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Siapa yang ga ingin punya mobil keren yang bisa dibawa kemana-mana untuk menemani aktivitas atau mengajak pacar jalan-jalan? Untuk kalangan anak muda pastinya membeli mobil baru cukup merepotkan, pilihan lain yang bisa ditempuh untuk memuaskan keinginan biasanya adalah dengan membeli mobil bekas. Na…

Testing website terbaru .

Testing the latest website.

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the link blink test
1. total unique linking domains
how many total unique linking domains
2. total links
how many total links...
3. special links ( and trusted sources
4. placement
where will the links be placed ( what level of site IA and how many links are on the page
5. age of site
how old is the website

10 major factors ( from one unique linking domain to your site)
1. total inbound links to the pages
2. special links of the page
3. total links to the domain
4. mozrank to the page
5. mozrank to the domain
6. age of the domain linking to you
7. placement and achort text on the page
8 . page indexed on the domain
9 total % page on domain
10 cost per click of keyword being targeted

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inurl:signup intitle:video “Our website is the home for video online”

“Embed videos from different website using their video

embed code, simply enter embed code, enter video duration and select

its thumb, fill in the required details and click on upload.”

“Do not upload any TV shows, music videos, music

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