Is Amey still killing healthy trees?

Just as Sheffield begins to relax in the run up to the Council election this May 3rd, Amey pop up to destroy another, apparently healthy tree.

In a beautiful part of the wilderness, on the outskirts of Sheffield... Bolsterstone to be exact, Amey got busy this week, destroying this magnificent tree.


According to the ground crew, one said it was diseased, another said it was damaging the wall and the others remained silent... We have no confidence in their conflicting accounts. The community here were completely unprepared for the operation and are understandably angry.

Other reports coming in of Amey felling in Parsons Cross... where communities are also uninformed.

Please share this post, and let us know in the comments below, if you have seen Amey destroying trees in your area.

This May 3rd, we need to evict ONE THIRD of the damaging tribe of Councillors who form our Council.

See for community focused council candidates.

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It's much hotter in our Sheffield communities which have been hit hardest by the Amey tree cull so far.

Hope we can find a new way forward, which doesn't involve destroying our street tree canopy for profit.

We all love a shady courtyard, but it's tough to know just how effective trees are at beating the heat.


Have I missed the news? From all the election material I have seen coming through from Labour candidates in many places across #Sheffield, it would seem we are in the throes of a national election rather than a local one. Their Council candidates are fighting the issue of Universal Credit, Police cuts, education cuts etc.

Please correct me if I'm barking up the wrong tree, but isn't this why we elect Members of #Parliament? Local communities face ...a lot of issues, but there has been no mention of these. No talk of achievements made, or failures suffered. No mention of how they are going to tackle issues. Have our local Labour Cllrs been failing their constituents? Are they now trying to gloss over that sad fact?

Thanks to Shahid Ali for inspiring the above post...

This May 3rd, vote for your local candidate for Sheffield City Council, who will fight for the wishes and the wellbeing of your community...

Please spread the word... It's not about them, it's about our communities being served by our councillors.

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SHAFT is Sheffield... Through your endorsement by engaging and sharing, we have reached a connected audience of over 300,000 Sheffielders.

Can you please help us to inform Sheffield City Council, who are looking for your vote to continue ruling our city from 3rd May... how you see them?

How do you see our ruling Council?


What could the leader of our Council, Julie Dore and her colleagues do, to change your perceptions?

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Austerity? You've never had it so good!

Leader of Sheffield City Council, Julie Dore never misses an opportunity to blame budget cuts for her weak leadership. We wonder if council officers are running rings around her.

Over £1M per week going out of Sheffield to Spanish company Amey. The Chief Executive is responsible for ensuring good contract management.


Your thoughts?

This May 3rd, we get a chance to evict ONE THIRD of the damaging tribe of Councillors who form our Council. See for alternative candidates as they provide their intros.

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The chief executive of Sheffield City Council earns more than £40,000 more than the Prime Minister, new figures have revealed.

This morning, we posted the news along with this message from a friend. We pulled the post because we couldn't confirm that Amey were to blame.

It turns out this is pretty accurate.

"AMEY and their ultra aggressive resurfacing methods have fractured another gas main.


Again residents evacuated over night, again the national grid wasn’t informed what they were doing where.

THIS is why trees are being felled - because tree roots - perfectly happy being tarmac’d over for decades - get in the way of AMEYs high speed resurfacing machines.

So do gas mains!!! "

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We'll be providing updates on this through the evening.

Residents could be forced to spend the night elsewhere following a major gas leak on a Sheffield street.

Time is running out for Julie Dore and her 'rule by the few' tribe which occupies Sheffield City Council. Sheffielders are coming together to defend our communities and our City from her weak leadership.

Do you normally vote (labour) in local council elections? Are you open to change this May 3rd?

Please see for leading candidates for change this May 3rd.

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This is a special message to you, one of our 3,150 followers.

Thank you so much, for sharing our posts - this is how we reach a potential 'connected audience' of over 300,000 Sheffielders...

Every post you share is one step closer to surrounding our Council with informed residents, expecting a reasonable end to the destruction of healthy street trees for profit by Amey.


We will continue to do our very best, to bring you high quality information about Sheffield City Council, Amey and the Streets Ahead project... and also to refer Sheffielders to Love Sheffield, to move our City's democracy from the dark ages into the 21st Century.

Thank you again, please join us here :

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Incredible turn out, this is just the beginning... ❤️

Lots of photos in the comments...
Please add your own!

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Jarvis Cocker speaks for Sheffield

Today, over a thousand people came to a rainy Sheffield City Hall for a march of unity against the senseless destruction of our street trees. Jarvis Cocker was the headline speaker and made a perfect analogy to describe the insane instruction by Sheffield City Council, to Amey to destroy 17,500 Street Trees for profit... Likening it to removing all your teeth in response to a single tooth ache.

