GoAL WaSH project in the Philippines
ICWC #WaterDialogues: Disturbed, desirable or damaging? Transformation of hydro-social processes with Dr Naho Mirumachi
Closing Plenary - World Water Week 2017
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Valery Djondo
· August 24, 2017
SIWI is a matter of OCDE which is a matter of Rothschilds which is an international criminal and a threat for the human kind and the life phenomenon itself.
We ...can see here #WWWeek that SHELL and NESTLE are supporting the event ?
These are some of the worst water spoiler and threat about the right against discriminated access to water.

So far, these compagnies and financing families are known to support so called "white" supremacy and the superiority of a civilisation that is killing life itself.

Thank you for reading.
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Paul Opara John
· August 28, 2017
Interesting event and organization, most people that I encountered are people in governance and probably detached from reality. Only handful people could tell me exactly what they work with. I hear things like, we managed people that manages people and the lists of management kept going. See More
Vân Dinh
· August 30, 2017
I was denied access to the 2017 World Water Week (#siwi_water, annual global conference with roughly 3000 participants) because I brought my 7-month-old baby me. Another mother from the UK also found herself in the same situation with her 6-year-old son. A mother from Ghana didn’t try to register with her 3-year-old son. Regular participants told me that children had been admitted previously. And I know from the facts that professional mothers are welcome in other high-level meetings and conferences. But not here, not this year.

We travelled from Seattle, USA to Stockholm, Sweden. Stephen is a quiet yet curious and friendly baby. Cute and smiling. I have minimized work travels since a while. However, this time, I registered because I have to meet several organizations and companies who all would be in Stockholm. Stephen’s father had planned to take care of him, but then had to travel this week. So Stephen and I travelled together, transiting through Amsterdam. He behaved very well everywhere.

I got my weekly badge at the registration desk on Saturday afternoon and attended Sunday’s activities. On Monday, after the plenary, I came in and wasn’t allowed to get through. I talked to the staff and the organizers for half an hour. NEJ!

Guess the various reasons given to me: Oh, what if your baby cries? (well, I am a considerate person, I would leave the session); Oh, we don’t have breastfeeding room (but Stephen is on bottle, and by the way, churches, mosques and planes and parliaments don’t have breastfeeding rooms either); Oh, it isn’t safe for children here (I am Stephen’s mother so I am responsible of his safety, and we walk down the streets daily - is the meeting room less safe? should we all know this and be concerned?); Oh, in the past, other participants complained that they couldn’t work because of children around (really, I would like to know these colleagues)…

I asked to submit a written complaint, then left the Conference with a bad taste in mouth. The organizers told me they would contact me when the Conference would be over.

Now I am emailing people I plan to meet to find time for me (and Stephen) in the beautiful garden at the City Conference Center. But I can't accept that I am deprived of networking and learning opportunities.

So why SIWI is that unfriendly to professional mothers this year? New team? New policy? Ironically enough, the Conference plans to discuss, inter alia, the role of women in the water and sanitation field, and calls for preserving water for future generations. It would appear that women are to be excluded once they have children -which would seem a strange approach to water and sanitation.

I feel discriminated and upset. In all societies, mothers have worked with children around them. There are so many professional couples with children (or plan to have) like mine who continue to pursue their work but whose jobs require regular travels. I remember that last year, the global 4th Women Deliver Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark) touched upon this issue – exclusion of professional mothers. Across the straits in Sweden, women are, at least by this meeting's standard, considered inappropriate to contribute.

We must still speak up.

Dear colleagues, mothers and fathers, for your upcoming conference, you might want to ask about its child-friendliness.
Van Dinh
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Malakeng Hloma
· August 29, 2017
Great initiative, great minds and great vision for our planet.
Bathula Sanjeevarayudu
· August 13, 2017
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Latee Andy
· August 26, 2017
This organization gives powered push to researchers in water resources.
Bill D. Finney
· May 8, 2017
A hopeful movement that grows ever more pertinent!
Nand Kishore Verma
· December 23, 2016
It's play very important role in the field of water conservation and education. I learns a lot .SIWI Recorganise the people who work for water
Mahmoud Nawar
· January 14, 2017
SIWI is of importance in understanding various water aspects, and what has to be done in water conservation and use.
Okoye Chukwuma Franklin
· May 19, 2016
SIWI is great platform for Stakeholders in the water sector to access all information needed to enhance and develop the safe and clean water supply.
Okech Kendo
· April 13, 2015
#OurWaterOurLife, a campaign that has been running for the last one year from Kenya, invites everyryone to share its posts to share water experiences in 2015 in the context of millennium development goals. The deadline is dead, but where it the water????
Endang Setiawan
· January 6, 2017
SIWI is of importance in understanding various water aspects, and what has to be done in water conservation and use.
Katy Lannas
July 29, 2012
At the end of this week a list of Zimbabwe's remaining wetland areas is supposed to be ratified. This could possibly help Mana as you are by law supposed to not... build on or destroy wetlands - well at least in theory!
Here's a teeny weeny glimmer of hope for Borrowdale Vlei. The petition is still going against it's demolition on

Harare councillors plan court action over Mall project

By Alex Bell
26 July 2012

A group of City Councillors in Harare are planning a legal bid to halt the
construction of a mall in Borrowdale, with more questions being asked about
the legality of the agreement that led to the land being handed over as a
building site.

