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SM Little Stars 2018 now on going here at #SMFairview! 🙂 #SMLittleStars2018
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William John G. Balderama
· March 19, 2018
This is a message to SM City Fairview security and management:

Are you providing free training on personal security procedures for SM mall tenants/employees? A friend of mine just fell victim of a so...-called ‘riding-in-tandem’ just outside of the mall a little past closing time. I asked her if she and her teammates ever got any kind of PS training from mall security.

The answer is NO.

This should be standard training. To protect your tenants and employees, you should hold — free-of-charge — training on what spots around the mall to avoid past quitting time when they are trying to catch a ride home; how not to be a victim of criminal acts while walking outside the mall; and other personal measures to take. A lot of mall employees are young and vulnerable. Teaching them some simple personal safety techniques and procedures go a long way.
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Abegail Policarpio
· April 15, 2018
Almost every week, nasa SM Fairview kami. Didn't experience something bad since then but a while ago when I was looking for a specific bag at their #Kipling Store, kasi I wanted to check the price to if saan kami mas makakamura, some saleslady said "Magpupurchase ba sila?". I felt bad about it. Even if I was asking for the price and obviously just canvassing, she should not be rude like that, But, still love SM Fairview, will not come back at #Kipling na lang. A loyal costumer should not be treated that way. ��� See More
Brad Peadon
· April 13, 2018
Nobody in your store knows where anything is.
I even asked in the alcohol store for Tanduay. Girl tells me they dont sell it.
Then I find a wall of it....
They are either not wanting sales, or are racist.

Surely,in a population so huge, you must be able to find people living in the real world :-(
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Maki Alivia
· November 22, 2017
I just got my ticket for Paramore’s concert at SM Fairview’s Cinema ticket booth. Good thing is I don’t have to wait in line since I already have my reservation code, I just have to pickup my reserved... tickets and pay it there. The problem is the booth, were the tickets are selling, only accepts cash transaction only. I paid my tickets through credit card but the personnel have to swipe my card on the other ticket booth which is on the other side of the 3rd floor cinema. My only mistake is I didn’t insist to go with the personnel to see if he swipe my card properly or correctly on the other ticket booth. Now I’m having anxiety if they’ve copied my card number and use it for their personal transactions �� But since I’m also working at SM, I trust that every personnel or employee, whether they are assigned in the cinema, supermarket, department store or mall itself, should have the integrity not to do those kind of sinful conduct. If ever such thing happened, well, I know where to go. ��

Shoutout to SM Fairview Cinema, please provide credit/debit card swiping machine on both ticket booths because not all customers prefer to pay their transaction in cash especially those who will buy concert tickets.
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Evangeline Morales
· October 30, 2017
SM Fairview could at least suspend the P20 parking fee until they can provide ample parking space. We understand the construction for better services but be considerate since we have to experience th...e traffic in & out of the mall premises. Aside from that, it's not covered & not secured as well. Thanks that i havent encountered masungit guards though � See More
GianCarlo Rivera
· January 1, 2018
SM Appliance Center Fairview branch is the worst appliance center with the worst customer service. I had a terrible customer service experience with them today. I purchased a 49' Samsung UHDTV package... with sound bar and ABS CBN TV Plus the night of December 30, 2017. I went back the following day December 31, 2017 to purchase a wall bracket. That was afternoon. I had my TV installed night of December 31, 2017 however, the TV was not turning on and it the upper left edge of screen has crack on it. I was very careful with the items when I brought it home and even booked a 6-seater car in Uber to make sure that it won't be damaged so I am 100% sure that it was not on my end that the item was damaged. The only mistake I did is I was not able to check if the same item was put on the box when they tested it as i was instructed to go to cashier right away to make a payment and have the items claimed afterwards. I went back the following day January 1, 2018 but the SM Appliance Center was closed, which they did not tell the customers that they will be closed on a New Year's Day. So I had to leave the items to the Customer Service Center as I cannot afford to bring the items back home. I went today January 2, 2017 and was assisted by a supervisor and got the worst customer service experience. I was instructed to get the items back as their technician will need to visit my house to have it checked and I don't fucking understand why do I have to bring those items back when the items are alteady here? Makes no fucking sense. It was such a fucking inconvenience that I had to bring it back home. Uber costs 300 pesos and they won't even refund it. I'll make sure to bring this incident up to you Corporate Office and will file an executive complaint. I will reach to media if this issue will not be resolved the soonest possible time. See More
Neil-Patrick Mendoza Rumpel
· February 16, 2018
They're parking is crap and shouldn't be charging 20 peso. I pay 20 peso at Ayala terraces and get to park my car in a parking building . Also their supermarket sells roast chicken with salmonella. So... if you want free food poisoning go ahead and buy from them. See More
Marienelle Descargar Dela Cruz
· December 18, 2017
Wow just wow! They are open so early in the morning. The patient are already there around 8am however doctors arrived around 6 pm. What the hell. If theres no doctor available why you guys are still so early. Why dont you just closed and be done with it. You wanted to have those patients waits forever. Guys just a friendly reminder if you ever got sick Dont go to Medical City especially here in SM fairview. You will be disappointed big time See More
Michael Kein C Mendez
· April 19, 2018
If there is only a 0 star i would choose it. Fuck you ! Sm fairview sucks ! You would think the prices for their pork are fair so i tried to buy half a kilo of ground pork worth 195per kg and another ...half kilo of ground pork worth 177per kg and what happened when i went home? The meat has this disgusting smell !! You mother fuckers are fucking scammers! I even made some lumpia with that meat thinking the smell would go away after its cooked but no its still fucking there! Thanks alot you fucking morons ! I should have listened to my guts when i had the instinct to fucking buy meat somewhere else. all i can say is FUCK YOU FOR SCAMMING MY MONEY FROM ME! The first time i buy meat from you guys and it fucking sucked! Fucking scammers id love to kill all of you! See More
Von Padilla
· November 5, 2017
The mall hour says it opens at 10 am - 9 pm, pero bakit 11 pa binubuksan? My 1 hour was wasted waiting outside in the sm...not only me but those people who tried to go there very early becuase they ar...e thinking that the opening of the mall was 10 am. Please please clarify the mall hours.. �� See More
Aj Landicho
· February 12, 2018
I just bought a diaper for my child who is a PWD but didn't give discount. It's my child's privilege to have that discount.
Simon Pavel T Miranda
· March 15, 2018
Your storyland operator when on a toilet break that took maybe had to wait to be able to ride..your operator wouldn't take the kids on the ride even if we told him tkts will follow since's his cashier that went on a long break...kawawa mga bata See More
Carl Delfino
· February 21, 2018
went last feb 20th 2018 charge us parking fee none guarantee of parking space. Confusing exits and btw lost ticket will cost you 200 pesos... almost lost ours. SM Fairview management you SUcks!!!!
Serge JC Côté
· October 7, 2017
P20.00 to park a motorcycle. Henry Sy you stink! Look at the design of SM malls, is this a man who cares about aesthetics and making the world a better place? Nope! Money, money money.
Mack Acman
· October 22, 2017
Parking are of SM Fairview sucks big time, too far from the entrance and abusive guards.
Jan Der
· December 4, 2017
Worst parking lot, worst comfort room, no tissue no handsoap,
Nickson Garcia
· March 30, 2018
so peaceful lovely and perfect love SM City Fairview
Kim Rowi Salientes Somabes
· December 3, 2017
So freaking loud all the time. It's not family friendly.
Abner Tiu Catis
· March 10, 2018
Worst parking
Shiela Villena
· September 26, 2017
Your foreign exchange sevice in Sm supermarket area sucks!!!!