There is a way to end this damaging contract without it costing Sheffield tax payers a single penny more.

Please sign this petition, and most importantly share it with your friends, to ensure the council have to respond to this in their next council meeting.…

Petition to rescind the 'Streets Ahead' PFI contract with AMEY HALLAM HIGHWAYS LTD.

The free press is struggling more than ever, but people are connecting with each other directly through social media, informing themselves and preparing to make a difference this May 3rd in Sheffield.

"Today I saw Steven Spielberg's fine new film THE POST, about a crusading 'local' newspaper's exposure of secret government documents in the face of legal challenges. I must admit I wiped away a tear at the line "a free press serves the governed, not the governors". Commentator...s have been quick to draw comparisons with the current U.S. political situation (the film is set in 1971), but I can think of analogies closer to home. I kept envisaging some future sequel about the unredacted publication of Sheffield's Streets Ahead PFI contract. It could be called THE POST II: YORKSHIRE EDITION. I'm pretty sure it won't be called THE STAR."

The snapshot below was recovered by Freedom Of Information request - what does it tell you about the relationship between The Star and Sheffield City Council?

Also below is a readers letter to The Star, 2 years ago... We know what our Council is doing - time for a response from the 65% who don't usually vote in council elections. 馃挭鉂わ笍馃憤

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Michael James Keane is a retired businessman and senior manager with over 30 years of experience in the public sector including operational and contract management and monitoring. He used to work on national statistics and was the one who set up Safety in Custody Stats.

He's a founder member of the @PeoplesAudit group which was the first to attempt a multi-disciplinary citizens audit of a council's (Lambeth) accounts.

He has raised the following formal complaint against Sheff...

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Time is up for 'rule by the few' in Sheffield, where 10 Council Cabinet members overrule the wishes and wellbeing of half a million residents.

Sheffielders are sick of this council, with their vague Blairite ideology - council elections should be for individual councillors, willing to listen and champion the will and the wellbeing of their residents, not take instructions from above and vote as one block.

Our Council is closed, secretive, dishonest, amateurish, rudderless, au...tocratic, (morally) corrupt... in short, unfit to govern.

Labour criticises Private Finance Initiative (PFI) contracts up and down the country. But one of the longest, most expensive, and seemingly bad value and destructive ones in existence, is the Streets Ahead contract in Sheffield - championed by Sheffield City Council.

This tribalistic cabal in Sheffield stands for everything their manifesto was against and is the operating antithesis of Labour Principles.

Local elections have ZERO relevance to national elections. Vote for the individual, not for the party in the Council elections this May 3rd - any vote for an SCC incumbent is a vote for Private Finance driven local politics.

馃挜馃挜Quotes from Sheffielders...
"I voted for someone I knew from the area who cared about the area and served as a town councillor. I voted for the person rather than the party."

"In my view SCC is not true Labour and doesn't represent Labour values."

"Nationally I voted for the party, Locally I voted for the person."

"I have come to realise many of the 'Labour' councillors do not actually share any core Labour values, and simply pretended to in order to get themselves elected. It's fraud and we have been conned."

"The Labour party support democracy, however in Sheffield they only pretend to, for example a survey they sent out disguised as junk, but which they counted "no reply" as "support"."

#FakeLabour - asset stripping Sheffield.. They don't care

#FakeLabour - stealing our oxygen since 2012

"New Council = Hope for Sheffield. Get rid of #FakeLabour"

馃憠Imagine Sheffield, run by a competent and compassionate Council.馃憟

Please pay this forward - it's time for rule by the few to end in Sheffield. Over the next 90 days we will be looking for good, alternative candidates to the SCC incumbents who put the SCC tribe before their constituents.

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Yesterday, 19th January 2018 the senseless destruction of healthy trees to boost Amey's profits continues as Sheffield City Council continue to ignore residents across the city. The next council elections are on the 3rd of May - 65% of Sheffielders think that it's a waste of time voting. Please help us to give the 65% a voice this time around.

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Thanks so much to a kind supporter for taking the time to email her personal complaint to Sheffield City Council, and for sharing with us the 'factually distorted' response by Amey... We have had special assistance from expert informed resident Professor Jennifer Saul, who has written many articles for Huffpost on the street trees campaign, and has very kindly agreed to help correct some of these distortions below.

We would welcome your comments - and please forward to your friends who may also wish to inform themselves of the facts.

