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Kellen Green
· November 25, 2013
Great people, super fast repair time. Love the nice clean store inside too.
Shelba Chenault Sims
January 25, 2013
Great place to get your computer repaired in Hartselle. Great service wonderful people.
Gary Shelton
· December 6, 2013
Awesome people, fast service. Thanks guys, you have a lifetime customer.
Portia McLemore Murphy
· March 6, 2014
Great service and super fast repair! Thanks

Need Wi-Fi in the center of your home to cover the entire area with strong signal but don't want to put your bulky router where everyone will see it? Well say hello to the new Wi-Fi product that looks like an elegant smoke detector but is actually a very strong Wi-Fi device that will allow maximum coverage of your home. In most cases just one of these will cover your entire home but you can add multiple if needed. These can even be added outdoors to cover your back yard or pool areas. The Device is $150 but each install is different and would require a free estimate for the cost of installation. If interested please message me and I'll get back in touch with you promptly.

Jonathan D. Raper

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If anyone is interested in a Vivint Smart Home (or a Home Security System without any automation) let me know. Just call or text me at 256-679-1312 or email me at

All I need is your name and telephone number.

Jonathan D. Raper
Smart Home Professional

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Buy a new computer, printer or other device and need help. Call us today at 256-612-0700 to schedule an appointment today.

Open by pickup and delivery or on site repair.

We may open in Priceville under a new name. Everyone's comments and name suggestions are welcome!

It is official as of 01-27-2014 Superior Computer Technologies closed due to fire indefinitely. Once insurance pays all the claims it is possible we could reopen one day but we are closed for business. Anyone who has purchased a PC can contact us via voicemail only at 256-773-8292. We will be glad to assist anyone with questions related to the products that have been purchased from us or anyone else. Please refer to our Web page at for updates, our Facebook page will be set for deletion soon unless we receive request to keep it open for communication purposes.

Windows 10 coming soon. Seems that Microsoft is going to give us the start menu back. We will have to see what Microsoft will offer in this new version.

Due to the time it has taken and the financial burden the fire has placed upon our computer repair business you all have come to love and enjoy may be coming to an end. We are currently weighing our options to rebuild vs retire Superior Computer Technologies. If we decide to shut our doors we will keep our number open for anyone who has purchased a PC from us to get any warranty help. We will be researching computer repair companies that we can recommend to anyone that will need PC repair in the future. Nothing is concrete at the moment as to which direction we will go from here. Please feel free to post any comments or questions on this post. Thank you for your support.

-Jonathan D. Raper

Tip of the week. Ditch using Internet Explorer and use Google Chrome. Not only does it have better compatibility viewing websites and faster but there are many extensions you can add to it to improve your overall web browsing experience. My most favorite is Adblock Plus. After you install it, you can enjoy surfing the web without viewing the advertisements that cover most pages, leaving you with just the information you wanted. Check it out here is the direct link.


And if you need to download Google Chrome, download it here:

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The free adblock tool for Chrome: Blocks annoying video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, banners and much more.

Plug something in your electric outlet and it keeps falling out? Do you blow light bulbs often, does your PC power supply have to be replaced more than once every three years? Need a light fixture replaced or a new one installed, Do you want to be protected against power surges and lighting strikes? If you answered yes to any of these let us come out and give you a free quote for any of these issues and any other electrical needs you may have. All work is performed by a master licensed electrician.

Something not computer related but needs everyone's attention. I have a friend of mine who has a friend with a baby that has cancer and is trying to raise money to help pay for the treatments and such. Please donate to this family in need. Here is the link.

Bella is 2 and has been diagnosed with Nueroblastoma which is a type of cancer! She is recieving chemo therapy in Memphis, Tennessee at St. Judes, and will be there at least for 6 weeks, then on and off for up to 18 months! We are trying to raise money for her families travel expenses and help on...

Still waiting on Travelers Insurance to fix our building and get us back up and running. Until our building is replaced and we are back up and running just remember we will still fix computers. Just call us on our normal business phone number 256-773-8292 and we will setup a time to come to you and pickup your PC and we will return it to you after it is repaired. We are not charging extra for this service.

Status update: Fire investigations are over and cause is suspected bad/old wiring in the attic. With the cause determined we should finish out the insurance paperwork in the next few weeks to come and we will be able to repair/replace the structure and get back to business as usual. Can't thank everyone enough for their support during this time. If you need us for anything you may still call us at 256-773-8292 like normal -OR- my personal cell phone at 256-612-0700

Remember, free pickup and delivery for any PC repair until our building is rebuilt. Call us on our shop phone 256-773-8292 or call my cell phone at 256-612-0700. (Note, my cell may be the best way to contact me). Thanks, Jonathan.

Many of you know that Superior Computer Technologies, INC, was damaged by a fire that the fire department has determined as an undetermined cause. If anyone had a PC with us please let me know your name and number to help speed along the paperwork needed to have your PC replaced. We will soon have our files restored and will have access to this information but it will be a few days. Our number is not working as of right now so if you must call please call my cell at 256-777-2731 and leave a message if I do not answer. We will still offer PC repair but we will come to you to do the work or we can pick it up and repair it at a temporary location and bring it back to you. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you but we are not going anywhere and are here for you. Thanks

Jonathan and Garry Raper

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