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Rig Veda, tr. by Ralph T.H. Griffith, [1896], at

HYMN CXLVI. Aranyani.


अरण्यान्यरण्यान्यसौ या परेव नश्यसि |
कथाग्रामं न पर्छसि न तवा भीरिव विन्दती.अ.अ.अन ||
वर्षारवाय वदते यदुपावति चिच्चिकः |
आघाटिभिरिवधावयन्नरण्यानिर्महीयते ||
उत गाव इवादन्त्युत वेश्मेव दर्श्यते |
उतो अरण्यानिःसायं शकटीरिव सर्जति ||
गामङगैष आ हवयति दार्वङगैषो अपावधीत |
वसन्नरण्यान्यां सायमक्रुक्षदिति मन्यते ||
न वा अरण्यानिर्हन्त्यन्यश्चेन नाभिगछति |
सवादोःफलस्य जग्ध्वाय यथाकामं नि पद्यते ||
आञ्जनगन्धिं सुरभिं बह्वन्नामक्र्षीवलाम |
पराहम्म्र्गाणां मातरमरण्यानिमशंसिषम ||

araṇyānyaraṇyānyasau yā preva naśyasi |
kathāghrāmaṃ na pṛchasi na tvā bhīriva vindatī ||
vṛṣāravāya vadate yadupāvati ciccikaḥ |
āghāṭibhirivadhāvayannaraṇyānirmahīyate ||
uta ghāva ivādantyuta veśmeva dṛśyate |
uto araṇyāniḥsāyaṃ śakaṭīriva sarjati ||
ghāmaṅghaiṣa ā hvayati dārvaṅghaiṣo apāvadhīt |
vasannaraṇyānyāṃ sāyamakrukṣaditi manyate ||
na vā araṇyānirhantyanyaścen nābhighachati |
svādoḥphalasya jaghdhvāya yathākāmaṃ ni padyate ||
āñjanaghandhiṃ surabhiṃ bahvannāmakṛṣīvalām |
prāhammṛghāṇāṃ mātaramaraṇyānimaśaṃsiṣam ||

1. GODDESS of wild and forest who seemest to vanish from the sight.
How is it that thou seekest not the village? Art thou not afraid?
2 What time the grasshopper replies and swells the shrill cicala's voice,
Seeming to sound with tinkling bells, the Lady of the Wood exults.
3 And, yonder, cattle seem to graze, what seems a dwelling-place appears:
Or else at eve the Lady of the Forest seems to free the wains.
4 Here one is calling to his cow, another there hath felled a tree:
At eve the dweller in the wood fancies that somebody hath screamed.
5 The Goddess never slays, unless some murderous enemy approach.
Man eats of savoury fruit and then takes, even as he wills, his rest.
6 Now have I praised the Forest Queen, sweet-scented, redolent of balm,
The Mother of all sylvan things, who tills not but hath stores of food.

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Innovative and low cost construction methods being implemented by SPVKendra

Death and decay never looked so good!!! #CircleOfLife

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Colours of monsoon...

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Left – Right: K. Mangapathi Rao IAS (retd.) – Former Secretary, AP, SPVK Chairman ; EAS Sarma IAS (retd.) – Former Union Secretary ; V Balasubramanian IAS (retd.) – Former Spl. CS, Karnataka ; Dr S Padam – Prof. ASCI ; Dr. (Prof.) G Haragopal – Distinguished Political Scientist, ICSSR National Fello…

Eco-friendly Jute Bag

Jute bag made by artisans with a print of Sri Krishna, originally painted by Smt. Nalini, an artist and a home maker from Hyderabad, Telangana, who teaches art and crafts in her free time and devotes herself to the working of our Trust (SPVKendra). Front: Sri Bala Krishna Painting Back: SPVK Logo (Help us spread the word...) Info: [ 91 more words. ]
This is the story of the Tribal Boy Hero Sukhanto (Pinnacle of comfort= Bliss), son of Solpo (Toddy, a fermented sap of a palm) from an Odisha forest village, Udayapur (City of Rising Sun) of Rayagada District. This boy was uneducated and his parents were unemployed and poor. This boy came with othe…

A summary of the responses we have collected from netizens like you. Find out if you suffer from any psychological problems. Your details are strictly confidential.

The statistics collected by the Survey of Emotional States (SES) conducted by Sirisha Prakruthi Vignana Kendra (SPVKendra) in association with Hyderabad Entrepreneurs Society (HES).
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October 29, 2013 at 4:30am

A photoblog by @Saurabh Chatterjee of SIA Photography Hyderabad, documenting the Nature, and Tribal Life and Culture of the forests of Rayagada.

This trek was facilitated by SPVKendra along with Great Hyderabad Adventure Club GHAC

I recenly got a rare chance to go for an exploration trek to the unknown hills of Rayagada, Odisha with GHAC. This district of Odisha is bestowed with unexplored forests, waterfalls and are inhabit...

Wilderness Survey in association with the Forest Department

We are organizing a Wilderness Survey Trek into the forests of Eastern Ghats, starting with the forests near Rayagada, surrounding SPVK campus and spreading to the whole of Eastern Ghats in subsequent Treks. Volunteers can participate in this survey for… [ 194 more words. ]

Tribals come for a blessing…

‘Sukanto’ of Udayapur village married ‘Hoslo’ from the neighbouring village Pichudi on Feb 7′ 2014. Unfortunately, we could not be present during the auspicious occassion. But, the couple, accompanied by some villagers… [ 175 more words. ]

All the work we've been doing all these years is now official!

It’s official! We have registered our organization as a public Trust in the name of Sirisha Prakruthi Vignana Kendra (SPVKendra) for the ecological, social and cultural development of Eastern Ghats.

The reason why we have the discouragement of Podu Cultivation as one of our Objectives.…/podu-cultivati…/article3737719.ece

Useful tech... Contact lenses that monitor your glucose levels.

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Google introduces 'smart contact lens'

A gentle reminder. Please take this survey and pass it on to your friends...

Survey of Emotional StateIn association with:The following verbal test is designed to evaluate your emotional state. This is part of a survey to evaluate the general emotional state of the population as a whole. The first page gathers some personal information for statistical purposes. This informat...

Research on these lines is the need of the day.

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I fucking love science

By interrupting photosynthesis, a research team was able to extract energy right from a plant.

More info:

Photo credit: linder6580