The mall project has been shrouded in controversy and marred by public
protest, with conservationists leading the call for the building site to be
moved elsewhere. Currently, the plans are to build the mall in a wetlands
area of Borrowdale, which conservation groups have warned will have a
serious environmental impact.

The Elected Councillors Association of Zimbabwe is now also planning to step
in, amid reports of shady deals and corruption. The Association has
finalised papers it plans to lodge with the Administrative Court to halt the
construction, as part of a wider investigation into unscrupulous business
dealings in Harare involving Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo.

The Association’s Worship Dumba told SW Radio Africa on Thursday that the
matter goes back to a 2008 deal secured by Chombo for the construction of
the Harare Airport Road. That project saw an agreement being signed by
Chombo and Augur Investments, the company now also involved in the mall

The land now being used for the mall in Borrowdale is understood to be part
of the payment plan for the airport road, which was priced at US$80 million.
That figure is seventy million more than what independent estimates pegged
the cost of the road to be. A councillors investigation in 2010 meanwhile
said that the agreement formed part of a scam to “fleece the council out of
millions of dollars and vast tracts of prime land.”

Dumba told SW Radio Africa that the irregularities are vast, including the
fact that Augur Investments was a company set up by Chombo back in 2008.
Among the companies board of directors are Harare City Council Town Clerk
Tendai Mahachi, and the director of urban planning services Psychology
Chiwanga, who are all Chombo placements. Dumba said this is a clear
“conflict of interest.”

He also explained how the proper procedures for the selling of council land
were also not followed in the deal for the mall, including the fact that the
land was seriously undervalued.

“It is very queer that the land which is worth 15 dollars per square meter
was sold at just three dollars fifty per square metre,” Dumba explained.

He added that other legal requirements, like residents being legally allowed
to register their complaints about council land plans, were not followed. He
said these procedural problems, plus the clear conflict of interests in the
deal were enough to table a legal challenge.

“We think it is best that that the administrative court looks into it and
brings everyone to book who is involved in shoddy deals. Our paperwork is
finalised and we are waiting for a council decision on the future of the
mall before deciding to file the application,” Dumba said

The Harare City Council is still to give its full approval for the project
at a meeting in the city next Tuesday. Already, Harare Mayor Muchadeyi
Masunda has given the plans the ‘thumbs up’ while the council’s environment
committee has said it approves of the plan.
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Abdou Bacha
· March 9, 2017
good news when i discover this site
Kabatabazi Patricia
· February 6, 2017
Networking is a way of solving every problem in transboundary water reource management.
Votka Vişne
December 10, 2012
Sell in child is accepted as freedom in this country.The Republic of TURKEY DOİNG THİS,Its unnamed example of discrimination.The efforts impose,and assimilating....Thinking can be late. The biggest mistake accept The Republic of TURKEY.Thinking can be late.
There is your a reason for can take place the on the long church jacket
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Mikael Bergius
February 18, 2013
The environmental journal Tvergastein is seeking student contributions. The theme of our next issue is “Adaptation (and its limits)”
Jirka Klicpera
· November 19, 2014
Wery nice and interesant photos....
Oliver Odikamnoro
September 29, 2011
This ia a powerhouse of global water affairs. A water Mecca of sorts
Athumani Shariff
May 8, 2013
It is good site actually, water is very crucial problem worldwide.

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LIVESTREAM from Stockholm!

Training Days Agenda
The Tools for Urban Climate Adaptation Training days aim to provide a platform for sharing new methodologies and tools among leaders, decision makers and practitioners that work with climate solutions on a daily basis.


Each workshop will include guidance on:

- Eco- engineering Decision Scaling (EEDS)
- Collaborative Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA)
- CRIDA & World Bank Decision Tree Framework
- Participant challenge and solution sharing session, moderated by Alliance for Global Water Ad-aptation (AGWA) and Deltares.

Unique to each workshop location, leading regional and national cases studies will be presented for discussion.

The training is free of charge and will be held in English.

28 November 2017 - Stockholm, Sweden
29 November 2017 - Turku, Finland (…/training-workshops-climat…)
30 November 2017 - Copenhagen, Denmark (…/)

Programme, Stockholm 28 November

09:30 Coffee and registration

10:00 Welcome and Introduction by Maggie White, SIWI

10:05 Tour de table - New challenges – New solutions

10:25 Swedish National Climate Change Adaptation Plans
Åsa Sjöström, National Knowledge Centre for Climate Change Adaptation, SMHI.

10:50 Leg stretcher

11:00 Introduction to bottom-up methodologies by John Matthews, Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA)
- CRIDA & World Bank Decision Tree Framework.
- Eco-engineering Decision Scaling (EEDS): An inclusive approach.

11:40 Working through a Collaborative Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA) by Ad Jeuken, Deltares

12:30 Light lunch

13:15 Regional Case Study: The iWater project – Integrated Stormwater Management. Nika Kotoviča, iWater project coordinator

13:30 Swedish Case Study, TBD

13:50 How can adaptive tools/methodologies be used to support decision making in an uncertain environment? Discussion led by John Matthews and Ad Jeuken

14:55 Summary and next steps

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