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SHAFT : Sheffield Action For Trees added a new photo to the album: Before & After 鈥 in Sheffield.

Today, Amey came for a beautiful, iconic Ash tree in Millhouses. The community here have fought long and hard to save "Milly the Magnificent" which Amey claimed was 'damaging' despite it being well inside the grass verge. Regardless, Amey came under cover of darkness, went up the tree with handsaws and took the tree while residents slept.

Our Council is revealing a deep, cancerous contempt for the will of the people, and total disinterest in working to get Amey under control.

The only hope we have of a change in their attitude, is to surround them with informed residents... how does this make you feel? and who can you tell?

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So, the decision to fell Western Rd Memorial Trees was announced yesterday, after a long expensive process of looking at options to save them. I believe, along with many others the decision was made some time back and the process was only carried out to enable them to say they had given these trees special consideration.

The quote of 拢500k to save them cannot be itemised due to confidentiality given to protect AMEYs original tender, so we had no evidence to support that the e...stimate is real. Outside sources and experts claim the trees can be saved for much less, some using methods included in the contract, yet we are expected to blindly believe otherwise. Our head of highways has publicly stated he is not interested in retaining trees but maintaining the roads and he appears to be in control of these figures.

A question was asked if consideration had been given, to how these mature trees help with pollution on a busy road, especially situated to a nearby school, but these facts were rebuffed.

When challenged on how disrespectful this decision is to our fallen soldiers, Bryan Lodge had the audacity to say the questioner was being disrespectful to the residents on Western Road whose properties were being damaged. Yet when one of his fellow councillors had personally questioned the residents on Western Road a whopping 98% wanted to retain the trees.

Bryan Lodge harps on about retaining the concept and replacing these families (of which I am one) of these fallen soldiers and residents, these trees are irreplaceable. One must truly understand the concept of a memorial tree to appreciate this.

This extract, calling for the planting of memorial trees, is from a letter to Sheffield Telegraph written in 1918 by V.H. Lucas resident of Firth Park and he explains it beautifully;
'To make it a success there needs only to be real unity of purpose supported and driven by a whole-hearted propelling force of energy to achieve it. Bronze, marble or stone memorials will be good in their place, but they cannot give the comfort and consolation to parents that a tree could do.
They give the bursting leaf, the unfolding of the beautiful leaf, the growing twig, the expanding and gradual development into a comely outline of a noble and beautiful tree. Such as due care can produce, while as year by year goes by there is presented to you, the truest, most ideal and what I venture to assert, is the nearest symbol, likeness or reminder of the loved ones lost. One鈥檚 babyhood, boyhood, youth and manhood.
This appeal for tree memorials is suggested in hope of a response which it so honourably deserves. Is Sheffield capable of responding.'

In 1917 Sheffielders responded and the trees were planted, in 2017 I ask a similar question, is Sheffield capable of responding and challenging our Council, intent on destroying our heritage?

~ Alison Garner, descendant of Sapper Ernest Beck

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Sheffielders love our pets... As we await some sign of compassion from our council leaders on our Western Road living memorial, this poem is pretty special.

Mummy bought a poppy,
and I wondered what it was for,
she said it was in memory of those who died in war,...
And when she pinned it on my coat,
a story did emerge,
about the many furbabies who crossed the rainbow bridge.
They stood loyally with their soldiers,
and never left their side,
and when the shells came over
many of them died.
So mummy told the story
and said the poppy was for me,
so I'd remember all the animals
who died to keep us free.
Because of them, I have a home,
that's warm, with love and care,
and I know that when I need them,
my mum and dad will be there.
So I will be the best I can,
whatever may befall,
and think, with gratitude, of those
who gave so much to free us all,
And every year, for just two minutes,
I'll be good and quiet,
And there, upon my coat, I'll wear
my poppy deep with pride.

A special poem, for all the dogs, horses, pigeons, glow worms, etc, who gave their love and lives in that terrible war, and those who have given since. RIP.

Love from Paddy Paws.

Thanks to all of our supporters everywhere. 鉂わ笍

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As we wait for Sheffield City Council to make decisions about the Western Road trees, here's something to meditate on...

Thanks to Liz Churton Artist & Animator for this film based on the poem by Oliver Lomax.

What do you think? Who do you know who would appreciate this?

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As we approach the latest deadline of 31st December, Amey are going into desperate overdrive to destroy as many trees as possible towards their quota of 6,000 by the end of this phase.

