California has issued $17 million in fines for severe yet preventable medical errors since 2007, publicly shaming 192 hospitals for everything from leaving surgical sponges inside patients to giving fatal doses of medication.
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The latest report on teenage tobacco use shows that e-cigarette use is up significantly among middle and high school-aged kids. Public health officials worry that this trend could cause a surge in addiction and other negative health consequences.
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In-home caregiving was a bit like the Wild West. Anyone could do the job with no formal credentials required. But ...
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Alvarado Medical Center in San Diego is dealing with an attack on its computer systems. The hospital says patients were not affected. The attack comes after several similar incursions have forced other hospitals across the nation to pay ransoms to hackers who use encryption to hold facilities’ files…
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Rady Children’s Hospital has received a $10 million donation to help it delve deeper into the genetic causes of pediatric neuro-oncology.
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Many learn too late that their health insurance does not cover medical emergencies in foreign countries. Travel insurance coveres the bill in these instances and can end up saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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When Kyla Winters finds herself at the center of a circle of well-wishers, she wants them to know what they're really looking at, how she got it and how she got to where she is today.
A San Diego-area mother celebrates addition of adrenoleukodystrophy, a condition that took her 8-year-old son, to the nation’s list of recommended newborn screenings.
San Diego County's flu caseload spiked in the second week of February, according to the local public health department's weekly flu surveillance report. The season still looks milder than average.
Responding to nationwide guidelines, the San Diego Blood Bank asks anyone who has recently visited regions where Zika virus is rampant to wait 28 days before donating blood. The bank is not, however, retroactively discarding blood collected in the month prior to the recommendation from donors who tr…

Do you think doctors should have to notify their patients if they are on probation?

The Medical Board of California continues to resist calls for doctors on probation to notify their patients despite a big push from the nonprofit Consumers Union.
Vibra Hospital of San Diego is one of eight facilities across the state fined for lapses in care.
The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare brought lifelike medical simulators to the San Diego Convention Center. Experts say simulation is improving the skills of doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.
Obamacare’s penalties for remaining uninsured increase in 2016, but it remains to be seen whether the higher financial pain point will mean more signups.
Greg Glassman, chief executive of CrossFit Inc., is putting pressure on California legislators to pass a bill that would require health warning labels on sugary drinks. Glassman just wrapped up a nine-city Southern California tour.
Sharp HealthCare announces they will build a new seven-story $239 million medical tower in Chula Vista. The new facility, slated to open in 2019, will have an ocean view from its roof-top cafe.
San Diego public health officials urge the public to get vaccinated in preparation for the Thanksgiving weekend.