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Chantel Amone
· February 1, 2018
I rode their shuttle from LAS airport to Orem, UT and my driver was very kind. He drove quick to our destination, yet I felt safe and had a comfortable ride! I’m surprised by any of the bad reviews, b...ecause I called last minute to hop on the shuttle and paid over the phone and it was a great experience. The woman on the phone was very pleasant and had all the paperwork done within the hour before I got on the shuttle! Also I was able to lay down in the big shuttle because there were only so many passengers. It was great.
I would advise that they need to keep to a timely schedule so be on time!
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Lauren Coxe-Harwood
· February 16, 2018
If I could leave a review with out leaving a single star I would. This company is AWFUL. Their driver left 25 minutes early without even so much as a text to me or a phone call. I was there 15 minutes... early but that did no good. I called them and they said they would refund the ride since I wasn’t able to ride and 2 months later still no refund. They make promises and don’t keep them. When you call and try to follow up they give you the round about. Absolutely the WORST experience ever!! See More
Brittan Sevy
· January 16, 2018
St. George Shuttle is awesome. I have always been pleased with their services. The environment is clean and my drivers have always been so kind to make sure that I was taken care of. I have used them ...multiple times and will never use anyone else again. Quality and comfort matters when you travel and thats why I choose St. George Shuttle. Thanks for being amazing you guys!! See More
Cindy Biskup
· March 23, 2018
St. George Shuttle is the best. Mesquite residents appreciate that they stop on their way to Las Vegas and that they have so many reservation options. The drivers are all very nice, helpful and flex...ible. The shuttles are immaculate. See More
Tiana Martinez
· January 28, 2018
This place is a fuckin joke. Had to pay over $130 to go to Vegas and back for the weekend. I could have spent less than half that in gas. Then when I was going to head back to cedar for Vegas, you gu...ys sent me the shittiest directions I ever saw in my life. Got lost cause you sent me to BFE and missed my shuttle. At least the drivers are nice. Company sucks ass. See More
James R. Kassaw
· January 13, 2018
Fast, Reliable, and Convenient!! The St. George Shuttle provides a great alternative to flying into or out of Las Vegas vs. St. George. Including my shuttle fare, I saved $350 on my travel thanks to t...he convenience of the St. George Shuttle to get me to LAS for my flight. See More
Shane P Currin
· February 5, 2018
I've used St. George shuttle many times but my recent experience was amazing. My Flight expereinced mechincal issues and had to turn around and fly back to the original airport so we could switch My shuttle was scheduled for 9:50pm. St George shuttle not only let me change my shuttle to 11:30pm for FREE but they also waited for me a little after a my scheduled time. Their driver Bruce was truly amazing for his understanding and patience with my situation. Very appreciative of this company. See More
Tim Snowden
· September 17, 2017
Just a "heads up" for anyone thinking about using this shuttle service. On August 30th of this year, I booked a ride with St. George Shuttle from Cedar City to Las Vegas for September 4th, as they pic...k up here in Cedar City. I thought "Great! I don't have to drive to St. George" where the other company picks up. As I never use credit cards (cut them up 20 years ago and have been quite happy ever since paying cash for everything I buy), the reservation was confirmed and I was told I could pay the driver or pay them when I arrived in St. George.
On September 4th, I arrived at the SUU Centrum arena at 10AM for the 10:15 pick up. By 10:25, I was on the phone with Shawn (the supervisor), asking him if they'd forgotten me. After ten minutes on hold, he apologized and informed me that they had, apparently, forgotten me because I "didn't use a credit card". "The shuttle has already passed Cedar City and we don't allow our drivers to use their phones while driving so we can't call him". Good policy. I was then told that another shuttle would pick me up at 1:15PM. So, I walked back home, and waited until 1:00PM and returned to the Centrum to wait for my 1:15 ride. At 1:25, I'm on the phone to Shawn again. Guess what....they forgot me again. After another 15 minutes on hold, Shawn tells me that he's sending a taxi to get me. Mind you, I'm still very calm and cool about all of this, in spite of the fact that my daughter (who has flown all the way from Israel to meet me) is waiting for me to arrive in Las Vegas at 2PM. At 1:45, my cab arrives, I get in, and we're on our way, right? Wrong. We're not on the freeway for five minutes and the driver gets a call to return to the office and pick up someone else that they forgot about (what about the "phone rule"?). We get off of the freeway, return to the office and pick up another "forgotten" passenger. Now we're on our way.
Arriving at the shuttle headquarters in St. George at around 2:30, I paid for my ride and had to wait for the next shuttle, at 3:15. At that point, I asked about a refund, as my daughter had volunteered to drive up from Vegas and pick me up to save a half day of driving on our well planned road trip. Refunds, apparently, are out of the question. Only "Travel Credits", which would involve me actually using their service again. "Never mind", was my answer. Good thing, because from what I've read, their travel credits are very tough to claim
From that point on, it was a smooth and uneventful trip to Vegas with only one stop in Mesquite for a drop off. I arrived in Las Vegas at 5:15PM, some three hours later than planned. Kevin, the driver was quite courteous, a very good driver and like me, had a good sense of humor. The road trip with my daughters was wonderful. The road trip to Las Vegas via St. George Shuttle, not so much.
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Ryan Huskins
· January 16, 2018
St. George Shuttle has saved my skin multiple times when my Jeep breaks down on me and I need to get to Vegas. Highly recommend
Margot DeVilliers Santiago
· March 3, 2018
These guys are amazing. My driver Harry was so awesome and sweet. This company donated an amazing limo ride for me. They were awesome and the limo was spectacular. I love you guys thank you so much.
James Johnson
· March 19, 2018
Talk about horrible service!
