up in the faith, I have seen my fair share of different styles of youth groups. Everything from a legalistic, rules-first approach, to a laid back, fun and games style. I have witnessed SCC Yo...uth change over many years and can say wholeheartedly that this is the first ministry that I have been a part of that tends to their youth with both grace and truth, in the same manner that Jesus did. Parents, bring your child to a place where there are volunteers willing to walk through this crazy life and care just as much as you do for your kids in their relationship with God! I've never seen a youth group as alive, reliant, and empowered by the Holy Spirit as much as Springs Community Church! See More
Dan Hutchcraft
· June 6, 2015
God has done such amazing things through this church and family in my life. Springs Community Church Youth Ministries not only walks out what it truly means to be the church that is described in scrip...ture but they also teach you how to walk out a faith that is real and alive. I was living a life that was full of anxiety and was void of Christ and joy in many ways. I did not have any consistent life rhythms and I was overwhelmed and on the verge of burn out spiritually and physically. The experience, growth and teaching I received from this church is more than I can put into words. They honestly saved my life in more ways than I can count! If you want to truly experience Christ, what church is supposed to be and a family that accepts and loves you; you need to check out this place. Not only that but they bring everything they do and say back to scripture. They look honestly at what scripture in context states and teach you how to walk a God filled and faithful life. Growing up in church and on the missions field overseas, I can honestly say I have never been closer to God's heart than I have been at Springs Community Church. They are more than just a church to me, they are my family. See More
Tara Brooke Camera
· June 6, 2015
Such an incredible example of God's plan for ministry. I have never been to a youth group with more dedicated and on-fire leaders, so much of the Holy Spirit's anointing and power in everything we do.... I know so many kids who come and have their entire lives changed around (especially mine!) and find a strong community of friends and leaders who care about them and have such a heart to see God move in their lives. It's got a freaking wonderful worship band, and preachers and just about everything you could ask for!! Please come and check it out if you're feeling like you need something more. He is there. :) See More
Brandon Evans
· March 31, 2016
Well it's gonna be a year now going but when u have Ur ups and downs in that year and lose faith but today I'm feeling awesome from this group they're pushing yeah but now as I see God's plan for me b...e there for people in need spread the word from my guitar and play for people to come to him he says it is a way of joy to express a way out from Ur problems is him and relate my story to people and how you can escape with god I'm no pastor, intern, I'm just a man not a hero he has called my path and I will follow it how he wants me to... And I shall follow no intern, or discipleship, he says can make me be better or him love me more he will give me tools to make him my life and the world change in a inspired way he says I gave you a gift a tool use it don't let anyone tell u different from my words mmmm youth group is actually a cool place to find Ur Destiny I love this place and the words god gave me tonight See More
Mike Abby
· May 28, 2014
I started out as a student, one who rarely came, but a student non the less. If it wasn't for this youth group and my fellow students I wouldn't be alive today. Not to say this youth group recieves th...e glory but it all goes to God. Everyone involved have amazing hearts for all the kids. I've never seen such a big community of students who love on and walk with eachother. See More
Emma Ogilvie
· January 22, 2017
I grew up in church, but I remember that the idea of being forever with God in heaven always freaked me out. I thought I would grow tired of it at some point and then just be stuck there. Then I came SCC youth ministries and over time opened up my heart to KNOW GOD. You can read all you want about God's character, but to feel His glory all around you...that's another thing. And now I can't wait to see my Father in His fullness, I could never grow tired of His goodness.♥ SCC is pretty rad. See More
Michael Mensing
· June 6, 2015
I have received the blessing of volunteering in multiple churches, and witnessing several congregations. Never have I been a part of a church that loves me deeply and honestly, yet won't let me stay b...roken and challenges me on my shortcomings because they want to see me grow. God has blessed this place. See More
Dustin Glynn McEntyre
· May 2, 2014
Where lives are changed!!!

I have been with this ministry now for what seems like forever or least what has been my entire Christian life. I have seen kids come here with just messed up and broken li...ves with no hope for there future and they've become captivated by the presence of God, and through His Spirit their lives have been made new. This is a place where the Spirit of God is at work in kids lives and they turn from sin to His Glory and do some of the most amazing and radical stuff in His name. Kids praying for each other and leading each other to Christ and even teaching the leaders something about radical faith. If something in your life is missing then is the Holy Spirit. Come check us out and we will walk with you to seek Him! See More
Matt Ansted
· February 19, 2014
Changed my life! Started coming as a student and I felt God like I never have before! I was saved and I am pursuing my calling of full time ministry here! Coming to this youth group is easily the best... decision I have ever made! See More
Zachary Broder Johnston
· June 6, 2015
What a great ministry. I've not seen such a devoted group of people in youth setting for a long time. While I've only been part of this for a short time, the amount of growth I've seen and the is incredible. See More
Eleah Steinberg
· November 22, 2013
If you need community and a radical connection to the God who loves you more than you'll ever know- stop by. You'll find people ready to love on and walk with you in such a huge way.
Meghan Donohue
· July 24, 2015
This church has changed my life and the lives of many other students. Best place for community!
Karen Volkhardt
· May 2, 2014
This youth group truly changed my life when I was in high school, and it continues to change the lives of the current students. God is moving here!
Matt Irwin
· May 3, 2014
Great group of people with hearts for the students, wanting to lift them up and prepare them for the rest of their lives
Morgan Mottram
· November 6, 2016
God moves in crazy, supernatural ways, and I'm so glad that I get to be apart of this family on a mission!
Patrick George
· June 6, 2015
Springs Community Youth Group is one of the best youth groups I have ever attended, and is where I really came to be a Christian!
Ben Brooks
· June 22, 2015
This is a ground breaking student ministry! The team is wonderfully committed to discipleship, mission, compassion, and (above all) Jesus!
Amy Roberts
· July 24, 2015
The people at SCC are some of the most loving people I've ever I've met
Nikki Mottram
· June 6, 2015
This church has changed my life completely! #Godissoocool
I Go Outside Episode #4
when they announce we're having a prayer & pancakes night at youth group #onlyacceptableresponse #fridaynights #gosydneyandhannah
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