We have just discovered the following list of roads which will be closed this week, to allow Amey to take whichever trees they can access despite resident's outrage.

There are 126 trees for potential destruction this week - most of which are entirely healthy and undamaging... being destroyed to... boost Amey's profits.

We need to expose this nightmare - and encourage our council to realise that they are not a law unto themselves.

What do you think? Who do you know who would appreciate this?

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Friday 8th December, 9am - Leader of Sheffield City Council, Cllr Julie Dore was interviewed by Toby Foster on BBC Radio Sheffield. Full Interview here :

In the interview, Julie was pressed to acknowledge responsibility for the licensing of Amey operatives to provide security services around the unwanted operations to destroy healthy trees for profit across Sheffield.


After some squirming, Julie accepted that SCC are responsible for the monitoring of SIA licenses, and assured Toby that SCC were acting - and would consider prosecuting Amey for failing to properly manage their operatives.

Within minutes of this assurance, the Amey operative in this film accosted a resident in the street, some distance away from the 6ft fenced felling operations. On being challenged for his SIA identification, the operative concealed his badge. Amey are out of control, and Sheffield City Council are complicit.

We need to expose this situation to people across Sheffield. What do you think? Who do you know who would appreciate this?

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SHAFT : Sheffield Action For Trees added a new photo to the album: Before & After 鈥 in Sheffield.


This iconic London Plane tree on Vainor Road, Wadsley was healthy and simply destroyed to avoid the cost of maintenance by Amey.

The 'Independent' Tree Panel, employed by Sheffield City Council judged this tree to be a "Very fine prominent tree. Kerb displaced. Rooting in carriageway." and to "Consider exceptional engineering solution to retain tree."


Amey decided to destroy it instead, and pocket the difference.

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Please let us know how you would vote. (hover your mouse pointer over the button, or on a smartphone press and hold for the options)

Sheffield City Council appear to be masters of "mock surveys" which they use to legitimise their actions. We want to give Sheffielders a better voice.

Amey and the Streets Ahead project team are busy patting each other on the back, quoting a National Highways survey which asks people whether the roads have improved (Doh! pothole city was so bad..., a pile of sand tipped on the streets would have been an improvement).

We believe they are disconnected from reality - we would like to poll as many Sheffielders as possible for their views... let's get the real picture from residents across Sheffield. Thank you.

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Every year for more than 20 years, from the 1st December, a very special street is decorated for Christmas. This is Abbeydale Park Rise.

Sadly, this will be the last year we see these magical scenes, as Amey contractors proceed to rip through one more community in pursuit of profit, destroying the healthy trees which Amey deems 'over mature' and with Sheffield City Council handling 'crowd control' to ensure they are unhindered by distraught residents.

Please help this communi...ty raise funds for St. Luke's - Sheffield's Hospice here :…/abbeydaleparkrisechristmas

What do you think? Who do you know who would appreciate this?

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We have just discovered clear evidence that Sheffield City Council (SCC) statements to the mainstream media include insidious propaganda, designed to mislead the public and to suppress its opposition.

Recently, SCC accused Cllr Alison Teal of breaching an injunction forbidding entry into a safety zone, defined by Mr Justice Males as an area "'enclosed by barriers which have been erected on the public highway"*. SCC brought charges against her on spurious evidence, which the ...judge quickly dismissed. Cllr Teal had not entered a safety zone.

SCC communications responded by implying that Cllr Teal HAD broken the law but had gotten away with it on a 'technicality'. This was tweeted several times by SCC and at least two city councillors, and was also published in the press.

This deliberate attempt to belittle the court findings and reaffirm that the SCC accusation against Cllr Teal was correct is revealed by this internal email by the "Head of Communications" for Sheffield City Council, obtained by a Freedom of Information request.*

Sheffielders want honesty from our elected representatives. Please help us to expose these people... Who do you know who would appreciate this and pass it on?


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Sheffield City Council often cite statistics to support their claims. However, there is significant misdirection in the statistics they so widely quote in press releases and statements. This article explains exactly how the figures used by SCC are misrepresented - leading to further mistrust that our council is fit for purpose and gives clear evidence that their decisions on our behalf are suspect.

馃挜Who do you know, who would appreciate this and pass it on?馃挜

Sheffield Council put out a statement on the BBC recently, during an episode of Countryfile, defending their outsourced Streets Ahead contract against accusations of needlessly felling thousands of mature street trees: