Sheffield City Council turns itself inside out, trying to justify statements by Lying Lodge to his own flabbergasted colleagues and vindicated Sheffield residents who saw through him years ago.

If there's one good thing to come from this damaging tribal council overruling the wishes and wellbeing of half a million Sheffielders, its the chance that people will make their minds up to evict ONE THIRD of them at the next opportunity this May 3rd.

Go to for how to get rid of them.

Sheffield Council has confirmed it has not changed a controversial contract aiming for the replacement of the half the city's street trees - and does not intend to do so until the end of the PFI deal in 2037.

Lying Lodge doubles down on deceit.

Now the contract info is revealed, the lies he said at the time are exposed for all to see...

Ask your Labour councillors "where is the clause Lodge was referring to when he stated the city would have to pay millions if trees were not felled by a specified deadline?"


If they can't provide the reference - it's absolutely clear he has conspired to mislead the media and the wider public, and should be forced to resign immediately.

He lied again as proved in this article a month later. It's Amey that pays the costs of protest delays not SCC. But the fake ITP process we didn't want cost the Council £1 million or more.…/sheffield-council-facing-…

As we near the next council election this May 3rd, Labour supporters are asking themselves "how do we rid ourselves of this leadership in Sheffield City Council?" - easy, stop following their instructions on how to vote every single time, like pathetic sheep.

Go to for how to get rid of them.

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Sheffield Council has said it may have to pay millions of pounds in penalty charges if it does not remove 500 trees from city streets by New Year.

Another one bites the dust. Sackville Road, Crookes this afternoon.

Amey, their hired security and South Yorkshire Police, acting on behalf of Julie Dore and her handful of Cabinet members take another healthy tree. This one classed as 'discriminating' - the Independent Tree Panel recommended a half kerb stone would be adequate remedy, but as usual they were ignored and Amey were allowed to destroy.

This May 3rd, Sheffielders will have a chance to be more 'discriminating' abo...ut the Councillors we choose to represent *us* rather than Amey's profit margins.

Everyone in Sheffield needs to see the result of a tribal labour Council which has 'gone rogue' - suppressing the people of Sheffield, deserting Labour principles of 'for the many, not the few' and instead adopting 'rule by the few' as its mantra.

We have to be rid of this damaging handful of decision makers, who have abandoned the people they vowed to serve.

Please help us to reach every household in Sheffield with our posts - the only way to rid ourselves of ignorance is to surround our council with informed residents who demand change.

Don't waste your vote this May 3rd. Find your community champion for change here...

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Second letter from Lord Scriven to the current Chief of South Yorkshire Police. Fantastic - he's not letting them off the hook.

This is the kind of transparency and accountability we need. Thank you Lord Scriven 👏❤️👍

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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This is something we can all do without fear of arrest or persecution. 💪❤️👍

On May 3rd, there will be local elections for Sheffield City Council. One third of Council seats, one in each of the 28 wards across Sheffield will be up for el...ection.

This is our chance to make our City work better - please, especially if you don't normally get to vote... Follow this link to register, and you can also ask for a postal vote which is even easier.

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Get on the electoral register so you can vote in elections and referendums.

Following the earlier appeal for volunteers, this initiative is progressing and there will be a launch event on Thursday 22nd March.

We hope to see you there. Please leave any questions in the comments and of course help us to spread the word by you know what (rhymes with pairing 🙂)

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"John Bromilow and Harry Wildman, who worked at the jail for more than 20 years, were fired by Amey, who had the contract for prison repairs.

But an employment tribunal ruled that the men were unfairly dismissed.

The tribunal, in Liverpool on Friday, said Mr Bromilow, 66, and Mr Wildman, 64, had acted in good faith."


Meanwhile, Sheffield City Council allow Amey to 'self monitor' their operations on our streets, and Facebook group "Sheffield Residents Holding Amey to Account" documents dozens of Health and Safety hazards throughout our City going unaddressed. Something does not add up.

By bringing Sheffielders together in our communities across the city, we hope to find new leading alternative councillors who will fight for the will and the wellbeing of residents over big business interests.

Please join your community page here to make Sheffield work better.

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Two maintenance men were sacked by a prison contractor for raising safety concerns with its governor.

Last night, Sheffield City Council was forced to reveal that their contract with Amey specifies a target of 17,500 trees to be destroyed and replaced with saplings. This proves beyond doubt that Sheffield City Councillors and Council officials have been lying repeatedly, on record, to the people of Sheffield. They have repeatedly stated that there are no targets, and that 6,000 trees would be taken as a part of the necessary works.

