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"I am a member of SMU Eurhythmix and I mostly do urban hip hop. That said, I really enjoy exploring other genres of dance and picking styles I love and infusing them into what I do.

I started fooling around with dance quite a few years ago, trying out breaking and popping and injuring myself quite a bit in the process. I realized that I wasn't going anywhere with just fooling around so when I entered University I decided to join a dance club so that I could pursue dance as than just an interest.

I've been doing sports my entire life prior to even attempting dance and when I tried it, it was such an enjoyable process which I saw myself potentially wanting to do for the rest of my life. The fun of it and the community is what inspired me to pursue dance as a career.

A good friend once told me, we are our memory - without it, we are nothing. I got this quote from Avenged Sevenfold's song Remenissions and it really reflects on how it is important to remember your beginnings and to stay rooted and truthful to who you are and what you really wish to achieve.

I choreographed my first major production and standing there to the applause of the audience along with every other dancer I shared the stage with was absolutely exhilarating.

Every tough moment comes unexpectedly but it's really rewarding when you witness yourself pull through it along with everyone else as a team. Everything is possible - only if you believe it to be. Have faith that one day you will pull through and never, never stop pursuing your passion because you never know that one day your dream might actually come true and you would never want to miss that opportunity."

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