But more touching and impressive, was to see th...e huge crowd of families and residents come together as a community in action.

It was an absolute honour to be involved in this event, and we will hopefully see Love Sheffield go from strength to strength, in turning this darkest of times for our democracy into a beacon of light for the world... An example of a City democracy becoming moulded to serve our communities.

Thank you so much, to everyone who came to this - please share your hopes and feelings in the comments below.

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From a friend to Sheffield ❤️

Chris Roe, Poetry & Photography
Please feel free to share

Here are the revised details for the march of unity this Saturday morning. We're really excited about seeing you at this event - we have a chance to show that Sheffielders are funny, passionate, caring and above all Love Our City.

It's going to be a carnival atmosphere, so bring something to toot! 😁


Sat 9:45 AM UTC+01Sheffield City HallSheffield, United Kingdom
160 people interested

As Sheffielders, we wish to see our Council work as an open and transparent democracy, driven by the needs of our communities - "It's Our City" is an initiative by Sheffield residents who are working towards the same ends... please read and pass this on to people you know will care.

Dear friends/Sheffield residents!





FOUR WEEKS to go to Sheffield local elections on May 3rd. 28 ward seats are up for election across our city.

It’s Our City! is working to a community – not a party political – agenda. We know that many, many people and groups share our concerns about how the city is being run.

It’s Our City! are targetting 6 winnable wards and have asked 6 candidates to sign up to our five community-developed pledges.

One says, “I am more than happy to sign these pledges, they are everything I believe in” (Gail Smith, Mosborough).

Another says, “The pledges are just what the Council needs, if all councillors acted in accordance with them it would be wonderful” (Alison Teal, Nether Edge and Sharrow).

Activities are now taking place in target wards over all the next four weekends (leafletting, stalls, talking to residents, attending community events) morning and afternoon – plus some weekday evenings.

Even if you can only identify one or two slots to join us, please do so. More information about It’s Our City! community pledges, the target wards, and the candidates we are supporting, is available at:


Thursday 5th April – meet 6pm end of Sharrow Lane (opposite Airy Fairy) – leafletting part of Nether Edge and Sharrow ward, and part of City ward (look out for the fb event!)

Friday 6th April – meet 6pm outside Gertie’s Café, South Rd. Walkley – leafletting part of Walkley ward, and part of Crookes and Crosspool ward. Lift/s available (look out for the fb event!)

Saturday 7th April – stall outside Town Hall for the rally for the ‘Get Off My Tree’ march.

Saturday 7th April – afternoon stall (1.30-4) at Crystal Peaks shopping centre, Mosborough ward. Lift available 1pm.

Saturday 7th April – stall at Peddler’s food market, 6-8.30, Kelham Island, City ward. Lift available.

Sunday 8th April – stall on route of Sheffield half-marathon. 9.30-11, Hunter’s Bar roundabout (entrance to Endcliffe Park, or close by), Broomhill and Sharrow Vale ward.



Ruth Hubbard, Anne Barr, Joe Pitt and Margaret Hines – on behalf of It’s Our City!

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SHAFT have been invited to speak at this event - we hope to see you there this Saturday.

Protesters will meet at Sheffield's City Hall for a demonstration this weekend

This is an urgent appeal to Sheffielders who care deeply about our living memorial on Western Road, to gather with us for a photo call for The Sunday Times - which is writing a huge expose of the intended desecration by Amey as agreed by Julie Dore and her Cabinet members who currently rule our Council.

We are sorry this is very late notice, but hopefully you can drop everything for a very brief visit to Western Road to show Sheffield City Council that Sheffielders stand unit...ed in respect for our soldiers who gave their lives for our country - and do not consent to the desecration of their living memorial.

Here are the details we have been passed - please share this post now, so that everyone able to make it will join us.


PLACE : Assemble at the corner of Western Road and Mona Avenue, Crookes S10 1LB

DATE : Wednesday 4th April

TIME : Meet up at 12:50 p.m. - the photograph should be taken by 1:15 p.m.

If you're coming by bus, take the 52 or 52A and as it goes along Crookes Road, get off at School Road and walk down the gentle slope.

If you're coming by car, parking on Western Road should not be too bad because the school is closed this week.

We hope to see you there.

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When Michael Gove, the Green Party, Jarvis Cocker, Nick Clegg, Jeremy Corbyn and every UK newspaper thinks you're mad, start talking and stop chopping. Not just until the furore dies down (it won't) but for good.

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