We are not sure whether this will lead to c...riminal charges against the parties involved, whether they will be forced to resign, or whether this will be classed as normal behaviour from Sheffield City Council.

Obviously, this is disastrous timing for SCC in their high profile campaign to persecute informed residents and opposition councillors who have protested against this insane contract.

With only 54 days to go to the council elections on May 3rd, Sheffielders are looking for leading alternative candidates who will hold this Council and Amey to account for their mismanagement. will be serving to bring our communities together to identify and inform their leading alternative candidates by May 3rd.…/sheffield-council-forced-to-rev…

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Sheffield Council has been forced to reveal a hugely-controversial PFI highways maintenance contract contains a target to cut down almost half of the city’s 36,000 street trees.

As we watch our police force used as a political goon squad to supplement Amey and Sheffield City Council personnel, ranged against Sheffielders trying to save their healthy trees, Lord Scriven has stepped forward to challenge Chief Constable Stephen Watson.

Lord Scriven (former leader of Sheffield City Council) is asking Chief Constable Stephen Watson whether South Yorkshire Police (SYP) have complied with the regulations on CCTV use, what justification they have to use CCTV... and other evidence gathering means during protests, and what the justification is for the high number of police officers attending each tree felling.

In addition, questions are being raised as to what discussions have taken place between SYP, Amey and the council regarding the use of force to remove protesters from safety zones and whether any agreement has been reached between these parties as to the role of the police at the scene, given SYP officers make no attempt to intervene when events get heated (such as a 66-yr old lady being knocked to the ground).

Lord Scriven also asks who has requested SYP attend each felling, what evidence SYP based their decision to attend on, and whether ongoing deployment is being reviewed.

Finally, questions are raised as to what information is being passed between SYP and/or Amey and Sheffield City Council with regards to the data collected as part of evidence gathering and how does this comply with the Human Rights Act and data protection legislation.

Please tell us how you feel in the comments, and go to Love Sheffield, where you can find your local ward candidate to support. We need to evict the sitting Sheffield City Councillors who support this outrageous misuse of South Yorkshire Police.…/exclusive-sheffield-counc…

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IT is this question, posed by law-abiding Sheffield residents, that goes to the core of misgivings about the number of police being deployed to enable council contractor Amey to continue the demolition of trees in the city: how, they want to know, can South Yorkshire Police justify sending 33 unifor...

A couple of days ago, Amey came and hacked the branches off these magnificent, healthy and iconic London Plane trees. They have admitted that this is to stop birds nesting and roosting there this spring, so felling won't be prevented by law later in the year as per wildlife and countryside act 1981. (no active nesting locations shall be disturbed under penalty).

This is the challenge we face when our Council has zero regard for our natural heritage or wildlife. We have a limi...ted window of opportunity, to bring Sheffielders together, behind the leading alternative candidates for council elections this May 3rd.

Please tell us how you feel in the comments, and go to Love Sheffield, where you can find your local ward candidate to support. We need to evict the sitting Sheffield City Councillors who support this vandalism.

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SHAFT : Sheffield Action For Trees
Community Service

Amey are stepping up their commitment to the rest of Sheffield after the fiasco yesterday...

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Today in Sheffield, many schools are shut, locally owned businesses are struggling to open and operate, routes to hospitals are blocked or dangerous, elderly and vulnerable may not get their visit with medications and food.

Meanwhile, Amey have prioritized gritting roads with trees they want to fell today. With dozens of police officers involved, rather than dealing with real crime or helping deal with the hazardous conditions.

This is Sheffield as run by our council. Don't v...ote Labour this May 3rd - we need to remove 'rule by the few' in our City.

We believe the answer to weak or corrupt central governance is strengthened communities.

Until then, expect services you need to be neglected while money is diverted to the 'power politics' of Sheffield City Council and its 'partners' Amey.

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Who do you know who lives in Sheffield?

This is an inspired attempt to help make our city work better, by connecting and supporting our communities.

Please take a look, let us know what you think, and most importantly pass it on 💪❤️👍


We have 70 days to connect the whole of Sheffield...

If you want to help make this work, please pm us for details. ☺️

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Love Sheffield's photo.
Love Sheffield
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Michael James Keane, following his formal complaint raised against Sheffield City Council has proposed the following action by citizens across Sheffield to force transparency on this intransigent authority.