Called for a Taxi at 5:30. Said it would be 10-15 minutes. It’s now 6:30 and they won’t answer their phones.....what a joke.
Valerie Henner Tindle
· September 27, 2017
This was a very pleasant experience. The vans were clean and roomy, the drivers were both professional, yet down to earth friendly & good drivers(I went round trip from LVN to St. George) I won't he...sitate to use them again, when I visit my son. See More
Ashley Echols Cope
· June 27, 2017
The St. George Shuttle company is horrible to work with. Their customer service is awful and their policies are the worst! They gave our luggage to the wrong person and wouldn't do anything about it.... My husband paid for a limousine to take him and I to Las Vegas for our anniversary and they showed up with a shuttle van instead and wouldn't do anything about it or reimburse us. Their cancellation policy is horrible, so if you all of a sudden wake up sick on the day you are suppose to travel, they won't refund you or give you a credit if it's not 24 hours in advance! We will never again use this company, and I will tell everyone how horrible of a company they are. The crappy thing is I personally know the family who started The St. George Shuttle years ago, and they never would have let these things happen without taking care of their customers and making their customers happy. I never leave bad reviews, but after the 4th time using this company and having a bad experience each time, we are done, and I am leaving this review to wake people up! See More
Janna Fitzgerald Jensen
· October 11, 2017
I can’t THANK you enough! You made our trip to St. George an amazing experience. Our driver Kristy was the BEST! Kristy went above and beyond to make our trip a success. Thank you Sean for helping us ...make the arrangements!!! See More
Joe Gelino
· September 21, 2017
My experience with St. George Shuttle was amazing. Great price! The driver, Ryan, is a way nice guy and goes above and beyond to make sure his passengers get where they're going safely. When I had que...stions, it was easy to get friendly agents on the phone, and they even got me on a earlier shuttle back home on very short notice. I give St. George Shuttle my highest possible recommendation. See More
Stephanie Beck
· January 29, 2016
Typically we ride with Aztec shuttle when I send my daughter down to St. George. We needed an earlier departure time from Salt Lake City this time around. I can tell you this will be the last time I St. George shuttle. The advertise that they have "courteous" drivers. My experience with their drive was far from that. In addition, I did email into St. George Shuttle and gave them a week to address the issue, however, they did not return my email and I could not get through to a live person over the phone. Their driver had a fit and slammed his clip board in the back luggage area when I kept trying to tell him that there were only two riders when he kept telling me that he did not have three on his list. I was loading my daughters car seat into the shuttle and was not a passenger. If he could act this way then it concerned me that he could get upset at any little thing! St. George Shuttle fell short of their promise of courteous drivers and their lack of response when I tried to inform them of my situation. See More
Mandi Mauia
· June 17, 2016
We had to leave St. George to head to Idaho due to my mother having a stroke 2 weeks ago, so we booked with St. George Shuttle. The ride from St. George to SLC was fantastic! Then we got on a new shut...tle with a new driver to head to Idaho (still with the same company). He did nothing but speak of his family issues, fiancé that was not yet divorced and his drugs and alcohol front of my 12 year old! I was going to let them know when we got back to St. George instead of immediately because I didn't know if he would drive us back to SLC or not in the way home. This morning, 2 weeks to the day later we are back in the shuttle with a wonderful driver and super sweet lady driving. She let us off at 10:45 am where we would be picked up at 12:00pm in the same spot. My 12 year old and I waited and watched all of the vehicles coming and going...ALL OF THEM! Then at 11:45 we left the airport and walked out to our pick up spot, what do you know! The driver never showed!!! Then the people in St. George blamed it on me not being there, used an old number from when my daughter had ridden years ago and not the updated number on the reservation! So another passenger and myself started calling. Well after they told me and him that we would have to wait until 5:30pm when the next shuttle came we refused! That was unacceptable! We finally got them after an hour of no calls back and the other rider and I calling and calling we got them to refund our money and pay for a different company to bring us back! Then the accountant called and said he credited our account with them and I couldn't believe it!!! Do you really think after all of this we would ever ride with you again?!?! He then said he would put it back on the credit card. I let him know this was a huge inconvenience, I haven't seen my kids or husband in 2 weeks and they ruined our night that was planned in advance! Well thanks again St. George Shuttle! We are out our movie tickets and won't make our dinner reservation! Great start to our Father's Day weekend! #awfuldriver #worstcustomerservice See More
Judi Reiva Bosler
· January 14, 2018
Easy to use and professional. Great at making your trip easy!
Cliff Holt
· May 23, 2015
I made a reservation last night for a one way from Vegas to St George. Plans changed and I called first thing this morning. I asked for a refund and was told that they do not give refunds, only travel... credits....and that it is only good for 1 year. This is a terrible policy for the customer as it is totally one sided and takes advantage. I could understand a no show-no refund policy, but this reservation was made 2 weeks in advance and cancelled a few hours after it was made. When competition or Uber shows up, this company will not last. See More
Bryan N SaDee Vick
· November 4, 2014
This might be biased, since I work at the St. George Shuttle; however, I love working here. There are great people that I work with/for. The customers are wonderful! It is great seeing so many differe...nt cultures and backgrounds as we serve the travel needs of people from all over the world! Many nations, kindreds and languages. I get to use my Spanish in translating for others and I have even had to make a long distance phone call to China. I have been able to chat with people from Ukraine, Argentina, Honduras, Peru, Mexico.. etc.. The list continues on and on! We may not be a perfect supplier of happy days and rainbow filled skies. However we are doing great overall and it shows in the friendly staff and clean vehicles! Well now on occasion there are mixups and I have to just say sorry for the one in hundreds that the rainy day falls on, but please know if you are patient with this company they will deliver and make it right! Well that is my blurb on St. George Shuttle. Thanks for Riding with us! See More