"In Sheffield there is a £2.2bn essentially self-monitored PFI (Private Finance Initiative) contract. I've satisfied myself that Amey has misreported work and as a result are likely to have been overpaid by many £millions. For reasons best known to themselves some council... officers and elected officials are deliberately blocking public scrutiny of that contract - not just the contract but basic management information that should be readily available.

It is coming close to the time where the Auditors should be called in but SCC hold the purse strings and they are the ones blocking public scrutiny.

I would like to propose a full on Citizens Audit of that contract that Auditors KPMG and SCC can't ignore.

Some 800 volunteers support Sheffield libraries. If just 40 people volunteered it would take two days to do a DVI 'Detailed Visual Inspection' (a highways maintenance term) of every street in Sheffield.

SCC responded on the 14th February with the usual obfuscation. Actions speak louder than words and I see little of that.

With enough support this could be done over a single weekend - the biggest citizens audit in history."

Please respond in the comments, if you are willing to assist - and we will send you a private message with further information and instructions.

Most importantly, please pass this to your friends across Sheffield, so that they can also consider joining us in this community effort.

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There is a way to end this damaging contract without it costing Sheffield tax payers a single penny more.

Please sign this petition, and most importantly share it with your friends, to ensure the council have to respond to this in their next council meeting.…

Petition to rescind the 'Streets Ahead' PFI contract with AMEY HALLAM HIGHWAYS LTD.

The free press is struggling more than ever, but people are connecting with each other directly through social media, informing themselves and preparing to make a difference this May 3rd in Sheffield.

"Today I saw Steven Spielberg's fine new film THE POST, about a crusading 'local' newspaper's exposure of secret government documents in the face of legal challenges. I must admit I wiped away a tear at the line "a free press serves the governed, not the governors". Commentator...s have been quick to draw comparisons with the current U.S. political situation (the film is set in 1971), but I can think of analogies closer to home. I kept envisaging some future sequel about the unredacted publication of Sheffield's Streets Ahead PFI contract. It could be called THE POST II: YORKSHIRE EDITION. I'm pretty sure it won't be called THE STAR."

The snapshot below was recovered by Freedom Of Information request - what does it tell you about the relationship between The Star and Sheffield City Council?

Also below is a readers letter to The Star, 2 years ago... We know what our Council is doing - time for a response from the 65% who don't usually vote in council elections. 💪❤️👍

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Michael James Keane is a retired businessman and senior manager with over 30 years of experience in the public sector including operational and contract management and monitoring. He used to work on national statistics and was the one who set up Safety in Custody Stats.

He's a founder member of the @PeoplesAudit group which was the first to attempt a multi-disciplinary citizens audit of a council's (Lambeth) accounts.

He has raised the following formal complaint against Sheff...

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Time is up for 'rule by the few' in Sheffield, where 10 Council Cabinet members overrule the wishes and wellbeing of half a million residents.

Sheffielders are sick of this council, with their vague Blairite ideology - council elections should be for individual councillors, willing to listen and champion the will and the wellbeing of their residents, not take instructions from above and vote as one block.

Our Council is closed, secretive, dishonest, amateurish, rudderless, au...tocratic, (morally) corrupt... in short, unfit to govern.

Labour criticises Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts up and down the country. But one of the longest, most expensive, and seemingly bad value and destructive ones in existence, is the Streets Ahead contract in Sheffield - championed by Sheffield City Council.

This tribalistic cabal in Sheffield stands for everything their manifesto was against and is the operating antithesis of Labour Principles.

Local elections have ZERO relevance to national elections. Vote for the individual, not for the party in the Council elections this May 3rd - any vote for an SCC incumbent is a vote for Private Finance driven local politics.

💥💥Quotes from Sheffielders...
"I voted for someone I knew from the area who cared about the area and served as a town councillor. I voted for the person rather than the party."

"In my view SCC is not true Labour and doesn't represent Labour values."

"Nationally I voted for the party, Locally I voted for the person."

"I have come to realise many of the 'Labour' councillors do not actually share any core Labour values, and simply pretended to in order to get themselves elected. It's fraud and we have been conned."

"The Labour party support democracy, however in Sheffield they only pretend to, for example a survey they sent out disguised as junk, but which they counted "no reply" as "support"."

#FakeLabour - asset stripping Sheffield.. They don't care

#FakeLabour - stealing our oxygen since 2012

"New Council = Hope for Sheffield. Get rid of #FakeLabour"

👉Imagine Sheffield, run by a competent and compassionate Council.👈

Please pay this forward - it's time for rule by the few to end in Sheffield. Over the next 90 days we will be looking for good, alternative candidates to the SCC incumbents who put the SCC tribe before their constituents.

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